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  1. ya want more gaming performance with my 2700 and 5700 sapphire pulse non XT
  2. i need some guidance. i currently have 16 gigs of ddr4 3000 mhz ram and i wanna upgrade to faster ram ideally id like to get the faster my motherboard supports. now my B450 tomahawk says 1866/ 2133/ 2400/ 2667Mhz (by JEDEC) 2667/ 2800/ 2933/ 3000/ 3066/ 3200/ 3466 MHz (by A-XMP OC MODE) below is a screenshot of my ram support list for my 2700 sorted from fastest to slowest i wanna go with 3466 MHz im just not sure what brand to go for if you wanna link me ot ram make sure its from newegg thats the only site i buy from edit i got people in other forums telling me that the 3466 ram might not work in my mobo even tho it says its supported
  3. so im curious i currently have my RYZEN 2700 at 4Ghz on all cores vcore is set to 1.4 volts and load line drops it down to 1.368 under load temps never pass 50c under gaming load with my 360mm aio. im wondering can i push this cpu any higher? im on a b450 tomahawk my old xeon w3690 could hit 4.3Ghz easy at 1.45 volts just wanna squeez a lil bit more performance outta this cpu if it matters im using 2 8gig sticks of ddr4 3000 mhz ram if i can go higher then give me some tips im still kinda new to overclockign on amd cpus at least
  4. i agree with @Uptivuptiz in game that can utilize more than 4 -6 cores all cores will be utilized meaning with a 2700 games can spread the gaming load across all 8 cores for less stutter
  5. if you can save up for a 3700 its a good 8core cpu but then again in games like AC:ODYSSEY all 8 cores on my 2700 get used so no issues with stutter etc
  6. heres the benchmark i found as for my specs case:phanteks enthoo primo cpu 2700 with all core OC of 4ghz 1.35 volts gpu rx 5700 sapphire pulse 8gbx2 team group vulcan 3000 mhz cooler 360mm aio from cooler master 1080p lcd monitor acer in shadow of the tomb raider i get average 99 fps if it matters i went with this setup as it was cheap and i couldnt afford a 3rd gen ryzen but as you can see in the video i linked you to in most of the games he tests the 5700xt almost is on par with the 2070 super but can be had cheaper
  7. i run a 2700 overclocked to 4Ghz on all cores as well as a 5700 keep in mind the 5700 XT while cheaper almost is on par with a 2070s so unless you need ray tracing consider the 5700xt
  8. i dont need one but it would be cool to have
  9. i need some advice i have a ryzen 2700/rx5700 gaming pc as well as a ps4 pro is it really worth it to get a nintendo switch if most of the games out for it i.e. doom the witcher 3 etc are already out on the ps4 and or pc? if so why im just kinda feeling lost lol i mean its kinda like i didnt buy an xbox because both gears of war and cuphead was gonna be released on the pc just so you guys have an idea where im coming from
  10. so currently i have 3 4TB HDD and one SSD one of my 4TB HDD's is failing as seen in the pic below. heres a link to the drives i use https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16822178338?Item=9SIAAEE4TK6755 i think this time i might wanna look into buying an enterprise hard drive since the drive thats failing stored data i cant replace and for those who ask the other drives are already 80% full
  11. im on an xmp profile how do i crank up memory
  12. can some of you experts look at this AIDA64 screenshot and tell me if it looks ok couldnt get my ryzen 7 2700 cpu to post at 4.0Ghz without the volts shown in the pic i must have a bum chip 4.2 was a no go without unsafe volts and 4.1ghz took me to 1.45 volts on vcore which i didnt feel comfy doing so this is where im at so im just wanting ot know if the vcore im using is ok or not loadline in my msi bios is set to auto
  13. im worried because it shouldnt be at 99% under 0 load aka idle also the cpu clock speed shouldnt be jumping around like it is
  14. i posted the wrong ryzen master pic heres the one i just took a min ago as you can see 99%
  15. im stumped i upgraded to a ryzen 7 2700 on my B450 tomahawk motherboard before swapping out the cpu i set all bios settings to optimized defaults. put new tim on hooked up my 360mm aio jumped into windows set power mode to windows balanced made sure cool n quiet as well as pcu core boost were enabled PBO is set to disable and yet at idle EDC is always maxed out any ideas?