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  1. Hey there, For the first time i am building a pc. I just want to buy a case that makes the system cool a bit on 6-10 hours of working. I bought ASUS B450 TUF Pro Motherboard, Ryzen 3 2200G CPU (which the tech-market officer said i do not have to buy a graphic card if i buy this), Vengeance 8GB 3000MHz Memory and Corsair MP 510 M2 card with 400W Power supply. Can you guys help me out ?
  2. ok now, i downloaded opengl renderer, i downloaded .436 patch launcher, i did this tweak but still crashes.
  3. i tried this on first trying but it didn't work but somehow now i can run the recovery mode but not the game becouse it crashes
  4. i downloaded the renderer pack so now i can open the recovery mode but somehow when try to run it, it says unrealtournament.exe stopped working, now i handled one problem but i have another one
  5. I just bought Unreal Tournament 99: Game of The Year Edition from steam but i can't play the game at all. When i click the play button it says ''running'' but nothing happens and after a few seconds it says ''ready to play'' again and again. My system is Acer i3 Aspire V5 laptop 8.1 Windows and 64bit system. How can i play this game ?
  6. well im not an interpol officer or cia agent but how its possible ?!
  7. i searched a lot but galaxy series is not my type of phone but my major concern is, can i hold this phone for at least 3-4 years ?
  8. do you have any picture of p30 ? i would like to see it's design.
  9. I would like to upgrade my xperia z2 to a better phone but i just like the design of p20 pro i don't know anything about phone hardwares so, is it worth to buy ?
  10. that is a great fact to learn, no doubt.
  11. im not trollin relax but i have to learn also people's behaviour on their political thoughts and living standarts as an effect on economy. As i mention, our thoughts and point of view is way more different upon USA then yours. Many politicians, economists says a lot things about USA and i'm very confused to write something.
  12. I don't even know about USA actually but your goverment looks they are not likely to serve their country, people but patriotism, military economy and companies.