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  1. Agree
    Viridian got a reaction from Saksham in Where to Download Windows 10 ISO Image File   
    That is the only way to get it, unless you buy the disk/usb.
  2. Agree
    Viridian reacted to Arika S in Ad Buster Buster - Chrome to limit ad blocking to Enterprise users only   
    Brave is on their own fork. I imagine Edge will be too (if not already) since MS want more control over it, any half decent browser is just going to jump off the official branch that advertise their built in ad-blocking. so this will only really affect chrome, which i refuse to use anyway
  3. Agree
    Viridian reacted to mr moose in Zero day exploit in windows 10 1903   
    So basically this prick thinks its a good idea to make exploits public before giving the relevant people a chance to fix them. 
  4. Funny
    Viridian reacted to WereCat in Zero day exploit in windows 10 1903   
    I just updated to 1903 yesterday
    I just remembered that I have an Intel CPU so I dont have to worry about this since I have bigger problems
  5. Agree
    Viridian reacted to porina in Pair of AMD Navi GPU's to be shown at Computex   
    It's unclear to me, are these two separate GPUs, or the same GPU operating at different speeds? 
    My concern is the 2070 performance comparison on the higher card. We have had that ball park performance since Vega 64, and the pricing doesn't sound much different either.
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    Viridian reacted to Nowak in US senator introduces legislation aimed at protecting online privacy   
    My guy, I know this shit. I also live with people who know next to nothing about how technology works and just think the modem is a magical box that makes the internet work. If someone needs to touch it, I'm the one who does so.
    Because of how transparent the whole DHCP process is, unless you already know what an IP address is you'd never know what your IP is or why it matters.
  7. Agree
    Viridian reacted to Nowak in US senator introduces legislation aimed at protecting online privacy   
    You still get targeted ads. Like, let's say you live here in the US (I know you don't, I'm just trying to give an example) and look at cereal on, say, Walmart's website. Then, you go on Facebook and you get ads from General Mills, promoting Honey Nut Cheerios to you. However, you have Do Not Track enabled in your browser, so Facebook shouldn't know you were looking at cereal.
    This is what this bill aims to curb.
  8. Agree
    Viridian reacted to Nowak in US senator introduces legislation aimed at protecting online privacy   
    If anyone remembers a piece of US legislation introduced to curb lootboxes and predatory monetization schemes in video games, guess what? The senator who introduced said legislation, Josh Hawley (R-MO), is back, this time with a new piece of legislation aimed at curbing excessive data mining.
    If you're familiar with how the National Do Not Call List works, this is basically the same idea: you opt out once, and companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft et al. aren't allowed to track you anymore. This is similar to hypothetical legislation authored by DuckDuckGo earlier this month. But why is the senator proposing this, you ask? Don't worry, he has a reason.
    Again, this is similar to a piece of hypothetical legislation authored by DuckDuckGo, with the same intention: closing the "do not track" loophole, rein in targeted advertising and ensuring compliance with a browser's "Do not track" setting.
    For those of you wondering: this bill isn't supposed to impact services necessary for a site to run. This is intended to make the "Do not track" setting in your browser actually mean something.
    If you live in the United States, then you should urge your senators to support Hawley's Do Not Track Act. It's about time that we took back control of our private information from big tech companies.
  9. Funny
    Viridian reacted to TVwazhere in New Keyboard from Ducky, "Ducky Freedom"   
    I'm severely disappointed in the lack of red white blue, a bald eagle, bacon, guns and a Wal-Mart. #murica
  10. Funny
    Viridian reacted to Dogeystyle in [UPDATE: Companies named and replied] Who watches the watchers? - 3 US Antivirus companies breached   
    They're holding the name for ransom, so I'm going to guess the three products... McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Virus Service and McAfee LiveSafe
  11. Informative
    Viridian reacted to Bouzoo in Over a 150 Riot Games Employees Stage Walkout Over Forced Arbitration & Sexist Culture   
    Taken from Reddit:

    He is suing her for $50M, he says she sued him to advance her career, she is asking the judge to drop the case. 
