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  1. Why is XFX TS tier D? Everyone was recommending them, because they were supposedly good quality PSUs made by Seasonic and now you're telling me they're garbage?
  2. So this started happening about 2 months ago after leaving my computer untouched for a month(I was on vacation). I noticed that despite running the exact same OC settings my scores in benchmarks and games are consistently about 5% lower. Not a huge amount I know, but its very consistent. I just can't seem to figure out why i magically lost 5% of performance.Things I've tried:-older drivers-fresh windows installation-editing power limits in Kepler bios tweaker-cleaning the graphics card-different OC software -different motheboardNow here's the frustrating part. The power limit seems to be literally stuck. I've tried monitoring it with GPU-Z and it always throttles at 240-250W even if I set the TDP to like 500W in the vbios.Also MSI Afterburner shows different values compared to GPU-Z which actually scales properly with vbios power settings. For example MSI afterburner will always show 99% power usage at 250W no matter what its set at in the vbios whereas GPU-Z will show for example 80% power usage if its using 250 and its set to 300W. None of this matters though because I'm constantly power limited and its very frustrating because it prevents me from a higher OC(currently running only 1150mhz). The power supply is a 550W from XFX so pretty decent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.