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  1. Ok thank you very much. I might lean more towards the y530 then. Thanks so much for your help
  2. While looking up the Dell g3s. I came across acer nitro 5. Is that a good laptop i should compare with dell g3?
  3. Hello all. Im looking to buy a laptop so i can play games on the go and do some slight video editing using davinci resolve. Some games i plat are the witcher 3, overwatch, destiny 2, rainbow 6 seige, apex legends, warframe. What can i get worth buying for my budget of $800 - $900 usd?
  4. a bit more specific how? I guess ill be using it mainly to do basic web searching, run programs such ass c++, Jcreater pro, database and cisco packet tracer.
  5. Hey all. So i know im late to black friday and stuff but that doesnt matter a whole lot right now. Anyone got any laptop recommendations for a college student (me) currently majoring in software engineering? My budget is 300 - 500 usd. Thanks a bunch!
  6. thx so much for the contribution of a second opinion. Now i can compare what i got. I really appreciate it
  7. thx so much for the help. I really appreciate it
  8. Can anyone help me come up with a pc partpicker list for a new build? Budget is $900 usd. Ill need peripherals like monitor and keyboard, mouse and headphones. Thx for the assistance Any extra info I wanna get into games like gta5, shadow of the tomb raider, battlefield and cod. Overwatch, fortnite and stuff.
  9. Yo guys, so my friend is finally saving up to buy the necessary parts in order to have a pc. The only thing that is stopping him is not having enough knowledge on what parts he should buy. Like what type of cpu and mother board and other stuff. Can someone help us come up with a pcpartpicker list of the computer parts that best suits him with a budget of $1100 usd? Just something beefy enough to run games like fortnite, gta, witcher, assassins creed, overwatch and other stuff like that. That would be really great. Also, he needs to buy stuff like keyboard, monitor and mouse and headphones. Basically we are doing everything from scratch.
  10. Yes, i stupidly forgot to mention that i would be in need of a monitor and other peripherals like keyboard and mouse.