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  1. well im not an interpol officer or cia agent but how its possible ?!
  2. its good to hear, thx a lot.
  3. i searched a lot but galaxy series is not my type of phone but my major concern is, can i hold this phone for at least 3-4 years ?
  4. do you have any picture of p30 ? i would like to see it's design.
  5. I would like to upgrade my xperia z2 to a better phone but i just like the design of p20 pro i don't know anything about phone hardwares so, is it worth to buy ?
  6. JonT.

    World Economy and Local Economy

    that is a great fact to learn, no doubt.
  7. JonT.

    World Economy and Local Economy

    thanks a lot
  8. JonT.

    World Economy and Local Economy

    im not trollin relax but i have to learn also people's behaviour on their political thoughts and living standarts as an effect on economy. As i mention, our thoughts and point of view is way more different upon USA then yours. Many politicians, economists says a lot things about USA and i'm very confused to write something.
  9. JonT.

    World Economy and Local Economy

    I don't even know about USA actually but your goverment looks they are not likely to serve their country, people but patriotism, military economy and companies.
  10. JonT.

    World Economy and Local Economy

    many of these people works a lot in stressful conditions to get newer houses, cars etc. It's always better to say ''i have enough things to live within'' for me but i respect any kind of act to gain a better living. We actually don't wanna judge but stock, shares might change due to USA's president Trump, don't know but his act may be a reason for this.
  11. JonT.

    World Economy and Local Economy

    this solution on social rights and humanitarian aids provides better economy (where public affairs, unemployment etc. costs reduce) on growing countries such as Turkey, Brazil, India. its better to see if your payings goes to campaign or president's wifes jewelery *ahem*
  12. JonT.

    World Economy and Local Economy

    imagine your monthly salary is 10k but your goverment says due to migration and social or humanitarian aid campaign, we want u to give up at least 1-2k from your monthly salary. Would u give up on your salary to help aid campaign ?
  13. JonT.

    World Economy and Local Economy

    what is your country ?
  14. So i have a presentation about ''World Economy and Local Economy'' 2 days later and i wanted to ask this question to you guys. How do you see global economy, is it growing, is it fair enough ? Is it your local economy (Your country or the region where you live) well enough to pursue your life in a fair way ? i would be very happy to any comment, suggestion, advise etc.