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  1. First the device are a Samsung s7 (witch have a micro USB) and a GMC Sierra 2018 with Android auto. Ok so my dad try to connect his phone to his truck with Android auto at first it only works with the original Samsung cable and no other cable what must happen happen and he break his original now i try to find something else but nothing works Dose anybody know what Samsung cable have different are they usb3.0(3.1) i can only find usb 2.0 on Amazon all 3.0(3.1) are those wierd one with two plug If there is no good answer dose any body know a reliable way to get Samsung original cable i have heard there is contermade on Amazon with the logo and all
  2. if you bought a new laptop and you are confortable with the "big drive" you can install linux on a hard drive it is light to boot and dont take much space if you think you will need more space you already need to bought another drive and i recomande you go for a ssd (try nvme those cost more but omg they are fast)
  3. i dont think you should put your linux os on the same disk as your windows os unless you already have two partition. i know you can do it but i prefere letting my boot drive breath a little my final set up for my pc was two ssd to boot both systeme and a hard drive but that was long ago now ssd price have drop low enough if i where you i would buy a bigger ssd make a partition for linux os and a common partition for both of theme (you might want to tchec that out but i am pretty sur win installed game dont work on linux and vice versa
  4. yes im from canada(QC) i don't mind the weight but i want to easily transport it in a back pack or in my hand (mostly in my hand) so if i can bring it somewhere whitout it power cord it would be nice i dont really have any reference for what is a good battery life my last laptop last less than 2 hours. i tink with 8 hours i can bring it to my job and work on break whitout recharging for a week. so 8 hours of light work should be enough(more would be nice)
  5. it will depend on what i want cost but I can keep it under 1000 cad i will be happy
  6. with that said remember if you go all linux not all game play natively on it so i recomande a dual boot
  7. i have run linux in dual boot on a alienware 17 and when i finally get it to work it was flawless. it find all drive natively(you should change the default for the propriatarie one) wish is easier than one windows. to be honest when i did that the hard part was instaling windows properly so if you buy new that isnt a probleme.
  8. im also wondering will streaming a game from another machine drastically drain a battery
  9. i will start by saying my english is trash sorry about that (not my language of birth) so to the point im looking for a light lap top wich -i can carry any where easily (not like my alienware that i bought 5 years ago) -a long battery life -can stream my game (like the steam link if you have the same steam acount on two computer you can from one of them run the game on the other machine) -work well with word/one drive (linus speak about that on is latess video on chrome os but you can prove me wrong) -have a lot of storage i have heavy folder that i work on si if you have tips thing i should look after or really any laptop sugestion i would really apreciate that thanks a lot
  10. yes but i suspect that kill switch is for the drill only other wise you will lose your setting if it's not you put one those thing come with the minimum safety gear so the compagnie can adjuste it to their standard
  11. super video but i notice linus ask about safety and im working in a shop with press drill and stuff sooo yeah. 1: your hoodie with super long lace... please never do that again 2: if you change a drill bit you should physically cut the power (i dont know that system but i think it is the big red button) 3 no watch or smart watch it might look exesive but your not in your garage at home your working and you should always that a machine can fail start out of nowhere ect. btw sorry for the bad english french canadien watching here