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  1. I have a general question. How does for /f loops get date or in what order BC I am working on one batch script which will combine subtitles and .mkv videos. The final question whats the input of a for /F loop.
  2. sorry for asking but can you explain that.....I am new to programming
  3. i can't get them, this happens
  4. I started programming in c programming language and I have a problem with special letter such as č ć ž š or đ(letters used in Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian), I need this letter for my new program but I don't now which library should I use to add them, so can someone help please by providing a link or straight up saying how to do it, I am working in visual express 2012.
  5. ficoblooder


    how to remove a file taskhost.exe bc it is eating about 25 do 30 procent of power and when i try to delete it i cant,please someone help
  6. i have a hp 2570p with core i7 with four cores in a small factor of just 12.5 inches. i have SSD of 120 gb and i like to upgrade but i am not sure if i can put 3 drives. 2 drives that are 2.5 inches. First will be 2.5 inch drive where my SSD is now. second will be added by removing cd/dvd drive and i am not sure if i can put SSD above the wireless card. it looks like this if i can put SSD in there it will be 120GB or maximum 240GB and i like to know. 1. Is it possible and if not what cant be done. 2. How much will this cost me if i sell my SSD of 120GB. 3. how much of an impact does it have on battery (now i am getting about 3 hours of battery life of moderate usage(have battery that is 50kWh but it's degrated so it is acc 40kWh)) P.S. i want each drive to have 1 terabyte of collected storage of 2 terabyte and SSD of 120GB or 240GB
  7. I have a hp 2570p and I am running laptop monitor and a monitor from dell via VGA port. I have another monutor that only connects via VGA but the first monitor can connect via Displayport. Can i have a 3 monitor setup a laptop monitor and a another two connected via Displayport and VGA port? I cant test it because i dont have a display port cabel and dont have a dock.
  8. i dont have any other headphones with mics in them
  9. it is working in my os but problem is in my phone bc they dont work in my samsung s5 neo the headphones are zx310 from sony
  10. When i tried a microphone on windows it was working
  11. i have samsung s5 neo and my microphone in headphnes doesnt work when i plug it in my samsung s5 neo and when i am putting a headphone jack it is kind of hard to put in(when i wanted to put it the first time and it had to put much more force than i'm comfortable) sorry for my bad english
  12. I bought a samsung s5 neo and I dont know should I buy a bumper or a case I brake all of the things i get so I need something to protect my pohone
  13. can i go up to 4 gb by bios updates or something or is that a maximum