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  1. Hi. I need suggestion about monitor for programing and casual gaming. I want it to be ips panel, 27 inch, and 1440p. So far i came to those 2... 1) AOC Q2790PQU 305 euro 2) Dell u2717d -380 euro Would prefer to get cheaper one if i wont notice difference for what i need it. Which one do you guys suggest? Which one is better in regarding backlight bleeding, dead pixels and so on... Or do you suggest something else? Im from bosnia, but I would shop at serbia as it is cheaper there.
  2. And what about tn panels? Are they still that behind in 2019? This one for example, looks preaty decent to me lg 24gl600f-b EDIT: Ups, i posted wrong monitor.. I've corrected it
  3. At my region i can get those tv's at my tv operator, for those prices. Could you tell me which one is best buy? Or if there is more of them, which would they be? And is there some particular to ignore? lg 43lk5900pla smart, 43 inch, full hd, 326 euro philips 43pus6754 43 inch, 4k, 375 euro tesla 40k309bf 40 inch, full hd, 135 euro vox 40ads553b 40 inch, full hd, 172 euro lg 43lm6300pla smart 43 inch, full hd, 295 euro I am aware price difference is preaty high. I would like to go as cheap as possible, but if, lets say philips 43pus6754 is best buy of all mentioned for its price, I would go with it probably.
  4. I plan to get gtx 1080 with intel 9700k, and i plan to overclock it to 5ghz. Will Bitfenix formula 650w be enough? I got that psu
  5. Could anyone tell me if cause of this problem can be psu?
  6. No mate, it was running normaly on this settings, minimum fps in big cities was 70 fps. Im playing at 1080p, not even all maxed out, medium-high settings. Now its for some reason in every game lower, few days ago back since its like this. In every game. Psu is m620 cooler master.
  7. I will, when i get money. My budged dont allow me right now, that why im asking help from you guys. Gpu never uses its full potentional, always stay this low. I tryied everything, changing paste for cpu, reinstalling all cables and components. Defragd hdd, tested ram on memtest. Im going crazy... System: B450 tomahawk Ryzen 2600 GTX 1070 Ripjaws 16 gb 3200mh cl 16 HDD With 90% health after defragd (before it it was 70%) I dont know what could be cause of so low fps I tryied with rx 580 8gb, same problem Then i tryied with gt 1030 (which is lower power consumtion), and it worked normaly. Without sudden fps drops, fps is more stable. And yes, i will get new psu asap, withing first money i get (ssd too). I would just like to know if this could be due to old/bad PSU? EDIT: What I am actualy am worried about, could psu be reason to this problem? Im scared if it doesnt fix with new psu... EDIT2: I've also noticed my ryzen 5 2600 drop on moments to 2840 ghz... Im not sure if this is normal and has anything to do with psu?
  8. Hi. Im suspecting that my PSU is having problems (its 10 years old). Could someone help me, by telling me if those voltages are normal or not. Im running witcher 3 in backgroud, trying to stress my configuration.
  9. I got 10 years old gpu. Ryzen 2600 cpu Gskill ripjaws 3200mhz cl 16 16gb ram memory b450 tomahawk motherboard And... 10 years old psu, cooler master Currently, my gpus is gtx 1070, few days before it it was rx 580. I got frezze on moments in games (for 0.5-`1 second), fps drop heavly. I got it also with graphic before it. gpu temperature 60, procesor 50. Could it be that my psu is not giving enough power to components? Any way to test it? Any info and help is apreciated.
  10. Im shoping in serbia and bosnia. Murgen is 50 euro. My case is ms falcon, b450 tomahawk motherboard and ripjaws 3200mhz ram 8gbx2 would it fit?
  11. But if i overclock it, wouldnt it then be very loud? I have ear problem, so noise is most important for me. I have to adming this mugen 5 realy caught my eye, just noise worries me
  12. Good suggestion regarding quotes. I guess they wont even see question this way. Hmm, is there actualy noticable difference between dark rock 4 and dark rock pro 4 regarding noise while full load?
  13. Regarding Cryorig H7, there is no classic version of it, only those variants of it... Cryorig H7 ultra 50 euro Cryorig H7 plus 50 euro Cryorig H7 quad lumi 55 euro Cryorig H7 quad snow 65 euro And, dark rock 4 is 62 euro. So, with which one should i go? ( Prefering more silent one).
  14. Could someone tell which air cooling (i would prefer not to go with liqued) up to 50 euros? Its ok if i need to go up with money (maximum 85euro), if its worth it. I have ryzen 2600. Main task for for cpu fan is to be silent while on heavy load, and of course to provide me some overclocking possibilities while still being silent. I found noctua nh-d15 for 85 euro, are there better deals?