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    Kingston HyperX Fury Black 1866 8G + Corsair Vengeance 1600 8G
  • GPU
    MSI Geforce RTX 2070 Armor
  • Case
    Evolveo T3
  • Storage
    128gb samsung ssd + 2TB WD
  • PSU
    Corsair CX600
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    Razer Cynosa Pro
  • Mouse
    Razer Mamba Tournament Edition
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    Windows 10 64

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  1. Diverticz

    What is this Worth?

    Thanks! Ill charge him $30. He wanted a pc to browse the web. I got most those parts a long time ago and dont remember the price.
  2. Diverticz

    What is this Worth?

    Hello, I have built a used parts pc for a friend that was supposed to be within $250, could you please tell me the price of it? The specs are: Generic black case 1X WD Blue 500GB Asus M4N68T AM3 motherboard + Athlon X3 440 2x2GB 1600MHz RAM AMD Radeon HD 8760 2G GDDR5 Evolveo Pulse 400W (new) 2x 120mm fans Genuine W7 copy
  3. Hey, I have i5-4460 (h81m-d3h) and i want to upgrade my cpu as I just got an RTX 2070 and the cpu is bottlenecking it. Will the i5-5675c fit in? It says the socket is FCLGA 1150. If not which CPU should I get (in this socket)?
  4. Diverticz

    PC will only boot from a specific drive

    Is this what you meant?
  5. Diverticz

    PC will only boot from a specific drive

    Found it, that sadly didnt help
  6. Hi, i bought a pc but it had a terribly slow hdd so i replaced it, i couldnt install windows on it though as nothing else than the slow hdd was able to boot, so i put the new drive in my main pc and installed win7. Still wont boot, i have both cables plugged in. AM3 - Athlon X3 440 4GB 1333 Sata 3 drives (250, 160 GB) Radeon HD 8760 Also a thing: tiny7 booted from this drive before i replaced it with genuine w7 copy Please help
  7. Psu doesnt have a 6 pin and i dont have a molex converter available
  8. Diverticz

    Mobo - Power √ post ×

    AMD Radeon X1300 8gb ddr3 160gb hdd Atlon II X3 440 Asus M4N68T I tried switching psu, tried 3x I do have 4pin connected I do have main mobo power cable connected I tried jumping the motherboard with cpu and cooler, same response Could you please help me? I got 2 pcs with the same issue and they both stopped working at the same time Doesnt beep I tried switching monitors too I included a video VID_20190214_203114.mp4
  9. Diverticz

    Older laptop - Few questions

    Even with classicstart on w8 or just using 8.1 I cant make myself use the os, and I had a problem with installing other os's after having win8 too so i will rather skip it but thank you for that Also thanks, i wont get the ssd then
  10. Diverticz

    Older laptop - Few questions

    Thanks for the tips! Ill try a hard drive from my other laptop which i dont use to check 64 bit. Also sorry but what do you mean I can roll my own distributions of the os? Also I guess ill skip on the drive
  11. Greetings! I have an Acer Aspire 5542 thats rocking an AMD Turion™II X2 M500 with 4GB of DDR2, ATI Radeon™HD 4200 Graphics and 500gb HDD. I use the laptop for office apps, Dirigo, Visual studio, EWB 512, not much web browsing and some light gaming. I need help with a few things, any help is appreciated. > I am using Tiny7 as the 32bit os for this 64bit cpu which only takes 530mb of memory on startup and when idle uses 0% of my cpu power. (That is with the radeon software only open). Windows only accepts 2.8GB of ram out of those 4 due to being 32 bit. My question: Is it worth sacrificing 64bit for a far more lightweight version of the OS (with all the features needed) that is only 32 bit and therefore the laptop has only 3GB of ram? If it is not, is there any 64bit alternative to Tiny7? The pc only has one drive slot and that is taken by my 500gb hdd. Should I replace it with 240gb ssd or does it not really matter? - If it is worth for me to use Tiny7, then this question doesn't matter as the system boots up like if it was running on an ssd. The pc has a CD/DVD drive, but it doesnt read, although it does spin. Could I fix this somehow? And if so, could it be without opening up the laptop too? This is not important. Please do not recommend me any Linux distributions, I do not use these not because they are difficult to learn (I don't find them difficult) but because of the compatibility with some of the apps thatI use to program PLCs, which im not sure if would work either (I know there are compatibility layers - apps to run exe on linux, but I'd rather stay with windows.) Thanks for any help David
  12. Alright @firelighter487 @Trevor87 Ive got the X1300 running now without the 1050ti as a main gpu
  13. Yep the 1300 display doesnt work. Ill quickly try that
  14. Also the problem is the drivers were up to install, but the pc doesnt recognize the gpu