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  1. Agree
    Viridian reacted to mr moose in Windows 10X - Microsoft New OS - Preview   
    The thought of having a phone running windows gets me excited.   Mainly because it means I have an option that isn't google or apple.
  2. Informative
    Viridian reacted to Delicieuxz in Warcraft 3 reforged is a complete disaster   
    With all the terrible Blizzard business decisions and staff departures over the previous years, the developer which made past games people loved is long dead and gone.
    Mike Morhaime, Blizzard co-founder and CEO, leaves the company
    Blizzard Co-Founder Frank Pearce Exits After 28 Years
    Departure Message From Frank Pearce And J. Allen Brack
    Over 100 Blizzard employees were paid to leave the company
    Hearthstone lead leaves Blizzard
    Activision Blizzard Loses its Second Executive in a Week - Spencer Neumann and Amrita Ahuja leave
    Low morale at Blizzard Esports is reportedly leading to high-profile departures
    Blizzard’s Staff Is Still Unhappy, More High Profile Employees Are Leaving Due To Low Morale
    Blizzard staff are concerned ActiVision is having too much influence in Blizzard
    Original ‘Diablo’ developer (David Brevik) calls out Blizzard for disrespecting its employees
    Blizzard 'has completely changed,' say Diablo's original creators
    The released product of Diablo 3, not to mention the time it took to make, proved that Blizzard was already lost in the woods while making it.
    Flashback of some fallout over that:
    Diablo 3 Developers React Angrily to David Brevik Interview
    Diablo 3's Jay Wilson Apologizes To David Brevik, Entire Diablo Community
    Diablo co-creator discusses his original vision for Diablo III and the future for Marvel Heroes
    I would say that Blizzard was a sell-out studio throughout the history of its existence, but Blizzard sold itself so readily and early in its existence that it was never really in control of itself to have the chance to continue being a sell-out studio. It's gotten around more than a cheap hooker.
    'Blizzard' was purchased by Davidson & Associates in 1994.
    Davidson & Associates was sold to CUC International in 1996.
    CUC International became a part of Cendant in 1997.
    Cendant sold its publishers to Havas in 1998.
    Havas was bought by Vivendi in 1998.
    Vivendi Games merged with Activision in 2008 and became Activision Blizzard.
    Activision Blizzard became independent in 2013 by purchasing a majority of the company's shares from Vivendi.
    Blizzard has been like a card that companies keep in their personal deck for a short while before trading it again. I wonder what psychological effect that has on the studio's management and how challenging it is to keep a consistent development philosophy while ownership keeps changing.
    The last independent game Blizzard made was likely Rock n' Roll Racing or The Lost Vikings, which was before Blizzard was called Blizzard, and while it was still called Chaos Studios. Warcraft: Orcs and Humans was released in late 1994, and Blizzard was acquired by Davidson & Associates in early 1994. Maybe Blizzard had started working on Warcraft: Orcs and Humans before they were purchased.

    Personally, I think Warcraft II is the last great game Blizzard has made. I find Starcraft to be pretty good, but Warcraft III went completely cheesy and lame with the story. And the limitation on how many units can be built in War 3 was a letdown.
    I think that since then, Blizzard have made highly-polished, yet extremely cheesy fairy-fart narratives that wasted the games' potentials, largely due to Chris Metzen. He had been given way too much influence in the company and over game narratives, despite his writing being cheesy, sappy, tropey, cliche, and overall undermining the games Blizzard were making. Metzen was brilliant at artwork, but was an utterly cringy hack as a writer. He should have been kept on artwork duty, which is where he shone.
    I see Chris Metzen finally leaving the company in 2016 as a long-overdue positive development. But at the same time, tons of Blizzard's other staff have also left or been fired since then. So, whatever benefit Chris' departure might have yielded is probably offset by the flushing of the studio's talent.
  3. Agree
    Viridian reacted to Tech Enthusiast in Warcraft 3 reforged is a complete disaster   
    I get that, but I still feel like the outrage is a little extreme.
    Most of the points mentioned around the web are flat out wrong after all. You just need to fire up the game and look at it to verify,... that is why I am strongly skeptical about what is happening here. 
