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    i7 4790k
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    MSI Gaming 5 Z97
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    GTX 1080

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  1. RAS_3885

    My laptop CPU fan suddenly stops working!

    The fan might be on the fritz, so when it stops spinning the motherboard detects zero RPM and throws and fan error. If you can easily open the laptop and inspect the fan it may be something as simple as the fan being clogged with dust. Or it might be time to replace it.
  2. RAS_3885

    Can this fan controller handle my fans?

    The rating is for each individual SATA connection at the power supply, so each chain should have no more that 4.5 A between all devices plugged into that same cable.
  3. RAS_3885

    Help suggest some fans?

    I have the Noctua NF-S12As (x3) as my case intake and have been really happy with them. They move plenty of air and are really quiet while doing so. I only ever need to run them at 40-50 percent duty cycle to keep things nice and cool (Fractal Design Define S). No RGB, but the anti-vibration pads come in multiple colors on the Chromax line.
  4. RAS_3885

    Can this fan controller handle my fans?

    You should have no problems with that setup. You'll only draw 3.75 A which gives you a safety margin to SATA's 4.5 A max if you run all fans at 100 percent. That 4.5 A is for the whole SATA power interface, so cables and power supply are all included in that rating. Running them slower will reduce the power draw.
  5. RAS_3885

    Need advice for airflow improvement

    Those temps are totally fine.
  6. RAS_3885

    Meshify C Fan Arrangement?

    What are you CPU and GPU thermals? You already have what sounds like more than adequate airflow through the case, so swapping one fan around isn't really going to make a significant difference If you keep the top rear fan it should be an exhaust since hot air rises, but I don't think having a fan there is necessary. Less fans = less noise.
  7. RAS_3885

    How many db is considered loud?

    Also depends on the ambient noise level in the room. I use dB ratings (in conjunction with RPM and CFM) to compare products rather than say that xx dB is too much noise.
  8. RAS_3885

    Need Intake Fan 10-15us

    If you don't care about looks the NF-F12 is a great fan. Runs about $20 on Amazon right now (your budget from the title I assume is 10-15 USD). Their new NF-A12x25 PWM is even better IMO, but is around $30 so may be more than you want to spend for a single fan.
  9. RAS_3885

    Stupid Question

    Others have already addressed the conservation of energy part of your question, so I won't add to that. If your room is too hot for you to be comfortable you have really two choices. You can either improve the air management of the room (A/C or fans) to balance it better with the rest of the living space, or reduce the power consumed by the components by down-clocking or power limiting. Option two will reduce performance, but will reduce the heat output of the system.
  10. RAS_3885

    Need advice for airflow improvement

    Prime95 can be pretty hot for a synthetic stress test. What are your temps? They may be fine all things considered during stress testing (if they are under 90 C they are likely okay). My 4790k would hit 85-90 C under certain stress testing in warmer months, but stays under 60 C while gaming. Noctua NH-U12s cooler. I haven't overclocked it so I really don't worry about stress test temps because it's not a "normal" use case. What are your temps while gaming? Looking at the pics, your bottom intake is pushing through the HDD cage. Switching to a pressure optimized fan will help a little. Because of this I'd switch the top to intake as well, keeping the rear fan as the only exhaust.
  11. RAS_3885

    Question about airflow

    Try not to overthink the whole airflow thing too much. In your setup above the two front fans should stay as intake; rear should stay as exhaust. The front-most fan on the top isn't likely doing much, and may be actually exhausting some cool air before it gets to the other components. Will be a small effect either way, so I'd remove it to cut down on case noise myself. The rear-most fan should be exhaust (if you keep it) since heat rises. Don't try to fight physics by pushing air where it doesn't want to naturally go. What CPU and cooler? That would provide some context for you time vs. temp concerns. Overall, however, if the temps and noise level are within acceptable levels then your airflow is fine. You can chase tweaks forever (trust me, I went down that rabbit hole), but at the end of the day if there's no "problem" then just leave it as is.
  12. RAS_3885

    Automatically waking.

    Should be a BIOS option to allow wake via LAN. Disable that.
  13. RAS_3885

    Automatically waking.

    Try running these in a command window as admin. powercfg -lastwake powercfg -devicequery wake_armed powercfg -waketimers If it's something obvious (like a device or program) it might show up in one of those. These have helped me previously.
  14. That's a great price on the Alienware. I got one for $850 at Microcenter to weekends ago and have been LOVING it.
  15. Nvidia Control Panel --> Change Resolution --> Set refresh rate from drop down box Or do what Crunken posted above directly in Windows.