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  1. I agree it's a bandwidth issue. But, I had zero issues direct connect to the TV. Changing the sound settings did nothing so stereo vs dolby atmos isn't the issue. My point about the tv was that it was fixed connecting direct to my current TV. So, I am hoping that connecting direct to a tv with dolby atmos will allow me to be fixed with RGB full and dolby atmos. IDK why it would work if it works on this TV. But I always have 4-2-0 to the receiver if I have to.
  2. @circeseye I think I found the solution. A few things: Turned off windows scaling. It would cut out with any scaling. Changed my nvidia color settings to 8 bit, 4-2-2, limited. Matched my nvidia display resolution to the the resolution I was trying to play in game to hold 60fps. Had no cut outs with those settings. But, I also had success direct to the TV at 4k, RGB, Full. So maybe the C9 can hold that quality and still pass through dolby atmos surround to my receiver. Thanks for the advice you provided.
  3. Yeah, I have tried that. On all the receivers I have owned basically. Right now I have it ran HDMI over ethernet direct to the TV and it is running perfect. I'm tempted to just leave it this way for now. Come black friday time I plan to get the new c9 OLED and it has dolby atmos pass through via ARC2. I might solve this problem by skipping the receiver for PC. I'm gonna keep looking into though becasue it's something that I ave always been curious about. I bet I could take my AppleTV upstairs and plug into the the hdmi over ethernet and not have any problems to the receiver. Just as a test.
  4. Oh I believe it. But I get the issue with a short cable too with no adapters.
  5. Shoot, that is what I have. I did go down to the theater and connected direct to the TV. So far no issues but that has been the case before direct to the receiver. I guess I'll keep testing. I think it has something to do with a receivers handshake with the TV.
  6. I have tried a lot of HDMIs. I could take my PC down there to test. I am more interested in fixing it at that level first. Then I will add the range variable back in. If it was just the range that caused my issue I would understand and work on shortening my line, higher quality ethernet, and higher quality hdmi. First I need to figure out why all the HDMIs I own can produce this issue over 6 feet. Do you have a specific HDMI cable you might recommend? That could be a good start.
  7. Looks like i miss remembered my distance. I haven't had to mess with it since it was still well over my needs. I have the Av Access 4kex70 h2. 70m
  8. The adapters I have are made to run hdmi over ethernet for up to 1000 feet. Plus i have had this issue with a 6 foot cable to my current setup. I have dozens of cables that I can use to test all the same issue. Same issue with probably over 50 cables over the course of 6 years.
  9. That is why I am running over ethernet. But I used to have the exact same issue over 3-6 feet cables. For testing purposes I could take my pc downstairs to the theater to eliminate the long distance. I would almost certainly produce the issue. I did take my PC down there once when Sekiro came out and had the issue. This would be over a 6 foot HDMI 2.1 cable.
  10. I was having random boot issues with fast boot enabled. Not exactly like your issue but turning that off fixed my PC's boot.
  11. Long time issue I have never been able to find a solution to. Hoping you guys might have some ideas. I have been connecting my PC to a home theater receiver for years to connect to a TV. All the different combos of GPU, receiver, and TV that I have had have the same issue. They will briefly loose signal and cut to black for a few seconds. Sometimes this is really frequent and basically unusable. Other times it doesn't happen at all for a long time of use. This happens at different resolutions, audio formats, HDR, and SDR. I found a solution at one point. I used an HDMI to the receiver for audio and a second HDMI to the TV for video (Done with combo 3 shown below). This completely solved the issue but then I moved into a new house and I have to have a new setup. My theater is on the opposite side of my house. I use an HDMI to Ethernet converter to run long range to the opposite side of my house(Around 45 meters or 150 feet). Running another would require a display port to HDMI adapter and in my experience that can be finicky. So I am hesitant to buy a second HDMI to Ethernet adapter to go with a display port adapter. Considering that splitting the audio and video up to two separate cables fixed the issue it leads me to believe that it's a bandwidth issue. But I have had this issue for so long I have had my combos use increasingly new HDMI cable iterations. Any ideas on what could be done? Over the years I have had these combos: Thanks in advance. Combo 1: GPU: GTX 980 Receiver: Denon AVR-1910 TV: LG60lb7100 Combo 2: GPU: GTX 1080ti Receiver: Denon AVR-1910 TV: LG60lb7100 Combo 3: GPU: GTX 1080ti Receiver: Yamaha RX-V581 TV: LG OLED60B6P Combo 4: GPU: GTX 1080ti Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR686 TV: LG OLED60B6P Combo 5: GPU: RTX 2080ti Reveiver Onkyo TX-NR686 TV: LG OLED60B6P