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  1. Well, thanks for the replies. I'm not gonna risk bricking my system (especially right now because I'm saving money for something else) for like maybe 5% improvement at best.
  2. I want to update the BIOS on my B450M Pro4 (currently on 3.60, want to update to 4.30) because I've heard that the new AGESA patches have better performance. The problem is that on their website they say "ASRock do NOT recommend updating this BIOS if Pinnacle, Raven or Summit Ridge CPU is being used on your system." and I have a Pinnacle Ridge CPU (1600AF). Will I be fine updating the BIOS, even though they say they don't recommend it? And also, should I update one version at a time or can I go straight to 4.30?
  3. If you have high fps but choppy screen (tearing or microstuttering), it might be worth looking into this: You can see in the replies that what helped him was disabling pagefile, would not recommend it if you don't have a lot of RAM available though. One issue that AMD drivers had and still have is the 'Gaming' profile, apparently it actually gives worse performance and issues compared to Standard so try to go to Settings > System > Factory Reset (click Perform Reset) and reboot, then when the setup page comes, either click Skip This, or if you use ReLive, continue and when it asks for what profile you want to use, just select Standard instead of Gaming. This problem is not GPU dependent, it happens on any GPU due to certain preset settings that also cannot be changed after. Also, enable Freesync if you have a variable refresh rate monitor, and try messing around with Enhanced Sync in AMD Radeon Software, see if ON helps. Don't use Anti-Lag, it will mess up with Enhanced Sync.
  4. It shouldn't be as much of a problem as it is, with games crashing and lagging, maybe could be a memory problem? Can you go more into specifics? What do your games say and what FPS do you have on them on average?
  5. You can search on YouTube for yourself, the RX 5500 XT is pretty much the same performance as the 1650S, some games that are known to run better on Nvidia gpus do have better FPS, some games that are neutral/AMD optimized have 2-3 fps lower on the 1650S on average which let's be honest, even with percentage in mind is not a noticeable difference. You get a bigger difference between RX 5500XT models.
  6. For 200 bucks you can have the 1650 super which has similar (if not better) performance compared to RX 580 and RX 5500 XT, along with the really good and stable nvidia drivers. A few months ago you were buying RX 580s with 200 bucks, so it's not like Nvidia is that bad of a value, it's not like Intel LOL
  7. Are you saying that on the 1030 games ran well but then stopped running well out of the blue? There might be an issue with your computer if it just started having issues. To be fair, the GT 1030 is not a good gaming card, but if it started lagging/crashing randomly that might be an issue with your computer. Try to install the chipset drivers, search A320 drivers and download the latest ones from AMD's page (the chipset drivers, not Ryzen Master), and also the latest RX 580 drivers, when you install the video drivers, check the option that says Factory Reset. DDU might be worth a shot, but do that first so you don't waste your time with DDU if you could save time by just using the installer's factory reset option.
  8. It is, coming from a place where energy costs a lot of money (but not even as much as some US states LOL), 40w is like keeping 4 lightbulbs on in your house. For reference, in just one month I saved like $40 by remembering to close the lights when I don't need them.
  9. Just save some more money and get a 1650 super, not only is the performance gain going to be worth it, but the power savings as well. In my country 1650 and 1650 super gpus are at the same price, on Amazon the 1650 is $30-50 cheaper than the 1650 super, which is just not worth saving considering again that it has pretty similar or even better performance compared to an RX 580 (not 570) and a much lower power consumption than both of them.
  10. Ok, good for you then. But don't start hating in replies of random threads and not even helping the OP. Go to AMD subreddits or something and fight with people complaining there. In any case, AMD's drivers suck, there's not denying in that. I wouldn't have cared if they were beta drivers or something, but having issues like black screens, performance, tearing and refresh rate bugs on STABLE versions is not okay. At least they fixed the refresh rate issue after ages.
  11. Dude, the same issues with the rx 5000 series were on rx 4/500 series as well, just not nearly as wide spread. And I'm not even talking about that, EVERY VERSION comes with 1/2 fixes and like 5 other problems, Freesync being a good example, in one version they fix it, then they release another version and it's fucked again. Black screens are another good example. And so on. AMD drivers just aren't good, you can ask any AMD user about that. Again, that's why I use Pro drivers, they update them like once a decade, but at least they don't have any issues (that I'm aware of) and the performance is better than Adrenalin in most cases.
  12. AMD is not good either, because of their drivers. I was just talking about that in another thread, they always have issues, even with older GPUs. Nvidia's drivers are really good and another reason to consider Nvidia over AMD. They do have their issues, like slowing down older GPUs, but other than that, never had issues when I was on Nvidia (other than the microstuttering problem which is on AMD as well).
  13. ?? rx 500 series never had driver problems and they are better than nvidia can offer at simialr price point. 5700XT is liek rtx 2070 super but has some minor driver bugs still Except they did, and still do. At least they have their Pro drivers which I've never had an issue with, but their Adrenalin drivers have so many issues, it's worth spending more on an Nvidia GPU just because of the drivers (and game optimizations but that's another story).
  14. Refund it and get an Nvidia GPU. Buying an AMD gpu nowadays is like a gamble, even with the RX 4/500 series. Also the drivers are really bad, they update them to fix some issues, others come up. If you can't refund and you don't have a warranty on it, try cleaning it, search up your model and watch a tutorial or something on how to take it apart then do it yourself, clean the dirt, if there's any, and replace the thermal paste (not pads). Then make sure you have the latest drivers from AMD's website and that you have a correct BIOS, download GPU-Z and compare the clock speeds with the ones that it should have. If it doesn't, check if the GPU is a dual-BIOS one like the NITRO models from Sapphire they should have a switch on the PCB, if it is, try switching it with your PC turned off, then turn it on and see if it's fixed. From factory, these gpus have 2 profiles, a normal one and a performance one, with different clock speeds and fan curves. If it's not, then you have to research on how to flash a new BIOS on it online. Do that as a last resort, if anything else hasn't worked. There might also be an issue with something else in your computer, have you checked before buying the new gpu?
  15. Overall, the RX 570 is better than the 1650 performance wise, but also uses a lot of power. If you can, go for the 1650 super, it's not that much more expensive than the 1650, doesn't use as much power as the RX 570 uses, and also, has similar performance to an RX 580, even beating it in a lot of games where Nvidia is better optimized. Also, a big upgrade other than the GPU will be moving to an SSD, especially running the games on it, you're gonna see not just much lower load times, but also no hiccups/stuttering that you typically see when running the game on an HDD and even better FPS depending on the game, for example Minecraft or other open world games. Edit: forgot to mention, as of right now you don't really need to upgrade your RAM if you're just gaming and running stuff like Discord and Spotify in the background, however, if you want to do more than that, for example run some Chrome tabs in the background or anything else, you are going to need more than 8GB. Also, the PSU doesn't need an upgrade unless it's a really cheap one.