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  1. i dont need it, i think i just need that pc is fast,good for gaming or editing and cheap hehe
  2. and with amd processor i think hehe
  3. hmm sry, can you make the price just 1000? what can i get if just 1000?
  4. im from indonesia, i dont have any thoo, im gonna build from zero
  5. im from indonesia no i dont have it, im gonna build from zero
  6. what kind of pc can i build? i need to gaming, multimedia and work
  7. my mobo's dead to, i dont know what makes that mobo dead. its possible to cmos battery dead, or may be i should have a new one mobo
  8. thanks for your information bro, btw your mobo has ddr3 slot of ram or ddr2?, cuz my mobo still using the ddr2 memory