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  1. Would it be fine if the 3 120mm fans with the radiator were blowing out at the bottom? That would make it one 120mm intake fan at the front, 3 120mm outtake at the bottom, 3 60mm outtake fans over the IO shield aswell as the PSU blowing out Need more air in possibly? Could make the first 120mm fan blow in next to the front fan I also need an idea on how to make the GPU stand vertically. I would prefer if i didn't have to cut the back PCI openings (though i might have to)
  2. Well it can be spray painted beige Or have you found one that already is beige?
  3. What about something like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/3-5-All-in-One-Internal-Flash-Memory-Card-Reader-USB-2-0-Hub-for-Floppy-Bay/143454091934?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 And then find something else for the 2.5" bay?
  4. Wait, are the ones you found smaller than this one?
  5. Well i was thinking if i get a internetal USB hub, i might be able to make the PS/2 port at the front work, aswell as finding the drives with USB I have found an adapter to make them work with SATA, but those were just the PCB, not even in some form of case
  6. I was thinking about the adapter idea, but i think it will be too much work, aswell as i want it to look amazing when taking off the side panel and an adapter will be too bulky. I've just measured and i there is no space between them, there can be 3 60mm fans over the IO shield. That should give a bit more airflow. Although i won't have them spinning that fast. They can be mad loud those smaller ones
  7. Well my idea was having the AIO at the bottom blowing out. There is a fan in the front aswell the PSU blowing out up above. Hence I want to put in two smaller fans over the IO shield And BTW: The key door with the drive bays have a special place in my heart. It will not be touched
  8. Hello! I'm working on a sleeper PC project. First ever projekt of this kind for me I've bought this old rack chassis. It's full ATX so the motherboard and PSU has their place. My ideas are: Four small feet on the left side of the case, making is stand upright like a normal case Painting the inside white/black Cutting holes for the 360mm radiator at the new bottom of the case (I have checked and i CAN be there!) Replace the old fan with a Noctua 120mm (Using the same filter) Replace the drives at the front. Only changing them to ones with a sata/internal USB connection (I want them to work basically) Spraypainting the inside black/white No changes to the outside aesthetics Cutting a hole for two 40-50mm fans above the IO shield (I need a bit more airflow aswell as i can't make the serial port ort the three connections that's already closed work) Add a 3rd drive at the front. Just because: why not? Any other ideas? I need somewhere to put my 2.5" SSD. I have no HDD in my system. I've got one NVMe M.2 SSD for boot and one TB 2.5" SSD I would very much like to be able to use my cablemod cables in my new build And I have two LED strips, where should they go? Again: I'm new to this so let me know if any of this is wrong Spellcheck this pls?
  9. What about the combination though? Any good/creative ideas? Gotta fit the sleek look though ofcourse
  10. So basicly a shiny gray?
  11. My PSU also pulls 2x 8pin from one though? That's the cables that came with the PSU that does so
  12. Hello there! I'm thinking about getting some custom cabling going on. At the moment my PC looks like this. It's the 24pin and the two 8 pin PCI-E power cables i want to change up. I've done my best on the cablemod website, should i do anything diffrent? And what's the difrense between the Carbon and black? Seems the same to me? https://eustore.cablemod.com/configurator/#cfgload:5ca3c9af440cc6.35865319 And sorry for possible typos xD
  13. Well in my cabinet the SSD won't be on display, and the cable management isn't worth saving at this point
  14. Well, i have the 1TB SSD for games, can't get a TB M.2 SSD for the same money