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  1. Well hold on now, that has its benefits. Once upon a time, I remembered a video I watched maybe 3-4 years previously, wanted to see it again, but couldn't find it. My Google Activity history was how I eventually tracked it down. It was porn. EDIT: I read "supervisor" browser. Although, this does still make it superior IMO.
  2. I have observed the following in the last month: Blank white screen before a video with a "skip ads" button at the bottom right The browser tab sometimes goes unresponsive at this stage and cannot be recovered Quality is sometimes limited to 144p after streaming several videos in a row. When it does this, 144p is the only available quality shown in the menu (however in a different browser, all the quality settings show) Has anyone else experienced this? I am typically using: NordVPN Google Chrome (might they have more control over making tabs crash with their own browser?) AdBlock uMatrix (inactive for YouTube) Enhancer For YouTube These have all done fine for many years. Only recently did I start to experience these seemingly random, seemingly glitchy occurrences.
  3. I'm going on an extended road trip and will be bringing my PC. Transporting the monitor and peripherals is no problem. My concern is the case. I'm not going to disassemble it (remove the graphics card & CPU heat sink) each time I move it. The case (Sliger Cerberus X) is pretty small, dimensions are 14.97"H x 6.78"W x 14.09"D. It has a handle on top, so it's also quite easy to pick up and move. Pic related, it's the inside of my PC. Except the Radeon VII is now an RTX 2080 Ti. My idea is to use a latching tote like this (pic is not exact, but you get the idea): and use polyethylene foam (2 or 4 pounds per cubic ft - any input on density would be appreciated), cut it to specific sizes to pad the inside of the tote (maybe even glue it to the sides and bottom), and also cut some pieces to put inside of the case to stabilize the graphics card and heat sink. My thinking is that it will be relatively convenient to be able to remove and replace the foam between transports, and it should adequately protect it from shock/vibration. Am I crazy? Is this a bad idea? Please enlighten me, I know nothing about moving PCs and this is simply my best guess at how. Also, what about orientation during transport? My guess is that laying it flat so that the graphics card is vertical and motherboard is horizontal would put the least stress on the components.
  4. Is there anything you know of that’s similar to GTA V in that it has a really cool world to explore and can be modified to remove/bypass any missions/challenges?
  5. My PC is equipped with a Threadripper 3960X and an RTX 2080 Ti. I bought this combo mainly for video editing. The most I've really done to put this hardware to use is, well video editing, and playing a bit of GTA V. I'm not a gamer, it's more of just an interesting real-life simulation to me than it is a game. That's an old game though, and doesn't support ray tracing or anything. Any suggestions on some interesting/entertaining uses for this kind of hardware?
  6. Personally I love designing future homes of mine in Sketchup. I've been playing around with different layouts for years. Isn't for everyone, but I find it quite enjoyable and I've learned a lot about my preferences from doing it.
  7. I have a case called the Cerberus X by Sliger. It's full ATX but super small and has a carrying handle on top. A lot of good hardware in a very small case. I have a TR 3960X / RTX 2080 Ti / 64GB in it. And it's certainly feasible to transport from house to house. EDIT: I didn't read this: The case alone would consume half of the budget. Woops.
  8. Interesting, I didn't know that. A totally empty playground though.
  9. Somehow I only recently noticed this, and it struck my curiosity. Why do you think this is? On some level, it’s obvious. If there were kids in GTA, you could conduct simulated violence against kids, which of course, is more frowned upon than doing the same to adults. But is there deeper reasoning to this? Would Rockstar games be opening themselves to civil liabilities? Would they be violating laws? Or is it solely out of the good of their hearts that the game only includes adult NPCs and buildings?