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  1. Is it part of 'show formatting' like the frightening P icon that means new paragraph? So can't you just turn it off and go back to default view?
  2. LexusCarter

    Babylon by TELUS Health app?

    I thought they were able to do real prescriptions through it? I'm hoping someone here had the app and can tell us how it works
  3. why do you have so many millions of bookmarks? That can't be helpful. you'll never find anything in that maze
  4. LexusCarter

    Babylon by TELUS Health app?

    Good question, I dont' know. I googled it and the Telus website says its real doctors from BC but I dont think they have hospitals https://www.telus.com/en/bc/health/personal/babylon?linktype=subnav
  5. LexusCarter

    superhydrophobic spray can it be used for motherboards?

    Does that spray even work? It's been shown for stupid stuff like protecting white sneakers from ketchup and chocolate syrup but it's only ever used as a gimmick and I've never seen it IRL. I bet it turns into a sticky mess after ten minutes or something. I believe that it works to repel water but I bet it's useless as a real commercial product.
  6. I liked Captain Marvel, it was a bit silly but it was better than Guardians 2, that one was just weird.
  7. I've seen liquid nitrogen cooling and I've seen dry-ice (Solid CO2) used to cool things and I've seen liquid cooling with water and mineral oil etc. But what about Supercritical Fluid CO2 cooling? Would that work?
  8. Has anyone tried this health app from Telus? https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/babylon-telus-health-puts-healthcare-in-your-hands It's a free app with an AI doctor that can listen to you and diagnose whats wrong and prescribe you drugs automatically? If it's real then thats amazing! Is it a trick like it only works if you have very specific symptoms like it can only spot a cold or food poisoning but nothing tougher?
  9. LexusCarter

    Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    Side-by-side of different paid apps that claim to do the same thing