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  1. Whats the difference from a pure rock slim? A big fan of that one.
  2. Usual price is $350 for me in central europe
  3. Greetings, im looking to upgrade my cooler from a wraith max rgb. I was looking at the >Windale 6 from FSP >SCYTHE SCMGD-1000 Mugen MAX >Scythe SCCT-1000 Could you recommend me any at this pricepoint or tell me which of these will do the best? I will be upgrading to an R7 of 4th/3rd gen later. Thanks!
  4. Aw frick. That sucks to see such a still usable gpu die when ive got 210s lying around working, as well as a 7300GS...
  5. Yes its a 650w silentiumpc unit
  6. about 40-60, i also repasted the chip but left the thermal pads as they were
  7. Hello, I recently got an R9 390X 8GB (The MSI Gaming variant) and found out it was artifacting and someone (reflown?) it. It has started artifacting again after 6 hours of use since i got it (no gaming or 3d, just after installing drivers)- When i put the gpu in my other system and underclocked it by a significant amount, stuff was running normaly for a while, there were no artifact and the game/benchmark later crashed. I would like to get this card to work, even if significantly underclocked. Is there any way to get it at least somewhat stable now? I can provide more info, that you may need
  8. I was looking over the bios and didnt find anything that would prevent me from using is at a boot drive, im installing the system on an hdd now (oprekin´s lite mod so it doesnt take years) and will check if i can even write to the drive, or what is wrong with it. Ill keep this thread updated, perhaps someone will run into the same issue
  9. Nevermind found it on the manufacturer´s website. It does have sata mode. Guess i got scammed by the shop then and got 2 not working items... Great.
  10. Hello, I just got an Asus Prime B450M-K and an m2 sata ssd (M.2 SSD Kingston SA400 240 GB), but when trying to install windows, after a couple of errors i got into the installation and its stuck on copying windows files, 0%. Does the board not actually support M2 Sata? I bought it from the same person that I bought my previous (faulty) board from, so i may have gotten ripped of twice at the same time and the ssd just doesnt work.
  11. Returning it. This sucks bad, ill have to wait another few days... Thanks!
  12. I just received it and wanted to ask if it could possibly work. Returning it and getting another one will take up to 4 days