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  1. Viridian

    Where to Download Windows 10 ISO Image File

    That is the only way to get it, unless you buy the disk/usb.
  2. Simple do some thing that makes them feel uncomfortable they will look away.
  3. Wait so when i open steam and it "Updates" it will really update this time?....neat
  4. Viridian

    Any really good PC games recommendations?

    Allen Wake but not sure if its available on steam ATM.
  5. Viridian

    Backlight bleed

    Its not bad but it is noticeable from a distance but still not terrible, i am just curious if I RMA it will i honestly have a chance to get one with no backlight bleed or one with per say even worse so would it even be worth the time to do it.
  6. Viridian

    Backlight bleed

    So i just got a new monitor a few days ago ( 34GK950F-B ) to be exact and i am curious about how much is "normal/Expected" for blacklight bleed around the corners or just in general. For my problem its all 4 corners about 1-3 inches of blacklight bleed.
  7. With the monitor still having power, trying unplugging the Power cord from the monitor wait till the light indicator goes out and plug it back it.
  8. If I remember right intel has stopped with the "Tic toc" a few years ago in order to "optimize" Node sizes. So its all in the plans for them I guess. https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/225353-intel-formally-kills-its-tick-tock-approach-to-processor-development
  9. Viridian

    Navi looks promising!!

    It always looks " Promising " but never is, I hope its good tho.
  10. Viridian

    Buying Prebuilts

    If you are dead set on buying a prebuilt go for https://www.bestbuy.com/site/cyberpowerpc-gamer-supreme-liquid-cool-desktop-intel-i7-8700k-32gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-480gb-ssd-3tb-hdd-white/6128520.p?skuId=6128520 But like a lot of others have said, Build your own and its really not difficult at all it may seem overwhelming but its not.
  11. Viridian

    EA Stands up....for Gambling

    there are defiantly the "win skins" that have the odd hit boxes and what not but that's just bad design not caused by loot boxes
  12. Viridian

    EA Stands up....for Gambling

    I personally don't see any thing wrong with loot boxes or any thing like that, As long as game content is not being locked behind it ( I.E. skins is fine but not content to play the game its self. )
  13. Viridian

    980 Ti Hybrid pump replacement?

    Can always contact them and see what they can do, they are really good with their products.
  14. Viridian

    980 Ti Hybrid pump replacement?

    Depending on when you bought it you can send it in for an RMA. EVGA is really good with customer service.
  15. Viridian

    how often and what should i use to clean my PC

    canned air, cheap air compressor or even what Jayztwocents uses, https://www.amazon.co.uk/ITDusters-CompuCleaner-Original-Electric-Duster/dp/B073F9NY1X/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1526063397&sr=8-3&keywords=Computer+cleaner
  16. Viridian

    980 Ti Hybrid pump replacement?

    Maker of the GPU?(Brand)
  17. Viridian

    Which keyboard?

    The Romer-G switches on the G810 are very nice and smooth feeling, but it not having a wrist rest is a deal breaker for me personally. Corsair makes really nice Key boards and come with a nice wrist rest. If the wrist rest is not a deal breaker for you go with the one you think looks the best.
  18. Viridian

    Thermal tt fan or corsair ll fan ?

    I have had nothing but bad luck with TT, I would not recommend any thing of there's.
  19. I believe they do "pre clean" them be for they ship them and they are sealed with plastic caps. so you should be find to just start putting them together.
  20. I always liked how the Devil cards looked.
  21. I have no sympathy for this type of shit, Darwin will prevail.
  22. There's 3 CPU blocks from what I can tell yeah none of that even adds up AIO with custom water set up in the same rig don't make amy sense to me
  23. Viridian

    Cooling R7 1700 w/ Wraith Spire, or other cooler in Ncase M1

    https://www.amazon.com/Noctua-NH-L9x65-SE-AM4-premium-grade-low-profile/dp/B01N27QWFA/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1497842240&sr=1-4&keywords=noctua+AM4 Maybe this one will work?
  24. Viridian

    i7 4790K or Ryzen 5 1600

    Oh absolutely not saying its a bad CPU but in the way every thing is moving game wise and technology wise it would be better to keep a upgrade path open to you IMO