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  1. columbusohio

    Is there any 32 inch 4k gaming monitor available on the market?

    So I'm overwatching with a GTX 1080 on this 4k 60hz, it is constantly hovering between 55-72. Mostly around 63-64. Is anything more than 60fps going to be detectable by my eyes? I really have no idea.
  2. Hi there, I love 4k resolution, bought a LG 32ud59b a couple of weeks ago for 360 US smackeroonies and use it to play overwatch. Is there any 32 inch, UHD, 144/240hz monitor in the market?
  3. columbusohio

    Vertical mouse for Overwatch gaming?

    that makes perfect sense. the logitech mx vertical is for sale for like 80-90 dollars which is obscenely overpriced... I guess it's probably a good idea if i just stick with my existing cheapo havit gaming mouse.
  4. columbusohio

    Vertical mouse for Overwatch gaming?

    Hi there, is using a normal gaming mouse terrible for your forearms? I heard that using a normal gaming mouse is putting a strain on your forearm as your bones are crossed. Is evoluent mouse a good choice for gaming? Or it would significantly jeopardize normal gaming performance? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Evoluent-VerticalMouse-4-Right-Handed-Wireless-Vertical-Mouse-VM4RW/273548534629?epid=16012071138&hash=item3fb0c36365:rk:1:pf:0
  5. columbusohio

    PCIE ssd or U.2 SSD?

    Buckeye Brutus... And could you check the ssd comparison picture i just posted? What do you think? Isn't the 4k mixed difference massive though? So wouldn't it make a significant difference as windows 10 and games constantly draw small files for use?
  6. columbusohio

    PCIE ssd or U.2 SSD?

    But how is it that the 4k mixed ranking is like nearly 3 times faster than the samsung 950 pro i'm using though?
  7. columbusohio

    PCIE ssd or U.2 SSD?

    Who is osu? Is there a link of what he has done so I could come over and check it out?
  8. columbusohio

    PCIE ssd or U.2 SSD?

    Sorry what I was trying to say is that maybe if you put the SSD onto the motherboard through PCIE, it will heat up more quickly than the u.2 2.5 inch ssd placed at the HDD drive tray.
  9. columbusohio

    PCIE ssd or U.2 SSD?

    I wanna get these beasts for uh, loading Overwatch, do you think it is worth it? Will a significant improvement in loading times of both windows/overwatch be demonstrated?
  10. columbusohio

    PCIE ssd or U.2 SSD?

    Hi there, Intel 900p has 2 form factors, one is 280gb in the pcie format, the other is 2.5 inch in u.2 to m.2 format. Which one is better for cooling for a household tower?
  11. Also, do unlocked cards perform better than normal graphics cards?
  12. columbusohio

    GTX 1080 on 4k questions?

    Hi there, I just hopped off Overwatch at 4k, EVERYTHING maxed out to ultra, rendering at 100%. I use a 4k 60hz monitor, and it seems to be pumping out constant 60fps, VRAM around 2000-2300mb without any problems? So if I upgrade to 2080ti, what will change? Since gtx 1080 is already doing 4k, everything maxed out at 60fps?
  13. columbusohio

    Please help me check my bottlenecks?

    Hi there, I game at 4k 60hz on LG 32UD59B, would you say that the GTX 1080 would be a bottleneck in this scenario?
  14. Hi there, my PC is doing fine, but I would just love to know if there's any bottlenecks and anyway to improve it. 9700k, 512 GB 950 pro, GTX 1080, Asus Prime z390 motherboard and Cooler Master AIO cooling, 32GB 2x16 2933mhz team group ram.
  15. Hi there, I have been paying 50 bucks a month for unlimited Virgin Mobile talk text and data for a long time. I cannot afford this high cost of data anymore. I rarely make any phone calls or send any texts. I just use a lot of data when I commute here and there and watch some youtube videos. What is the cheapest way, to get unlimited LTE data with maybe 50 minutes of talk and 50 texts in the USA?