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  1. I find having a second screen is a great solution but it doesn't solve everything. So where do you do the speakers (though that also has a few solutions but its never really the same), where do you leave the face scanner or even iris scanner? Where do you leave the light sensor? The notification LED? I'm fine with having a black bar on the front that just contains these things. I don't mind that my device still has that. It helps gripping the phone too and I would much rather have a bigger battery (life) or better camera's to take my shots. The second screen could already help us make use of the better cameras and give us some solutions for other problems, but in my book it doesn't replace some of the sensors I really like to use
  2. You guys know there are alternatives for international shipping? Its not only Canada Post and UPS right? UPS outside of the Americas is quite expensive and quite slow. In Europe I'd prefer DHL. I see that it costs 13 euro's to probably ship a t-shirt and 24 if I do like 5 or so. And there's probably more transporters (with tracking) that you could check out. I think it would be wise to do so, especially for Europe. And perhaps it would be better to have a broker in Europe to ship there as I can imagine more European fans want the shirt(s). As far as I can see every shirt costs 50 bucks to ship to the Netherlands, so I don't think it will be something I will be doing any time soon.
  3. One question I'd like answered is: What PC did Janice think was best? Sure you can argue for specs and whatnot, but its also about what the "n00b" in question would prefer. Which made her feel like she bought a quality product and which had the best support and/or ordering process for people that are not really gamers.
  4. As somebody who's been gaming primarily on consoles for the past 7 years I can state that my aim is better on controller than it has ever been on keyboard/mouse. Saying "k/m is superior" is fine if you are primarily a PC gamer but not everybody is. Sure k/m is easier to get into but you guys are making this harder than it needs to be. The main problem with many games is that they are balanced on PC with k/m input where it is much different on consoles because you'd have recoil have more of an influence and actually makes it more realistic (as you'd miss more). Same with turning, its slower but you'd need it like that to do the small adjustments. Quick tip: pre-aiming is a thing (where you spot an enemy, take cover, move your aim to where you need it to be and move out of cover again to shoot it). Pre-fire as well (where you know there is an enemy but you want to make sure you hit them first). And small adjustments are more easily made by moving and not using the right stick, so whenever you are close you'd move a little to the left or right in order to hit your target. Not use the right stick and over-compensate because that sensitivity is bigger. And this is also the main reason to adjust the game balance different on console because the recoil-punishment for moving is often too big. And since the aim-assist helps people hit you, having a low time-to-kill is actually a downside as you'd get more lucky hits from the n00bs. And unlike PC you'd focus your aim in off-battle situations to point where you'd need it most and not use the mouse to look at everything that moves. You'd have to make more judgements about whether you know you can hit your target or to better back off and get them some other way because hitting but not killing will attract more folks to your area. In any case, sometimes I do play with folks that are on PC and I just use my controller to play Battlefield, Rainbow Six or Fortnite to play with them and it works fine. I'm about the same height on the leaderboards as I am on console and I have no problem carrying my team in Rainbow Six (though after not playing it I'm probably back to silver or whatever). It shows well especially in games like Battlefield, where tactical insight and situational awareness are more important to create your strategy and outsmart your enemies. In fortnite its a bit different as you are bound to how fast you can do stuff but even then I win enough battles and also chicken dinners to say I'm confident to play on PC servers, regardless of whether that puts me at a disadvantage. Unless you are fighting elite players you'd hardly notice the difference. Its a nice item but you guys are still too harsh on what people can do with controllers now. Sure it takes more time to learn, but its not like you can't be competitive. Check out some e-sport guys that play on console. Heck, do a blind test and ask people whether they think they are watching somebody playing on PC or console. Lastly: there is nothing more natural about using a mouse or keyboard. Its what you guys have been used to for decades now. But if you'd play on console regularly and get used to the controls, you'd feel fine using them in a year or so. Seen enough people switch to console because PC was getting so expensive and so troublesome that I've witnessed people progressing from absolute n00b to decent players in quite normal time. People expect to be good way too soon. Its the same with many other hobbies: it just takes some time to get used to it. Seriously, its not hard and not unnatural.
  5. I'm kind of missing something here: A) Is it any good in ergonomics (did you guys notice a positive angle here and can you recommend it for that)? B) Does the shifting when clicking stuff go away? Or any other negatives about it, other than "it lacks programmable buttons and a horizontal scrolling feature", because not everybody cares about those