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  1. Marko_91

    Psu for crossfire

    So, whisper m 650w can definetly do r9 380 4gb crossfire with my ryzen 2600?
  2. Marko_91

    Psu for crossfire

    Because i have zero knowledge about psu's. Thats why im asking for help in first place.
  3. but i dont understand what are those numbers about? if i down one of them for 2 points, i need to down them all for 2 points? is that right?
  4. Can someone tell me what latency is safe to set on b450 tomahawk for this ram? Im currently running it at 16-18-18-38. can i set it to 16-16-16-36? or should i go 14-16-16-36? What is safe to do? And i got ryzen 5 2600 cpu
  5. Marko_91

    Psu for crossfire

    And if I decide to stay on crossfire r9 380? What psu to get then?
  6. Marko_91

    Psu for crossfire

    I've checked prices of all that you mentioned. I actualy started thinking of gtx 1080. I would probably need good 600w psu? Or not? Im realy not into this. Maybe i would like to overclock gpu and cpu with time. I can get pure power 10 500w - 65e, 600w - 75e ; pure power 11 600w 90e; bitfenix whisper m 650w - 92e; bitfenix formula - cant find in my country currently, straight power 11 750w - 130(theres no lower w in offer). Those are offers of mentioned psu's, and only with that voltages have in offer. Do i even need 600w for gtx1080? And which one psu looks like best deal in your opinion?
  7. Marko_91

    Psu for crossfire

    How about this one: aerocool strike x 1100 gold certificate https://www.aerocool.com.tw/en/psu/strike-x/strike-x-1100m Would that one be good for next years? I can get it for cheap, used from cousin
  8. Marko_91

    Psu for crossfire

    Just one more quesrton and i wont bother you anymore XD What psu would you suggest for gtx 1070
  9. Marko_91

    Psu for crossfire

    Im gonna put out one gpu for now, until i get money for next step. And il listen to your advices. Could my current psu that i mentioned run this system wit exception of swaping those two gpus wtih one gtx1070
  10. Marko_91

    Psu for crossfire

    Many thanks for help guys. Can evga 500w bronze certificate work?
  11. Marko_91

    Psu for crossfire

    Whats the worst scenario that can happen? It will shut down pc? Or it will 'burn' something?
  12. Marko_91

    Psu for crossfire

    Will coller master m620w 80 plus be able to run ryzen 5 2600, b450 tomahawk and crossfire of r9 380 windforce 4gb?
  13. Hi. I've found that in order to use ryzen 2nd generation cpu on b350 i need to update bios, for which i need ryzen 1st generation cpu in order to do it. So if i have b450, and when ryzen 3rd generation comes out, i'll probably need ryzen 1st or 2nd generation to update bios so that my b450 can support it. So, my questeion is, does this apply also to B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC and B450 Tomahawk? Do they have some systems to negate this, like being able to boot system without cpu on it? I hope I posted thread in apropriate place.
  14. Marko_91

    Up to 70 dollars case.

  15. Budget is 70 dollars. What i need from case: As good as possible colling/air flow (or how you call it...my english is preatty bad), to be silent as much as it can for that money. And lastly to not get dusty fast. RGB is great bonus, but i mostly need it to be silent and as cold as possible. Plan to put with in it 1080ti, ryzen 5/7, and b450 tomahawk/b450 carbon. Edit: Location: Serbia