    Kind of expect a MP loving gang of people review bombing here TBH. As I said: I did not look into that and don't plan to. 
    The game itself, the campaign, is done better than expected. By far actually. You can even pick to run the original game and compare,... they reworked about everything, including sound, videos and voiceover.
    Crying about not having animated loading screens seems kind of,... extreme, no? Especially since I am just now looking at an animated loading screen. 😉
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    Viridian reacted to spartaman64 in Warcraft 3 reforged is a complete disaster   
    just because you dont have a problem doesnt mean it doesnt exist just like with all game bugs it happens to some people it doesnt happen with others.
  5. Agree
    Viridian reacted to mr moose in The end of lightning is nigh, possibly.   
    You're confusing personal experience and opinion on connectors with the core argument that innovation comes from freedom to implement and test new technology.
    It doesn't matter if USB C and lightning are similar or how well micro USB can last if 30 other types of even better connectors have not even been trialed in house because companies aren't allowed to use them on their products.
    It's a double edged sword and one opinion doesn't trump the other.   Sure having every phone use the same connector is better for the consumer in many ways, but it is also not good for the consumer in that we have no choices and companies aren't given any incentive to develop something better.  
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    Viridian reacted to mr moose in The end of lightning is nigh, possibly.   
    No, you have your opinions and they are not objective.  Your entire argument rests on you believing your opinions are best for everyone.
  7. Agree
    Viridian reacted to mr moose in The end of lightning is nigh, possibly.   
    Because they are not you and have different opinions/experiences.\
    That is a self contradictory sentence, lack of choice caused by government regulation by definition is oppression.
    Removing any right to make or sell a product thus reducing the options a consumer has  is unjust in the eyes of many people.
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    Viridian reacted to handymanshandle in The end of lightning is nigh, possibly.   
    Oh nice, government mandated connectors. This definitely isn't overreaching at all.
  9. Agree
    Viridian reacted to Shreyas1 in The end of lightning is nigh, possibly.   
    But why? Is this really that big of an issue? Surely the EU has bigger problems to worry about 
  10. Agree
    Viridian reacted to Tristerin in The end of lightning is nigh, possibly.   
    Governments - making something out of nothing, all the while taking from its citizens something, until they have nothing.
  11. Agree
    Viridian reacted to TVwazhere in The end of lightning is nigh, possibly.   
    This seems..... A bit overreaching. 
  12. Agree
    Viridian reacted to Master Disaster in [mini] Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to September 17th, 2020.   
    A rushed game is bad forever. A delayed game is eventually good.
    Shigeru Miyamoto.
    I'd take 10 delays over a rushed POS any day. I'm actually pleased the industry seems to be moving away from rushing and hard deadlines.
  13. Agree
    Viridian reacted to WereCatf in Good post-apocalyptic movies?   
    No one mentioned Snowpiercer, so I'm putting it out as my vote for the list.
    I don't know where I mentioned it some time ago, but I also liked Terminator Salvation. I liked it exactly because it wasn't like the other Terminator-movies, it tried to actually move things forward instead of just repeating them.
  14. Informative
    Viridian reacted to dalekphalm in Good post-apocalyptic movies?   
    Some more good ones:
    The Book of Eli
    Mad Max series (particularly #2 and 4 - Road Warrior and Fury Road respectively)
    Waterworld (watch the Ulysses Cut if you can - it adds more to the backstory and some of the violence that was cut)
    The Postman (underrated movie - gets bogged down a bit in the actual “hey let’s really build the postal service” plot, but if you can get past that, it’s still pretty awesome)
    I Am Legend (watch the alternate ending)
    12 Monkeys (there’s apparently a tv series now too - only seen the movie)
    Escape from New York (campy fun - the sequel, Escape from LA is also fun but definitely not as good)
    Reign of Fire (Dragons, tanks, helicopters, Woody Harrelson, Christian Bale, and Gerard Butler - nuff said?
    Oblivion (Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, and a pretty good plot twist)

    By no means an exhaustive list, but these are some really good ones. 
  15. Agree
    Viridian reacted to Helly in ["pre-"CES 2020] Alienware UFO (concept)   
    Only 2 hours of battery life? Really? No thank you. There's a reason the switch is not that powerful. And the battery life is most of that reason. What use is a handheld that only lasts 2 hours?
