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  1. @Chronified i have an asus CH7 with a 5700 and a 3900X so i think im good there lol
  2. at a lower screen res such as 1080p there will be a slight bottleneck higher screen resolutions will force the gpu to work harder hence less of a bottle neck but also you dont mention if your cpu is overclocked most times a cpu overclock will help i know on my old 990X with my 1660TI in rise of the tomb raider at stock cpu speeds i got around 60-70 fps at 1080p on high with an overclock i gained an extra 10-15 fps
  3. so i am looking to stream some of my older game consoles on my youtube channel mainly systems like the genesis saturn 3DO PS3 etc any idea what capture device would work for me that isnt to expensive like 200$ or less looking for a constant 60FPS+ 1080p is the native res for both my tv and my monitor if it matters also the only mic i have is the one in my C920 webcam
  4. the aio you mentioned isnt super bad if you can add more fans to the aio to run it in a push/pull config it will cool better than just with 2 fans
  5. @kelvinhall05 a quality pump res combo can run you 80-100$ alone and a good cpu block is at least 70-80 then you have to factor in another 50-180 for the rad depending on thickness
  6. @BasicWay i run a seasonic focus gold 750 watt with my 3900X
  7. what are your thoughts on this EK kit for cooling a 3900X that is at stock speeds using PBO? keep in mind i can always add a better rad down the road wont be using the RBG tho but my main reason for looking at this kit is its cheap 279$ price tag https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-classic-kit-p240-d-rgb cant really afford the parts individually
  8. i have seen many ryzen 3000 series overclocks where the cinebench score is higher than with PBO i have also seen that game performance can be better since all 12 core would run at the same speed
  9. im looking to overclock my 3900X on all 12 cores but have some questions #1 is the aida64 full FPU stress test good for testing for a stable overclock on a 3900X? if its not what program do you recommend? #2 whats the max safe vcore for 24/7 always on #3 is there anything else i need to know havent overclocked a cpu since the LGA 1366 days im on a 360mm aio and a CH7 hero mobo
  10. how good is this ssd never heard of the brand before its the only SSD i can afford im gonna use it for my small steam library since i already have an ssd for the boot drive https://www.amazon.com/Silicon-Power-512GB-Gen3x4-SP512GBP34A60M28/dp/B07ZGJYLNL/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&fst=as%3Aoff&qid=1597241132&refinements=p_n_feature_keywords_five_browse-bin%3A7688215011%2Cp_n_feature_three_browse-bin%3A14027459011&rnid=6797515011&s=pc&sr=1-8
  11. can someone explain to me how indows 10 memory management works. looking at the pic below it says it has reserved ram for standby, im confused i have 16gb of ddr4 3733 ram. and most of what you see in the pic is because im using chrome and opera. just wanna understand this better, before i go out and buy more ram if its not needed gues what im wondering is would adding another 16 gigs of ram benefit me or no
  12. thank you ill give it a look and read some reviews
  13. @Mateyyy which ssd from my pix would you recommend the ssd will only be used for installing and running games it wont be used as a boot drive
  14. well my budget is 120 i am open to other places but only ever bought pc parts from newegg and ebay