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  1. Do you still have the Antec Veris Premier.

  2. Hello Othersideguy from the other side of the earth, I have an Antec Veris Premier. I bought it some years ago and assembled it in my media center but never managed to get the center running well so the Premier was never realy in use. I have everything that was delivered with the Premier: box, cable, CD, remote, intruction and premier itself excepting the batteries for the remote :-). The premier is in very good conditions but not tested yet. I can send some pictures if your are still interested in and i would try to test the basics, like power on and ilumination. I dont think there are hidden faults but can not guaranty for that. If your still interested in please send a note to Germany. No idea how to ship to Australia but i think we will find a way. Regards Arnold Schuster