    Everyone attacked him based on allegations, he had to submit 87 videos proving his innocence. 
  12. Agree
  13. Agree
    Viridian reacted to exetras in AMD CPU Market Share Rises In All Segments Except Servers   
    The Server or Enterprise market is slow to move. It's going to take time for AMD to penetrate it.
    The last time AMD was part of the server market they left it with a generation of Opterons that could not compete with Intel and nothing to upgrade to. this made for a painful and expensive upgrade.
    If Intel cant keep up with the Chip demand AMD could take a bite out of their market. Also people are still talking about Specter and all those vulnerabilities and the performance loss due to the fixes.
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  15. Funny
    Viridian reacted to Slottr in Riley and James need to go   
    People who censor themselves on the internet are also irritating as shit but you don't see me writing an essay on you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. Agree
    Viridian reacted to Arika S in Riley and James need to go   
    Criticism is fine, but calm down on the personal insults. be level headed, not hot headed.
  17. Funny
    Viridian reacted to Gale in Riley and James need to go   
    Why do you think NCIX went bankrupt, huh?
    Checkmate, atheists.
  18. Agree
    Viridian reacted to Arika S in Article 13 Passes...........South Africa hold my beer. New FPB internet bill.   
    I'm sorry? Why the fuck was this not already criminalised and "allows"? So there are instances where it's still fine? The fuck
    That's one hell of an implication
  19. Agree
    Viridian reacted to tarfeef101 in Why is Epic hated/disliked by some? (noob question)   
    is that because of the fortnite demographic maybe not being the most security minded though, or just crappy security and epic's servers or in-transit information being compromised?

    because one is a cause for educating users, the other is a serious issue
  20. Funny
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    Viridian reacted to valdyrgramr in AMD Navi 20 GPU Allegedly Supports Ray Tracing & Enhanced GCN Architecture - May Be Faster Than RTX 2080 Ti   
    I have my doubts and the name seems more like a Vega 20 card than a Navi one.
  22. Funny
    Viridian reacted to Bananasplit_00 in What Video Game(s) Do You Like to Play with Your Significant Other?   
    Me and my computer play a lot of MTGA atm
  23. Agree
    Viridian reacted to Mooshi in Noctua introduces the NH-U12A, NH-D15 performance in a Hyper 212x size?   
    Hyper 212x killer already exists and it's more compact (145mm) with a lower price tag (<40usd) - Cryorig H7
    At this price point, a user will either have a tower that can fit an NH-D15 or would be running an AIO if it's a compact case.
  24. Like
    Viridian got a reaction from Origami Cactus in Any really good PC games recommendations?   
    Allen Wake but not sure if its available on steam ATM.
  25. Agree
    Viridian reacted to straight_stewie in Having difficulty understanding "net neutrality"   
    Net Neutrality was primarily designed to make sure that ISPs make it equally easy for you to access all sites. Or, in other words:
    ISPs won't slow down sites that don't pay them extra ISPs won't censor sites that they don't like, agree with, or couldn't bully around. ISPs won't charge you extra money to access certain sites. However, there are three big problems with "Net Neutrality" as proposed in the US that are large enough for me to be entirely against it:
    The text of the "bill" is thousands of pages long. This means that it's realistically impossible to know what it actually does, and means that we have to rely on what politicians and business owners tell us it does. Those people are not known for their unbiased truthfulness. It creates an opening for strong government regulation of internet, something that history has shown is inherently a bad idea: Throughout history governments have always increased the amount of law and regulation they impose on their constituents, and seldom reduce it. It was a law that was not to be passed by any of the constructs which we have for passing law. The passing of net neutrality in the way it was attempted would further strengthen a dangerous precedent where government agencies are starting to go around writing their own laws, without any action from our legislature.