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  1. That would be 60 Hz then, so the above suggestions for a 2060 are valid.
  2. The BIOS is part of the motherboard, so the new board will have it's own. You existing Windows install *should* work by just plugging the drive into the new board, however, with swapping to a new chipset and processor you might have issues. A clean install is probably the best way to do it, but not strictly necessary unless things start acting up.
  3. 100 percent usage while gaming is normal. Have you tried reinstalling the offending games?
  4. Clean install will wipe any custom setting you may have in things like the Nvidia control panel. Not necessary to do on every update, and something like DDU is a better option anyways for a clean install since it will do a more thorough job. Clean install is typically only done when something starts acting up. Just update what you have.
  5. Task manager will tell you the actual download speed you are seeing, which could be significantly lower than your connection speed depending on server load or whatever.
  6. https://www.linusmediagroup.com/contact-us
  7. Just checking, you're referring to the GPU fan connector to GPU board connection, right? Did you try a clean GPU driver install? If yes, and they don't spin when set to some value manually in Afterburner, then it might be a dead fan header on the GPU. Since you said the fans work when connected to a stand alone 12V source that means the fans themselves are fine. If a clean driver install (DDU) doesn't fix it then it sounds like a hardware problem.
  8. When you say blocked, do you mean your antivirus software blocked it, or something else? The desktop is essentially just a folder within Windows Explorer. Moving the file to the "Desktop" folder in Explorer will make it show up on the desktop. So will just dragging it from explorer to you desktop. It sounds like maybe your default download location for your web browser used to be your desktop, but now is something else. Is that what you mean?
  9. @HR19 There will always be next-gen hardware on the horizon. Just build a system that gets you the best value for your given budget and performance goals with what's available today and enjoy using it.
  10. Are you using the VPN at device level or router level? I doubt Standford would be blocking VPN IPs, but you could also try whitelisting the server IPs. When I was running PIA at the router level I never had any download issues.
  11. Right, but from a system integrator it's even worse to see.
  12. It reads like someone who just picks the most expensive items in PC Part Picker to build a "killer gaming rig". Unnecessarily expensive and TERRIBLE value.
  13. If you don't expressly need dual monitor functionality for productivity I'd go with the ultra wide. I have that exact monitor and love it.
  14. What does the label on the back of the monitor say?