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  1. ok becouse i wanted to only buy one now and buy another one later
  2. Can i run with only on cpu on the asus ws c621e sage or do i need two cpu's?
  3. Arnose

    rx 570 8gb

    Btw here is the link to the card i wana buy https://www.multicom.no/sapphire-pulse-rx-570-8gb/cat-p/c/p9919977
  4. Arnose

    rx 570 8gb

    i have an i3-7100 3,9 ghz 2core cpu i have 24gb of ram i have 1ssd on 1 tb and one hdd on 1tb and i have cabel internet
  5. You can maby go for an server psu som of them ar small.
  6. Arnose

    rx 570 8gb

    I have a gtx 1050 now but wana upgrade to a rx 570 8gb shud i do that??