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  1. Got this a week ago. 1440p, 144Hz, IPS, and under $500.
  2. You need to show up in person with a glass of eggnog as tribute.
  3. Components used: OS: Windows 7 professional MB: Asus Maximus Hero Vi Z87 CPU: I5-4670K (minor 4.2 overclock) RAM: Mushkin Redline 2x8 GB Drives: Samsung 512 SSD boot + Samsung 512 SSD scratch + 4 TB WD Enterprise storage GPU: EVGA GTX 1080 SC PSU: Corsair RMI 650i My reliable desktop of 6 years died this morning and I am unsure what was the cause. No boot or post; fans do not spin. Light on onboard start button is not lit with the reset light intermittently flashing. Red light on back of motherboard does not light. I tested the PSU on a different desktop and it appears to work as intended. Replaced CMOS battery and tested startup with minimal peripherals and GPU removed without any luck. I think it is a bit late for RMA. Am I screwed? Some things to note: BIOS has not been updated in years. No signs of burning or thermal damage. CPU fan headers are installed correctly. Windows 7 updated during its latest shutdown sequence.
  4. I went with the A3 and enjoy them. Got it imported in white. I am not sure if the pushing for the A4 would be worth it for the higher bit rate with high/low gain selection. Both are only powered by usb.
  5. Sandstorm or regular insurgency?
  6. Overwhelming misery. It has the short backspace.
  7. Social media is a mental illness. But in all seriousness, I think government regulation is going to cripple any new site before it can compete with what already exists.
  8. New front and rear bike hubs. Rebuilt my old hubs before they came in. These get to live in a box until i feel like spending $200 to get these installed and trued to a rim.
  9. I feel like this is the only thing Trijicon makes under $1,000.
  10. Probably out of stock. Doesn't have to take down amazon listing if they set an outrageous price.
  11. I might want to wait up on that. Latest drivers break causing display drivers to crash every couple of minutes and recover. Rolled back drivers work fine. Might be on the edge of disaster.
  12. I thought today was the day I lost my 512 GB boot drive. With a 50% used, to suddenly warning me that I had no more space. S.M.A.R.T utility indicated no issues and i could not find and viruses. Turns out that I have a file within /appdata called "backend.log.bak" that appeared today and took up over 250 GB. Seemingly created out of nowhere. Anyone else had this issue?
  13. Arduino with bluetooth breakout (or on board). There are libraries and examples that can help you set it up. Phone app can be used to manage pairing and the actual "switch".