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  1. Hi everyone, not sure if this is the right place for this question but I have a very old compact disk with important video on it, however there are some black dots on it(see pic attach) and some video not playing. is there a solution for it to get as much of data as possible out of the cd as the whole video probably not gone on physical cd, as there are very few black dots on cd. so is there a software to get as much data as possible and Is there even a way to fix the physical cd itself
  2. so we building a old used computer and the specs are asus z87 pro mb i5 4690k gtx 970 x2 so we trying to install windows on hhd and when windows installs it need to restart like every windows does, but every time we restart the pc it doesnt post, i tried it with gpu and without gpu by using just the onboard graphics, the windows cannot completed unless it restart and carry on the process. computer post when we hard reset it but then we go to screen where it saying windows not install properly restart and install again and when we restart the pc doesn't post again. i have spent whole day on this pc and it just doesnt work, i dont evern know what the problem is, is it the mb ? i have remove gpu for now and just using the onboard but problem still there. what could it be, bios update mybe ? or something wrong with cpu ? or what could it be hard drive as the hard drive is very old and but it works and show up in bios and when installing windows it shows up in the process
  3. thank you for your info, please send me the link if you find it
  4. hi, so before i checked anything about my ram i updated my bios to latest version Version 7704 just today, i dont remember the version , do you think mybe i should downgrade one version and get Version 7601 the link to bios https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-CROSSHAIR-VI-HERO/HelpDesk_BIOS/
  5. as you can see in bios it says 3200 but in task manger it says 2133, and i have enable docp. also the voltage is on the right i dont know if thats ok or not, i didnt touch any voltage also you can see which slots i have installed my ram in on bios page, is that right?
  6. Hi guys, i have ryzen 1800x and 2x8gb ram corsair and asus crosshair mb, in bios i have selected D.O.C.P which sets my ram speed to 3200, but when i check it in win 10 task manger its shows 2133. I know ryzen works better with higher ram speed, someone help, should i disable ram docp and set everything to auto and select speed to 3200 manually ?
  7. How to install android 4.4 + to my Samsung s3 ? any step by step guide ?
  8. its 1am in uk, if anyone will like more information or have a question, i would provide it tomorrow after i wake up. oh i forgot the computer will be used for games like gta v, rise of the tomb rider, pubg, etc , some college home work, .
  9. its 1am in uk, if anyone will like more information or have a question, i would provide it tomorrow after i wake up
  10. hello, i am planing to build a pc for me and would love help with choosing the right parts, i dont have information on what are the best parts are benefits. i am in uk. i was thinking about ryzen 5 and 1060. i also need a monitor i was thinking about like 24 or 27 monitor 1080p. i also have confusion about ram speed for ryzen cpus.