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  1. Try checking your router config for something called 'DHCP' and a sub-setting of 'Lease Time'. It's possible that the lease time somehow got set to 1 or 2 hours.
  2. Totally off topic. Mind if I work with you on that project?
  3. Also, make sure your power circuits are not different between your router and PC. That can also cause invisible devices if you're not aware of it.
  4. Copying the /usr directory is not portable. The /usr dir contains the bulk of the system programs and libraries and those will vary between different distros. Copying over the /usr dir is not recommended even with installations of the same distro let alone onto a different distro. The /home directory is slightly more portable but I'd still be uncomfortable copying it unless I'm sure of various other parameters. Also, the same programs often need to be compiled slightly differently based on what environment it's going to run under. Various missing libraries or difference in naming conventions need to be accounted for. Not all programs are binary portable.
  5. Trinopoty

    C++ or C#

    Words change meaning over time. I don't care about a 10 year old meaning unless I'm reading a 10 year old article.
  6. Clicking probably means that your heads are touching the platters. Should send it into a professional data recovery place. They can get the data if the plates are not too damaged. I'd refrain from applying power to the drive. The longer you run it, the more damaged it'll get and the lower chance of getting any data.
  7. Also, try setting the hostname to instead of localhost. Yes, it makes a difference.
  8. Mostly yes. It'll probably be MariaDB instead of Mysql but they're compatible. To get rid of the access denied error, go into your phpmyadmin and create a new user for your database that you can then use. You can't feasibly connect to mysql that comes with XAMPP as the root user.
  9. It's possible that the mysql that comes with XAMPP is conflicting with the mysql you're trying to install. Specifically, the XAMPP mysql is blocking port 3306. Try changing your XAMPP mysql port to some other value.
  10. Trinopoty

    C++ or C#

    Bloat is usually used to refer to unnecessary shit that gets in the way of doing things. If I say my new phone of bloated, I usually mean it's got shit that I will never use that I can't get rid of. Having lot's of features is good, but bloat is never good. If it was good, we wouldn't be referring to it as bloat.
  11. My experience is that virtual separation of monitors is always clunky no matter what software I use to do it. Maybe if monitors had hardware support for that and present itself as 2 different monitors to the PC, it's be much better.
  12. Dude. You'd have to chloroform me to even get one of those close to me. How did you sit there and let him do it 10 times?
  13. It's either a knife or the pin. Make your choice. I guess getting beat up is also an option.
  14. I use an ultrawide and it blows my laptop screen out of the water. But, I feel like multiple standard monitors would be better because then you can have multiple programs open in maximized mode. That said, certain IDEs do indeed organize better on ultrawides.