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  1. columbusohio

    How long does porting take?

    that is some solid answers! also, can I port my number on a Sunday from Virgin to Mint? My virgin service ends on the midnight of 17th, can I port it to Mint on the 17th? Mint mobile customer service work on the 16th (Saturday) not 17th, I got all the materials ready with me...
  2. columbusohio

    How long does porting take?

    Hi there, I use Virgin Mobile but am switching to Mint Mobile. My virgin mobile's service (prepaid) will end on the 18th of February, can I wait until the 17th (Sunday) to port my number from Virgin mobile to Mint Mobile? Because Virgin charges 50 a month for unlimited data talk text, I don't want to waste anything, so how long exactly does the porting take? 1 day? 10 minutes? Can I do it the day before my Virgin service terminates?
  3. Hi there, I have an AUTEL MaxiCheck MX 808. It is a professional Mechanic's tablet that talks to car's OBD sockets. However, sadly, the AUTEL Mx 808 doesn't have a built in speaker! Consequently I cannot watch youtube videos on it and it doesn't have a headphone jack! It has an USB 2.0, a Micro SD slot and an OTG Mini USB slot. That's it! It doesn't have bluetooth!!! So how do I make it generate some sound and connect it with my external speaker or something?
  4. columbusohio

    Why does the US ban Huawei but not Xiaomi?

    That's exactly right! the Mi 8 literally looks like an iphone x replica but is selling like hotcakes in India and Europe, so why is Huawei being picked on so hard?
  5. Hi there, I know that the US is giving Huawei an incredibly hard time right now, and the EU is trying to ban Huawei under the pressure of the US. But why do other Chinese brands (that makes absolutely fantastic phones at a fraction of the price Apple charges) such as Xiaomi, Vivo Oppo Doogee Vernee, and other popular Chinese technology firms such as Alipay and Aliexpress flying pretty smoothly under the radar?
  6. Hi there, I purchased a 4gb ram phone because the 6gb version is the CN version with global rom. The 4gb version is the global version with all original settings. Is 4gb phone inferior to 6gb phones in any performance related situations?
  7. columbusohio

    Is Snapdragon 636 considered archaic?

    Hi there, Uh I am fascinated with Xiaomi recently and also want a massive phone. Huawei Mate 20x is 700 bucks which is too expensive for me. The Xiaomi Mi Max 3 has 2 versions, one is the Global Version, the other is the CN version with global rom. The latter is less expensive than the former. Am I sacrificing anything if I purchased the CN version of Mi Max 3 with global rom? Do both of them support an equal number of LTE bands? Any software update eligibility differences?
  8. columbusohio

    Is Snapdragon 636 considered archaic?

    But if you look at Geek bench android benchmarks, the xiaomi mi 8 scored 2292 and the redmi note 5 pro (which also uses a 636 processor) scored a paltry 1327! The difference is nearly 73%! Where is this huge score difference going to manifest in real life performances though?
  9. columbusohio

    How many more years can I use my laptop?

    That is quite reassuring. I bought these Panasonic things because their design is so unique and so Japanese and I was a massive Japanese fan back in the old days. Eventually I found out that the latest Panasonic let's note laptops are extremely expensive, usually 2x to 2.5x as expensive as their Dell or Xiaomi counterpart and frequently the latter even offers better hardware... But the design, the keyboards are absolutely heavenly comfortable to type and that's why I'll try to squeeze as much value out of these beloved devices as possible.
  10. Hi there, I'm torn apart about whether to get the Xiaomi Mi 8 or the Xiaomi Mi Max 3. I love phones with huge screens, the larger the better. But the drawback is that the mi max 3 is equipped with a Snapdragon 636 processor and the Xiaomi mi 8 is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 845 processor. Will the snapdragon 636 processor provide subpar performance in daily tasks such as high speed swapping between apps and youtube watching and rapid changes and usage of apps such as Facebook messenger and youtube and other apps?
  11. Good afternoon babies, I have uh a Panasonic CF-NX2 and a Panasonic CF-53 which I use when I'm going to school and work. I only use these laptops to browse the internet, check emails, and compile word/excel documents. How many more years will i be able to keep using these applications on these laptops without a noticeable slow down? The CFNX2 has an i5-3320m cpu, the CF53 has an i5-4310u cpu, both equipped with Samsung's 950 pro SSD. Right now both of them are running perfectly fine and buttery smooth on Google Chrome web browsing, Microsoft Office software using and all basic productivity work. So how many more years? Can I use these 3rd gen and 4th gen intel cpu laptops all the way to 2023-2024?
  12. columbusohio

    Is there any 32 inch 4k gaming monitor available on the market?

    So I'm overwatching with a GTX 1080 on this 4k 60hz, it is constantly hovering between 55-72. Mostly around 63-64. Is anything more than 60fps going to be detectable by my eyes? I really have no idea.
  13. Hi there, I love 4k resolution, bought a LG 32ud59b a couple of weeks ago for 360 US smackeroonies and use it to play overwatch. Is there any 32 inch, UHD, 144/240hz monitor in the market?
  14. columbusohio

    Vertical mouse for Overwatch gaming?

    that makes perfect sense. the logitech mx vertical is for sale for like 80-90 dollars which is obscenely overpriced... I guess it's probably a good idea if i just stick with my existing cheapo havit gaming mouse.
  15. columbusohio

    Vertical mouse for Overwatch gaming?

    Hi there, is using a normal gaming mouse terrible for your forearms? I heard that using a normal gaming mouse is putting a strain on your forearm as your bones are crossed. Is evoluent mouse a good choice for gaming? Or it would significantly jeopardize normal gaming performance? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Evoluent-VerticalMouse-4-Right-Handed-Wireless-Vertical-Mouse-VM4RW/273548534629?epid=16012071138&hash=item3fb0c36365:rk:1:pf:0