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  1. For people saying he made this video to please the fanboys, do realize that gamer oriented tech channels such as LTT have fanbases that boiled down, are toxic anti-Apple circle jerks I use an iPhone 7 and my Snapchats and Instagram Lives look so much better than my Brother's Note 9, I can take a picture of a problem set and airdrop it right to my Macbook. I can screen record without it looking like a VHS home video. I can tell the rest of my family through an iMessage group chat during a Cross Country tempo run that I'm going to be late for dinner, on my watch, and I'm making Thanksgiving cards for friends using family photos off of a single iCloud family backup. At the end of the day, these are the things that matter to me. I don't pixel peep, I don't envy the Snapdragon 845 for being a couple milliseconds faster, I don't desire that extra 3 gigs of ram for when I have a million apps open and need to get back to one and can't wait 3 seconds, I don't want five hours of screen on time because I have a life. I don't want a new launcher or a new skin because mine was designed to appeal to nearly every user. I want to play iMessage pool with my girlfriend and I want to run squads on Fortnite when we have a sub. Yesterday we had a group project for AP Modern World and nearly 90% of the class was on ONE facetime call for around 20 minutes. It was a riot. I used to love this community. I was on that grind at whole foods to save up for that GTX 1070ti. You guys taught me how to choose the right MOBO and where each PCI header went. Its gotten toxic, it really has. The difference between phones in terms of speed is down to fractions of a second. Speedtests are breeding grounds for hate, and you honestly need to ask yourself if you're just an enthusiast, or encroaching on elitist because you know more than the average consumer. Sounds a little paternalistic to me... I know the specs. I know I'm being scammed, I know that I'm a sheep for not choosing the better option, I know that Apple is literally Nazi Germany and their existence is a plague to society Yet somehow I'm not too bothered by it.