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Antoine Kamarovszki

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About Antoine Kamarovszki

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  • Birthday 1994-05-07

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    Mr. K#5781
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  • PlayStation Network
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    St. Pierre & Miquelon
  • Interests
    Being a jerk.
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    A few details about myself.
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    No job at this moment.


  • CPU
    i5-4460 3.2Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z97 Gaming 7
  • RAM
    3Corsair Vengance 1600Mhz 4*8GB
  • GPU
  • Case
    Carbide Series 400R
  • Storage
    M8Pe(Y) 256GB NvME PCI-e SSD
  • PSU
    CX430W NM
  • Display(s)
    LG 29" 21:9 UW IPS LED
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    Office Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Razer Death Adder Left-Handed 3.5G
  • Sound
    Genius SW-HF 6000 5.1 Full Surround
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1

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  1. Antoine Kamarovszki

    Huawei Honor 8 Lite 16GB, is it good?

    Thx for your detailed answer. What about "Huawei P Smart"? Not the 2019 version, the older model. I've read positive things about it.
  2. Antoine Kamarovszki

    Huawei Honor 8 Lite 16GB, is it good?

    I'm broke so my max budget is like 130 dollars. :(( I set eyes on this phone, its specs appear to be too good... to be true. 8 cores? 2.1ghz? 3gb of ram? 16gb rom? Wtf? There must be something behind this. Anyone?
  3. Antoine Kamarovszki

    Same monitor on PC and PS3 at the same time?

    oh wow I'm stupid as hell. There's a physical button called "input" and it changes to my Ps3 screen. Thanks
  4. Antoine Kamarovszki

    Same monitor on PC and PS3 at the same time?

    There's no switch input on my monitor menu.
  5. Antoine Kamarovszki

    Same monitor on PC and PS3 at the same time?

    I have an LG 16:9 monitor. I connect the monitor to my PC using a standard VGA cable. Then I connected this same monitor to my PS3 using HDMI. I turned PS3 on but I cant seem to switch between them. I checked the monitor's menu but it doesn't have an option like that. Is it possible at all?
  6. Antoine Kamarovszki

    [GTX 750 TI] Can I crank up voltage/core and mem clock to the fullest?

    Ok, thx.
  7. Antoine Kamarovszki

    [GTX 750 TI] Can I crank up voltage/core and mem clock to the fullest?

    It has 6 pin. Ok so if the driver crashes I just restart PC? And it won't damage the hardware?
  8. GRAPHICS CARD ASUS GTX 750 TI 2GB OC EDITION (dual after market fan) CPU: i5-4460 3.2ghz w/ stock cooler RAM 32GB Corsair Veng. 1600Mhz DDR3 MOBO Gigabyte GA Z97X GAMING 7 PSU CX 430W 1.) Can I just max out the voltage and the core/memory clocks to the max without the risk of killing my video card? This is what I mean, look at the picture. Some dude overclocked it like this apparently and I've never had the balls to do it: 2.) If I can, is there a chance of hardware failure in the long run? (Is there a possibility that this hardcore overclocking increases the rate at which the video card wears out? 3.) If I can't, what values do you recommend?
  9. Antoine Kamarovszki

    I couldn't comprehend this song.

    I know what the song is about after reading the lyrics. I mean before I read the lyrics I couldn't understand a single word.
  10. Antoine Kamarovszki

    I couldn't comprehend this song.

    ...until I checked the lyrics. Now seriously, I studied English for over a decade and I couldn't understand a word. This is ridiculous. I don't usually have issues understanding native English speakers, I can even understand most movies without subtitles with no issues at all. But some songs, some of them I just can't understand....I understand gangsta rap better than this song here, although these street rap songs have a lot more slang. This sucks. Is there a problem with me? Am I retarded? I'm kinda worried. How do I improve my comprehension skills?
  11. Antoine Kamarovszki

    Can anyone help me [GTA V Cutscene issue]

    Sorry if I posted this to the wrong section. First off, I've got a 21:9 Aspect Ratio monitor (which is called "Ultrawide") with a maximum native resolution of 2560 x 1080. It simply has more horizontal pixels than a standard 1920 x 1080 16:9 Aspect Ratio monitor. Okay, I turn on my PC, the desktop looks good, no image distortions at all. I fire up GTA V in my native in-game resolution (aka 2560 x 1080). Right, I'm in game, I change my in-game resolution to 1920 x 1080 then I also alter the Aspect Ratio accordingly, to 16:9. The image then looks extremely distorted. However, this issue I could fix. I went to Nvidia Control Panel and set scaling "Aspect Ratio", and to "GPU". Done, it did the work. I start up GTA yet again and the image looks cool, it looks just like as if I had a 1920 x 1080 16:9 monitor. Now here comes the trouble: so soon as I get on a mission and a cutscene starts, suddenly two vertical black bars pop in for no apparent reason. I tried restarting the game, my PC, my life, everything. I even downloaded "Flawless Widescreen", a program, which has a plugin that's supposed to fix such issues as mine (aspect ratio problems) but it didn't do a thing...I headed back to the game and started the cutscene again and if I change my resolution during the cutscene, these two black bars disappear. Alt + tab'ing out of the game then back also has the same effect. I tried resizing my desktop as well but ofc it did not work. Screw it. Can anyone help me? This is extremely annoying. Below there's a video. You can see those two black bars popping in, further reducing my aspect ratio. Pause video at 0:07 . Then after changing video settings it gets fixed.
  12. Antoine Kamarovszki

    Shadowplay Audio "Echo" problem.

    I can put it into stereo mode but it's not utilizing the subwoofer, there's no bass.
  13. Antoine Kamarovszki

    Shadowplay Audio "Echo" problem.

    Ok, that's useful information. That means I must use stereo in order to prevent it?
  14. Antoine Kamarovszki

    Shadowplay Audio "Echo" problem.

    I've got a 5.1 surround speaker system and whenever I record a game it sounds like it records the game's audio multiple times. I tried using "seperate tracks" but it did not help. Short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-GfYWCArNU (Sorry, I'm bad at the game and I was getting 30 fps only and it's hard to aim with anything below 60 fps. Don't look at the gameplay, just listen to how it sounds. Echo-ish. That's my problem.) Also, it's not just GTA V, it's every single game I record. This issue is everywhere. Pls help.
  15. Antoine Kamarovszki

    Human body vs PC

    Pretty accurate, tbh.