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    RAS_3885 reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Award Ceremony 2019!   
    Well guys, my oh my has it been a month of pure excitement and an unexpected plot twist, the king has been dethroned!!!
    But before we get into it I just want to say a few things, first and foremost, I want to thank the guys who have been helping behind the scenes, @Gorgon for his exceptional data handling and filling in for blog posts, @palespartan for being my rival giving a helping hand with data validation, prize allocation and a blog post or two and @Imbellis for validation and giving us a secondary source of point data. You guys really have been lifesavers this event and without you I honestly don't think the event would have ran at all as I would have needed to throw in the towel with all the hospital trips. 
    I want to thank every one of who participated, no matter if you made 3 points(yes, somehow that was a thing, I even validated it myself) or if you made over 800m *cough* @Yggdrasil128 *cough*, you really are all beautiful, amazing people. I also want to give a special thanks to you all for standing by me despite all the hospital trips and unavailability, I really appreciated all the warm messages I received wishing my partner good health, it will surly be needed over the coming months and possibly years. 
    Competition was stiff this year, with not only the highest number of sign ups for any folding event here on the forum but also some of the most impressive folding I've ever seen, period. You guys have rocked it hard and you should all be proud for what we accomplished. 17,933,433,473 points over the course of the event and moving from 10th place to 8th, but the science is not over and the folding must continue. 
    Roughly, if team LTT was measured on the top500 list of supercomputers we would have found ourselves somewhere around 70-75th, just think about that for a moment...
    Please can all make sure we donate a few dollars to Jason over at EOC, his servers must have taken a beating with all the traffic we have thrown at the guy over the last month or so. You can either use this PayPal link or find the PayPal donation button on the EOC Website on the right. Don't forget to include a note thanking him so he knows its from team LTT. 
    List of the dead
    It is a sad time when we see the demise of our hardware, even sadder when that hardware holding out a few more days or weeks would have secured up a better position. 
    @justpoet's brain
    @azmariadei Apevia 300w psu and CyberPower 1000VA UPS
    @xoggy's sanity over vega 64 folding
    @gotspectrum's brain, sleep, sanity, general state of health, liver, oh and hd 7950, evga 500w psu,
    @palespartan built in sound card on msi z97 krait edition
    @sanya567xxx HiPer V500 550W max PSU, and nervs about nvidia boost algrothym.
    @spotty's gpu? maybe a 7970?
    @HrutkayMods 970 ftw
    @xWeegix 970
    Rest In Piece Valiant hardware, there is a special place in silicon heaven(Red Dwarf Reference right there) for you, least we forget. 
    And now, without further delay, here are the final, verified ranks and prize winners. 
    In first place we have @Yggdrasil128, with 886,386,763 points over the course of the event. Mr. Drasil, now crowned the new king of folding for team LTT, really surprised us all, laying low for much of the event before making a dash to the top with his mercenary armies rented folding power, we don't mind how you get your points as long as you get them under your name. You truly deserve to sit in this spot, your prize os to have the bragging rights for the next 11 months, All Hail The King of Folding, 2019!
    In second place we have the dethroned kind, @Den-Fi with 660,756,810, you really pushed hard towards the end of the month, but with some sandbagging at the start it has to be asked if you could have taken the crown, that is something we will never know. But, hear this, there is no shame here, for we are all winners when it comes to folding, as we fold, FOR SCIENCE!
    In third place we have @Gorgon with 520,575,343 an impressive number, our very own Gorgon showing that we are all in it full tilt, even if we are consumed by crashing google sheets and failing giant IF statements. He was up there right from the start and really took the fight to the dethroned king, a real man of the people. 
    In 4th place we have @miker07 with 438,025,030, a fine effort from the folding month veteran. 
    in 5th place we have @catawalks with 415,533,572, if only he pushed that little more he could have taken 4th. 
    6. @_Rlocke with 221,628,810.
    7. @JB25304 with 212,774,860.
    8. @leadeater with 202,564,470.
    9. @Favebook with 191,299,492.
    10. @GOTSpectrum with 186,742,539.
    If you don't see your name on the list above you either did not sign up for this event or you did not meet the minimum requirements. All event badges will be handed out without any intervention needed from you guys, PLEASE DO NOT message me or the team about event badges. 
    Now it is time for the prizes!
    I was planning to tag each winner but due to the number of prizes and limitation I have recently been made aware of the winning ranks will be listed here and the winners will be tagged in comments to this post. This will ensure all winners get a notification for the tag. 
