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  1. Informative
    RAS_3885 reacted to 6KingSlayer9 in Slow speeds from netgear router. (The saga continues)   
    BattleNet, EpicGameLauncher, and uplay. All the same result. The netgear router is half the speed every time. Also yes I did a speedtest everytime but, I’m not concerned with the the Speedtest because it always sits around 500/500. 
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    RAS_3885 reacted to Unabless in Fps drops for no reason   
    3k rpm
    okay im gonna try DDU
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    RAS_3885 reacted to Statik in Is SLI worth it for me?   
    SLI isn't worth it for any gaming setup anymore. It's never supported, and where it is, the performance boost is minimal if any.
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from Simone45 in Doubt about monitors   
    The primary benefit a high-end PC is going to provide is the ability to more easily push higher frame rates to take advantage of high refresh rate monitors.
    The other features a high-end monitor provides (color accuracy, panel type, ports/connectivity, viewing angles, brightness, or HDR capability to name just a few) are really independent of what you have the monitor plugged into, for the most part. A bright, HDR-certified monitor with great color accuracy will work just as well for movie watching and picture/video editing plugged into a laptop as it will plugged into a powerful editing workstation. I'm not talking about the ability to actually edit video, just the picture quality the monitor is providing.
    With that said, depending on your use case certain features may be more important to you than others. For gaming most people will prioritize refresh rate and response time. For content creation maybe it's color accuracy and viewing angles that are more important, and 60 Hz is more than enough. It's easy to spend just as much on a gaming-focused monitor as it is a content creation monitor (if not more), but for them to have a focus on dramatically different feature sets.
    Point is, find out what matters to YOUR use case in a monitor and buy the nicest one you can afford. Most every monitor out there will do perfectly fine for simply browsing the web and watching Youtube.
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    RAS_3885 reacted to EL02 in What's your mobile data plan?   
    Albtelecom, Albania. But that is kinda a lot when considering that you can get 15 or even 30mbps fiber connection with $12.
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from SexySuperVillain in GPU Upgrade   
    Yep, you got it. Make sure you update to the latest drivers if you haven't already. The new GPU should just work, however, if for some reason there are issues then uninstall drivers with DDU and then reinstalling the latest ones will get you up and running. You should not have to do that though.
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from wkdpaul in Air Coolers VS AIOs/Water Coolers   
    The recent GamersNexus look at this is really worth a watch, but I don't understand why it matters which one is better. Each will have it's own advantages and disadvantages based on use case. Use what matches the performance/looks/price/size you want and be done with it.
    There doesn't have to be a winner and a loser.
  8. Agree
    RAS_3885 got a reaction from SansVarnic in 3 monitor settup curved/flat?   
    Curved doesn't make sense to me unless you're going ultrawide. If you're planning to stay with 16:9 aspect 27" monitors I'd stick with flat. High refresh for main/center and 60 Hz for the side is a good balance of performance and cost.
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    RAS_3885 reacted to Fasauceome in .1% of GPU is being used for fortnite   
    You could use DDU and get some fresh drivers
  10. Funny
    RAS_3885 reacted to johnys_raincoat in Why is Ivan in the new vid?   
    just realized it, april fools
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from KumudJian in Laptop CPU stuck in turbo boost (? it seems)   
    Just idling at a high frequency will not heat up a processor significantly unless it doing some kind of work (excluding gross hardware issues like a mis-installed cooler). You may be just running a few things, but from the utilization numbers in your screen shot your computer is clearly doing something. My experience with work laptops is there could be a number of background processes running that are managed by your IT department. YOU may only have a few things open, but there may be a lot more running in the background.
    If you can remove the bottom cover on the laptop and inspect the fan/heatsinks they may be dirty and need cleaning. If you can do so without messing too much with company property that might be worth a go.
    Your other option would be to talk with your companies IT department.
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    RAS_3885 reacted to notlinus in Super high idle temps   
    Yeah I did and it's not thermal throttling anymore but it's still averaging 95 degrees. I may try to get some high flow fans and removing the psu shroud like @Relayersuggested.
    Thanks for the help guys!
