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    IT technician/self employed pc electronic repaired


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    Ryzen 3700x
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    Asus rog hero vii
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    Corsair pro rgb 16gb 3350 oc stock timings
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    Radeon Vii
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    Thermaltake G21 TG
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    My digital ssd 250gb pro m.2 (boot) 2tb berracuda 7200rpm +Toshiba x300 4gb 7200rpm
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    Evga g3 750
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    Viotek gft27db x2
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    Deep cool castle 240 ex
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    Gigabyte k7
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  1. Gilgam3s1

    Help me choose 3200mhz vs 3600mhz ram

    Or go 3200 and oc too 3400 with zero changes in timings and set at 1.36 volts....thats what I did smack dab middle of the road...milage may slightly vary....GOOD LUCK
  2. So I'm looking for a free/open source system image creation and installation tool to use for windows something bootable from USB preferably that can then use a system image from say an external or secondary drive. I realize windows is capable of performing this but with the fact that lately my instalation some how manages to consistently corupt its self (usualy including recovery option some how) I want to make a third party pure and stable image and use a third party program to install said image. Thanks guys
  3. What's the origonal rated speed and what are you trying to boost it too? Not all ram is created equal depending on what yoyr trying to oc too even with a change in timings it might not be possible for your paticular kit
  4. Rolled back the update but the issue still remains any other suggestions?
  5. Not sure if it will let me
  6. I update my os in a pretty old system I got and befor the update and cleaning it work perfectly, now after the window 10 update the wifi usb dongle intermitently works usually kicking off in screen saver kicks in thought I fixed with a driver update but guess not and now my keybaord is having issues as well, IV changed batteries in the keyboard and switched ports on both devices but problem persists Spec for system are Fx8350 Gigabyte ultra durable Gtx960 1tb Toshiba drive Usb devices are Nighthawk wifi adapter Ac1200 And keyboard is just some off the shelf by logi
  7. Turns out changing power plans effect when cpu recieves clock cycles and how many I wish I could site the source but you are indeed correct when set to balance or on any windows setting it pulls less instructions as to the "ryzen" power plans thus resulting in less random voltage pulls. Ryzen plans are supposedly suggested for oc or instability purposes at least from what I seen
  8. IMO PBO off, boost on, voltage set to 1.28 Fclk oc set to 1700, ram oc set too 3400 stock timings and voltage from 3200 corsair pro has resulted in score of 4888- 4900 at stock and a new seting of 4.25all core at 1.37 volts results in 5500- 5600 but IV desired to keep cpu as health as possible so I'm sticking to minimal ocs to keep maximum stability. In short PBO =pretty much usless power hungry mode
  9. Agreed but at this point it turns out most if not all can just turn PBO off as testing by multiple reviewers have determined PBO makes little to no difference in performance in most scenarios and after turning mine off and saying voltage to 1.28 I still reach peak performance without seeing such high marks in hwinfo and cpuid on average shows my voltage below the 1.287 Mark and barely over under full load and after doing a total fresh install supprisingly and unknowingly performance has only improved
  10. Just reflash too 2501 issue should be fixef
  11. Its the bios it's bugged out mouse recognition for certain brands. Bios ver2501 and up fix this issue I had to buy a generic 6$ mouse at wall Mart found out that one worked fine but my 60$ g502 spectrum didn't until that update
  12. Gilgam3s1

    Urgent help pc cannot start

    Do this way less stupid then my sugestion
  13. Gilgam3s1

    Urgent help pc cannot start

    Dumb question but have you tried removing the two recently added cables?
  14. Gilgam3s1

    ryzen 3600x @ 4.32 GHz

    If they are PWM style Fan (which I'm sure they are ) if you never touched the settings they will ramp up with cpu temp, the warmer she gets the louder they get to cool it down. Its all normal
  15. Gilgam3s1

    ryzen 3600x @ 4.32 GHz

    Then that's normal, no need for worry, it's just doing its thing