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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from IAEInferno in Is it worth it going from a 1920x1080p 60hz monitor to a 3440x1440p 100hz monitor?   
    That's a huge change in both resolution and refresh rate.  You will be very happy.  I moved to 1440p ultrawide 120 Hz and haven't looked back.
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from SpookyCitrus in Need a GPU   
    What card do you have right now?
    The 1660 super looks to be pretty solid for 1080p and it's around $230 USD.  Otherwise you might be better off for that budget looking at the used market.
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from WoodenMarker in Poor Case cooling   
    Make sure to tag and/or quote people so they know you responded.
    If your CPU and GPU temps are that good while gaming, then any residual heat inside the case is just not a problem.  I understand the situation you are describing, I just do not understand why you think it's an issue.  Put your hand over the rear exhaust fan.  If the air feels warm while gaming then the case fans are doing their job of pulling in colder air and exhausting hot air.
    Given the size of the case, along with the perforated/honeycomb front, top, and rear panels, I'd go so far as to bet that the internal air temperature for most parts of your case is pretty close to ambient.
    Simply put, you have no problem to solve.  Just play games and enjoy!
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    RAS_3885 reacted to Astrix137 in Poor Case cooling   
    Yeah,youre right.I guess Iam making problem out of nothing.
    Thank you.
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    RAS_3885 reacted to Skiiwee29 in I have a $100 gift card to microcenter   
    no difference at all. you likely dont even come close to maxing out your 16gb you have now...
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    RAS_3885 reacted to ZivZulander in Are these temps safe?   
    It doesn't look like HWiNFO is even pulling CPU temp. Wonder if the sensor is actually dead or whether there's a compatibility issue.
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from Bombastinator in How do I know for sure my graphics card is a lemon?   
    Did you try DDU to completely wipe any old drivers and start fresh?
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from ZivZulander in Poor Case cooling   
    Holy crap that's a massive case.
    How do you know they are not removing heat effectively?  If your CPU and GPU temps are reasonable then the hot air is being removed from the case just fine.  You could probably remove all case fans and be fine with how much extra space and perforation that case has lol.
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from ZivZulander in Air or Water   
    Air coolers are basically set it and forget it unless a fan dies.  There really are no parts of an air cooler that will die unless physical damage is involved.
    With an AIO you have the possibility of a leak, a pump dying, or a fan failing.  The chances of a leak or dead pump are admittedly very small if you buy a reputable brand, but still non-zero.
    Most people pick based on aesthetics or case size limitation (since the top end air coolers can be very large).  I personally like air for it's simplicity, but when I finally getting around to upgrading my gaming rig I may try an AIO.  But that's more since I want to switch it over to a sorta small form factor build where a large air cooler might not fit.
    I would not recommend custom loop water cooling as a first time system builder.  It will perform better than any air cooler, but the cost, complexity, and risk go WAY up.
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    RAS_3885 reacted to Gegger in Loop fail   
    I'm just going to pop in and say your build looks sick.
    I was never here
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from BTGbullseye in GDDR5 VS GDDR5X VS GDDR6 MOBO QUESTION   
    You're comparing the RAM that slots into the motherboard (DDR3, DDR4) to RAM that's built into the PCB of a graphics card (GDDR5, GDDR5X, GDDR6).  One does not depend on the other and can be used in any combination.
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    RAS_3885 reacted to Lekron in Need Help With Choosing A Monitor (Quick Question)   
    Awesome, thank you for your help. I'm now thinking of 165hz 1440p with g sync for sure. 
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from TrainFan2020 in Do you prefer light theme or dark theme?   
    Since it's preference there really isn't a best. I like dark theme, however, with Gmail dark theme on Android 10 some emails don't look great since forced dark theme makes the other colors a bit odd looking. Small annoyance though. 
    Dark mode also theoretically has better battery life when paired to OLED screen, but haven't seen real good data supporting that.
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from Bombastinator in Overkill Monitors + Used Goods   
    Hey @FireChicken8137's friend, three ultrawides is overkill and used tech is good stuff mmmkay?
    Feel free to forward my comments to your friend. 
    Or just flex right back... IDK.
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from ir8munk33 in LTT Official Folding Month 2019!!!   
    Nice work everyone!  Linux rig will keep on folding, but the gaming rig will finally get some rest.
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from shaz2sxy in LTT Official Folding Month 2019!!!   
    Nice work everyone!  Linux rig will keep on folding, but the gaming rig will finally get some rest.
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from palespartan in LTT Official Folding Month 2019!!!   
    From the advance client control application, go under configuration and navigate to slot settings.  Click desired slot you do NOT want to auto-run, then click edit at the bottom of the window.  On the next screen click add, then enter the following.  Click okay/save a few times until you're back at the main page.  Now the client will load when you computer starts, but you'll have to manually unpause each slot you add this config to for it to start folding.  You can also add the entry to the entire client from the 'Expert' config tab instead of the 'Slot' config tab if you so desire.