    The winners will have 7 working days from the publication of this post to claim the prize, if the prize goes unclaimed it will be raffled again. In order to claim the Prize you will need to PM me here on the forum, with the subject
    'I am here to claim what is rightfully mine!'
    Steam keys
    10x random Steam keys - Donated by GOTSpectrum
    Draw - All Ranks
    9x random Steam keys - Donated by tg4life666
    Draw - All Ranks
    24x random Steam keys - Doanted by kubo6472
    Draw - All Ranks
    20x Random Steam keys - Donated by ossi120
    Draw - All Ranks
    20x Random Steam keys - Donated by ObscureMammal
    Draw - All Ranks
    1x 60USD Steam gift card - Donated by YBPT
    Draw - Ranks 1-25
    5x 20USD Steam gift cards - Donated by Den-Fi
    Draw - Ranks 26-50, 51-75, 76-100, 101-125, 126-150
    1x Wolfenstein - young blood, bethesda client key - Donated by shaz2sxy
    Draw - Ranks 150 - 300
    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB kit - Donated by JoeDaCabbie
    Draw - Ranks 1-100
    I really just want to thank you all again for taking part in the event, you guys have really made it special, every single one of you!
    And, with that said, it's time to finally wrap up the folding month for 2019, I can't wait to see you all taking part in the future folding events like the intra-forum friendly in Febuary, the summer folding sprint and yes, next years folding month.
    EDIT: In all the excitement, I forgot to add my two little announcements... 
    The first is, the billion point badge is now here!
      1 billion points, Diamond Badge - 'When you have contributed more than 1 Billion points, Tales of your folding adventures will be whispered through the ages, You are now mythical.'
    The second is that, It has been decided that new leadership for the folding team could reinvigorate the team, well I can tell you that I have accepted to take over the leadership role from @Whiskers!
    This is Spectrum signing off,
    Happy Folding,
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    RAS_3885 reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Day Two - So Early, So Impressive   
    In these early days we start to see the initial ranks coming out, much can, and will change over the next 33 days, but for now we can get a small idea of generally where many of us will find ourselves, will we be comfortably finding ourselves fighting for a respectable top 100, maybe even top 10, or are we in for the misery of finding ourselves fighting to stay afloat in the middle. These numbers are interesting if nothing else and may be an indicator of what is to come, but one is is sure, that nothing is sure right now. So... lets get on with it. 
    We see @miker07 topping the chart with an impressive 25.54 million points so far, he is looking like the man to beat, the one who may finally dethrone the king, in second we have our very own @Gorgon with a still very impressive 24.77 million points, he will be looking forward with wonder, can he tune his rigs and close the gap. Third place we have The King, @Den-Fi he seems to have hit a hurdle already with 21.96 million points to show for all his effort over the last couple days, but he will be looking forward, he will be questioning, how do I take back my throne. In forth place we find @catawalks, a new comer to folding month who seems to be wanting to make his name known by taking the number 4 spot with 14.09 million points. In fifth we have @_Rlocke a veteran of the month of folding and a well known heavy hitter, I'm sure he will have more in the tank to come having produced 9.71 million over the last couple days. 6th place sees @DUW1G1T whos been pushed out of the top 5 by mr Locke, with 9.07 million points he cant really feel very comfortable as 7th place is @GOTSpectrum who is only 8k points behind that mark. We see a fair gap open of about 2.5 million points  before 8th can be seen and who is it, its yet another new name @Lucky7. He must be really thanking lady luck for the comfortable position he seems to be in with another million points behind him we have @palespartan with 6.5 million points, as one of the events core team and the reason for this event even existing he must be asking himself why he cant do more.To round out the top 10 we have @Yabdat, another familiar name for us who took part in last years folding month, the gate keep finds himself with 6.2 million points.
    The top 10 have produced 20.75% of all points produced by folding month participants over the last 24 hours. 
    The top 50 make up 45.06% while the top 100 made 63% of todays total.
    as always anyone who hasnt produced any points so far this month wont show up on the table below. 
    Please remember that this is a friendly event, but we are all folding away for Science, AND GLORY! 
    I'm really impressed with the numbers we are seeing here, Thank you to all who are involved and who make this worth while every year.
    Remember we are a team first and individuals second, so give thanks where thanks is due and hit that reaction button when someone helps you out.
    Be wary of the minimum participation requirements this year.
    minimum requirements: 100k points, 20 WUs, and 20 days of having activity over the course of the whole month.
    Happy folding,