  16. Agree
    Viridian reacted to Trik'Stari in The operation is (SUPER) successful - overclockers create 2080 Ti SUPER   
    God I wish AMD would actually threaten Nvidia so we can get some price drops and I can have an actual worthwhile upgrade from the 1080ti.
    Either way, this is kind of cool? I wonder if Louis Rossman would be able to replicate the results. That'd be kind awesome to see a live demo of.
  17. Agree
    Viridian reacted to dalekphalm in [RANT] Windows 10 refuses to accept the fact that it's update DOESN'T FUCKING WORK on my laptop...   
    Have you tried updating it while you're sitting there, so you can at least see how far along it gets in the process? You'd be able to see potential symptoms or error codes that may allow you to figure out why it's failing to update.
    Aside from that, why not just disable Windows Updates? There are guides on how to do it - though depending on the method, you may eventually need to re-disable them:
    Note: This one advocates for renaming system files - do any of these at your own risk
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    Viridian reacted to Caroline in What Would You Do If You Won 50 Million USD   
  19. Agree
    Viridian reacted to MiLeX in Left-Handed? Good news, this is for you! Help spread the word.   
    How about appreciating a company doing something good instead of bashing it right away? You might not like 12 side buttons or the brand, but the actual thing they do is good and should be appreciated regardless of brand association. Frankly I would love to see other brands doing this as well, Logitech, Corsair you name it, but for now there is only one. 
  20. Agree
    Viridian reacted to Taf the Ghost in Fresh Razr leaks   
    As much as everyone is chuckling a bit about a "flip phone in 2019", I think the flip phone form factor with a touchscreen is going to sell pretty well. At least once the pricing is reasonable. For a lot of people, a flip phone that can use all of the apps is a good setup for them. The phone is a lot less bulky, you're using Bluetooth for a lot of things already (so a lot of phones are pocket ornaments for much of the day), and there's a lot you can do with a small notification screen on the front but it folds out to a full phone.
    I think early gen will be to expensive, but I think this will be a staple mid-range form factor in the future.
  21. Agree
    Viridian reacted to Teddy07 in Diablo 4 Announced !!!   
    Never played Diabolo but the gameplay trailer didn´t look good. Cinematic trailer was awesome
  22. Agree
    Viridian reacted to dalekphalm in Star Wars V. Star Trek   
    Neither - they are both fantastic, and trying to compete against one vs the other is, in my opinion, pointless.
    Star Wars tends to be more comedy and action adventure, Star Trek tends to be more drama and action thriller.
    Though the newer Trek shows are blurring the traditional lines - Discovery is borderline Star Wars - though way heavier on the hard Scifi front.
    You must not be that old if Star Trek was a lost cause and nobody liked it when you were young. Star Trek was at it's peak in the 90's and early 00's with TNG, DS9, and Voyager - plus all the TNG movies.
  23. Agree
    Viridian reacted to IYBSPSBW in Scrapyard Wars 2019   
    Scrapyard Wars 2019 needs to happen!
    The problem is Linus is out of interesting ideas for it so probably won't do it (Announced on the WAN show Feb 1st)
    My Idea: Get two of you less tech savvy employees such as Dennis to do it and they are allowed 3 questions.
    If you have any other ideas put them below. Thanks!
  24. Agree
    Viridian reacted to TempestCatto in Rather disappointed in LMG and their endorsement of Ring.   
    It's not just ringing it that sets it off, it's a motion sensor too. In my experience, some thieves do actually ring or knock to see if there is an answer. If there is, they just play dumb and pretend to sell you something or pretend they have the wrong house. If no answer, then they do their thing. They may scout the house and yard out for any signs of security systems and dogs. They also may not always break a window or break down a door. They will try before they pry. Usually there's always a window or two somewhere on a house that will open because someone forgot to lock it when they closed it. I actually see these door bells as a great addition to any security system.
  25. Agree
    Viridian reacted to Princess Luna in Core i3 is now a Core i7: Intel increases core counts   
    Great, HT should be on every SKU if you ask me, no more product segmentation by disabling a feature that could always be present.