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  1. You seem knowledgeable on this subject, do you have any suggestions since those commercial grade antennas are only for building to building? Thank you!
  2. Thanks, looks like they have many options. Probably be best that I just contact them.
  3. Think the same thing happened to me. The other day my main router at my house which is attached to a surge protector just died. The only thing connected to it that was not attached to a surge protector was a 200' cat5e cable that ran underground through conduit to my workshop router. I tested the shop router and it was dead also. Those were the only two devices that were affected. So I'm looking to replace the shop router, as I have already replaced my home router, and while doing so was hoping to add coverage to the dock. It's probably just wishful thinking though
  4. That would be nice but we have no power at the dock and it would have to go under 2 driveways to get there.
  5. I am wanting to add WiFi to my work shop with decent coverage throughout the building. The building is 70' x 30' and fully open inside. Choosing a router for this location shouldn't be difficult, but I would also like the WiFi to extend about 150' beyond the building to the dock at the lake. The dock is only about 20' wide, so I was curious if I should use a directional antenna or what? How should I go about this since I really don't want to put a repeater or AP outside unless that is the only way? Is there a directional antenna that is strong enough to use inside the building that would cover the building area and still provide WiFi about 150' away?
  6. My Dell XPS 8920 Desktop PC, which is now just a year out of warranty, will not power on at all. No signs of life. Yet if I press the PSU diagnostic button on the PSU, the LED lights green, meaning the PSU should be fine. Using a PSU tester, everything shows fine except for the -12v. It reads 13.7v and keeps blinking and beeping, I assume because that is too high. Is this dangerous and could this be why the PC will not power on anymore? Now when I test the PSU while still in the PC and pressing the Diagnostic button on the PSU, it does not light up anymore. Yet I can still remove it and test it with my PSU tester, but I still get the 13.7v on the -12v
  7. Using the MediaCreationTool, does anyone know how to make the Windows 10 Setup use the previous ISO (3GB file that is downloaded) that was already downloaded, so that when it does fail to upgrade/install, you don't have to re-download 3GB of data every time? It just seems very inefficient, and on DSL, takes forever between each attempt. And with this generic error I keep getting, I'm running out of options: Windows 10 Setup: we can't tell if your PC is ready to continue installing Windows 10. Please try running setup again.
  8. Yes, my bad, though I did remember there was something about ccleaner I didn't like anymore. I just remembered, i believe they force you to enable their system monitor or whatever it's called, even if you explicitly disable it, they re-enable it. Hopefully, my memory serves me well, though I could be mistaken again
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, though I don't trust ccleaner like I use to after they were hacked a while back.
  10. Of course it's not difficult. One could probably do the whole process in under a minute. But my question was, as stated in the title, "What part of the upgrade to W10 do you receive your Digital Entitlement?" I'm more curious to know at what point of the upgrade process is Windows 10 activated? Is it only after it has completely and successfully upgraded, or does it become activated once MS actually begins the installation upon the first reboot, or any other time/stage of the process? I'm sure somebody knows at what stage of the upgrade process Windows 10 is considered activated and therefore safe to perform a fresh installation.
  11. Live, and it's a Dell All in One computer, so it's not that easy to open, but is possible. I haven't read anything that stated this as a likely culprit, but I may try it as a last resort after exhausting all other options, which I believe I'm very close to.
  12. I'd have to check, but I'm still not sure where you're going with this You really think it could be related to the number of memory sticks in the PC? I'm interested...please tell me more
  13. Thanks for the reply, though I was already aware of that. I prefer not to use my Windows 7 key, though may have to as a last resort. I need the personalization options and other options that I would forfeit if I didn't have a valid license.