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    RAS_3885 reacted to Gorgon in Observations on Efficiency   
    Folding long term one starts to think about efficiency and what is the best card for folding or the "sweet spot".
    I don't have any AMD cards to compare and was deeply disappointed that Navi won't fold yet given the performance Vega showed in Folding and BOINC and the promise the move to 7nm should show to power efficiency.
    So I'm looking purely at the NVidia cards I have and how they've been performing over the last 2 weeks. Granted this is a both a worst and best-case performance as they are all running at their maximum power limits with high fan speeds and their maximum stable GPU overclock rather than lower power-limits where the cards should be much more power efficient.
    I'm going to look at 2 views of efficiency; Power Efficiency (kPPD/W) and Cost Efficiency (kPPD/$). These numbers were collected over two weeks using a Zabbix Server monitoring the systems using custom scripts where necessary polling the systems once per minute.
    Here are the results for the RTX 2060 Super:

    Can you spot where this slot was stuck Downloading?
    Here is a summary of the results:

    It would appear that the RTX 2060 Super is the most cost efficient card looking at the purchase price but many of the older Pascal cards can likely be procured used at lower prices and the prices I've used are what I paid for the cards new.
    The higher end cards are also more power efficient. I've summed the two efficiency values but there likely should be a weighting on each but that would be very subjective.
    The 2070 Super Hybrids while having a price premium do manage to boost up to a higher Graphics Clock at a lower overclock than the air cooled card.
    Of the two GTX 1060 cards both are 6GB variants, the first a SC Short-Board variant running in a Windows 10 system that is my daily driver. The Second is an SSC ACX3.0 variant that while significantly more expensive does not produce more PPD even in a Linux system though this card is installed in a PCIe2 x4 slot connected to the B450 Chipset.
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    RAS_3885 reacted to Zando Bob in Ultimate overkill   
    ^^^ Can attest to this. I have X58 hardware (2009, exactly 10 years ago) and sure it still works (I even ran a 1080 TI with my X5670 once, lmao), but a heavily OCed hexacore struggles to catch a stock R5 1600, and they're missing many instruction sets and also only run SATA 2 (the SATA 3 controllers on this gen were all shit) and USB 2.0 for the most part, unless you get PCIe add-in cards. Also on PCIe 2.0 vs the newer and much faster 3.0 (and now 4.0 and IIRC 5.0 with Intel's 2021 stuff?). You can make a rig last 10 years pretty easily if you go for HEDT stuff at first, but it'll be struggling to keep up with midrange systems near the end of that time. 
    Yos! I'm pretty proud of my X99 based rig, and at this point (counting only what's in it, not other stuff I've accumulated over time and swapped in and out)... it's probably around $2K or so in the rig? And a good chunk of that would be due to running a custom loop, not purely hardware. Currently a j-bin 5960X (swapping it in tonight/tomorrow, rig has a 5820K right now), 32GB RAM, and an RVII. Pretty reasonable high end rig, and plenty beefy enough to be damn proud of. 

    Heck, really you can be proud of anything. Back when I ran an i5 2400 and 1050 Ti I was pretty proud about that build, I just love hardware and muh eye candy so I've continued to upgrade since then, also as I've accumulated harder to run games. There's no need to waste masses of money making a completely impractical and difficult to use rig unless you only ever plan to bench. And in that case I'd say you should build your main rig first, then build a benching specific one as a secondary. 
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from Zando Bob in Ultimate overkill   
    Planning a build for 2-3 years from today is pointless.  Tech moves so fast you'll be WAY behind the curve.  Additionally, no build will last 10 years without being horribly outdated.
    You can build something a LOT more reasonable and still be proud of it.
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from Kenjo in Monitor help :(   
    Mine is an IPS panel. VA will tend to have better black level at the cost of slower pixel switching time. If course it's highly dependant on the specific panel, but in general...
    Patiently waiting for ultrawide OLED
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from Kenjo in Monitor help :(   
    I switched from dual 27" 2560x1440 to a single 21:9 ultrawide and have been very happy with it. I only play single player games and the extra immersion has been great. Normal non gaming usage is really good too with the extra width. I don't find myself missing dual monitors, except for the rare occasion I want to play a chill game and watch YouTube or something. Playing in windowed mode works fine for those games on the rare occasion I want that.
    I have the Alienware AW3418DW and have been super happy with it. Only gripe is less than stellar black level performance, but that is only noticable in a small fraction of games I play (like dark parts of Hitman2 for example). Othwise 3440x1440 at 120 Hz is wonderful.
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from palespartan in LTT Official Folding Month 2019!!!   
    If I could just keep getting WU 14185 all day that would be great.  Thanks.

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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from ManosMax13 in Games I can play to chill and have fun?   
    My iron smelter isn't just going to automate itself!  I will always vote for Factorio - probably my favorite game I've ever played at this point.
    Two really easy games I like that you can play for a few minutes or more are Islanders and Superflight, both by the same developer and only a couple bucks each.  Based on procedural generation, Superflight is just relaxing wingsuiting.  Islanders is a small settlement building game on procedural generated islands where you try to build up point to unlock the next (random) island.  Easy to pick up and put down anytime I want to play something for a little bit.
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    RAS_3885 reacted to GOTSpectrum in LTT Official Folding Month 2019!!!   

    half billion in 24 hours, way to go guys!!!!