  13. Agree
    RAS_3885 reacted to Relayer in Super high idle temps   
    Nice computer, it should run anything you want if you can keep everything cool. If it were me I would change that CPU cooler out for something better. The video card itself should be just fine, if you can get cool air to the fan intakes, which are located on the bottom of the card just above the power supply shroud. Not much of a gap there, 1.5 inches maybe? Looking at the front fan it's not getting any air into that gap from the looks of it so the video card probably is just recirculating air, getting hotter and hotter, not cool... (sorry)
    Is there provision for mounting an extra front intake fan? If not, change out that front fan for a high flow version. Put 2 in if at all possible, a fan in the lower position looks to have a decent chance of getting air into that gap. I would also change out that rear exhaust fan for a high flow version.
    This looks like one of those cases (couldn't help it again) where the power supply shroud is restricting air supply to the video card intakes pretty severely, remove it if needed. You'll have to look at those ugly cables (oh no!) but it should open up air movement quite a bit.
    Good luck!
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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from Fasauceome in 600w PSU for RTX 2080 Ti?   
    It's possible, but I wouldn't. That PSU model appears to be average at best and pairing it with a power hungry card could lead to a bad time. You also don't mention what CPU you're using and if you plan on overclocking anything, all of which will increase power requirements.
    There's a good PSU tier list on the forum that will give you all kinds of alternatives.
  15. Like
    RAS_3885 got a reaction from deadrobotxd in Graphical glitch in some programs   
    If a program reinstall doesn't work you can try rolling back the drivers to the last one that didn't cause the issue. Might be a driver problem.
  16. Informative
    RAS_3885 reacted to Boomwebsearch in Changing the GPU running on my HP All-in-One from installed gpu to integrated one   
    Also, there is an option in Windows to select/choose what graphics adapter/s you would like to use and which one/s you don't want to use. Click within the Windows Start Menu Search Box and type "Device Manager" followed by Enter. Once the Device Manager opens, click on "Display Adapters" and then right click the GPU that you don't want to use and then select "Disable".
  17. Funny
    RAS_3885 reacted to 5x5 in Blower fan or not?   
    In short, no. In long, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  18. Agree
    RAS_3885 reacted to PCMasterRaceFTWWW in RTX 2070 Fan Issue?   
    Yeah they run fine under load. My card has never had any thermal issues in terms of getting hot or loud.  Yeah i'll definitely do that. Thanks!
  19. Agree
    RAS_3885 reacted to Tristerin in Is it a shame to own a low end PC?   
    This thread is weird to me.  Quit thinking about social acceptance on your PC.  Love you, love your PC and that's good enough.
    Also me - I don't have the top end system either, and never will.  Its not feasible, for me and my goals.
  20. Agree
    RAS_3885 got a reaction from Ibanez343 in Is Folding@home bad for my pc?   
    Chump checking in here then... I'm more than happy to contribute (when I can get work units lol)
  21. Informative
    RAS_3885 got a reaction from ryvls in GPU Bracket Decision for RTX 2080 Super (MSI Gaming X Trio)   
    Hi, and welcome to the form.
    I don't think you can go wrong with either option. If you like the look of the cheaper one it seems like a pretty straightforward choice. Depending on where you order it from you can always return it if it doesn't work or is poor quality. Even though it's shorter it still supports the GPU 75 percent of the way, which is sufficient for it's intended use.
    Looks like that card comes with a support bracket. Based on quick Amazon search the reviews on it's effectiveness is mixed. Either way, you may just want to see how bad the sag actually is once you get everything built, then add a different support bracket if necessary. Unless you're also going for looks with it, then have at it!
  22. Agree
    RAS_3885 got a reaction from Kc7vwc in Fan Controller/Hub/Splitter   
    I have this for controlling all my case fans and have been very happy with it.
    It allows up to 8 fans to be controlled via one PWM signal (so perfect for a lot of case fans, or a bunch of AIO fans.  Fans have to be 4-pin to be PWM controlled, but 3-pin fans will work with the hub, just run at full speed. Power fed to all fans via separate SATA power cable (so not all powered off a single fan header).
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    RAS_3885 reacted to temporalsounds in Is Folding@home bad for my pc?   
    I joined this calculating with F@H and I'm fascinated about huge interest.I will have better feeling when I have connected and joined... seriously

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    RAS_3885 got a reaction from TechyBen in "New" Laptop as a server?   
    As long as whatever you're doing isn't causing excessively high temps (laptop thermals are typically worse than desktop thermals for the same workload) then it's not inherently bad for the components.
    Battery degradation may be an issue though...
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    RAS_3885 reacted to Stockholmes in is my gpu dead ?   
    Sounds like a dead card to me to be honest.