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  1. antimatterdynamite

    corsair ll120 from the back

    thank you i will get the LL versions then, such a shame nobody makes reversed rgb fans, obviously the front still looks better but the effects are still awesome
  2. antimatterdynamite

    corsair ll120 from the back

    im going for all rgb in a lian li o11 air (which i guess is really common nowadays) and i want to get corsair rgb fans, either LL120 or ML120 i REALLY want the LL120 fans but i think the way i want to have the exhaust/intake would obstruct the view of their intake (which is supposed to be the pretty side) does anyone have any pictures of what the back and front of the LL120 fans look like to compare? i searched for an hour on youtube but unsurprisingly everyone only show them from the prettier side.... i don't really care about performance since this thing will have at least 9 fans (or 12 still undecided) so it will be loud and will have good airflow no matter what i do
  3. antimatterdynamite

    deciding on a z390 mobo

    to be honest i wouldn't really mind using the pro but there is just enough extra junk in the master that makes it better than the pro for me, like the rgb, better dac and wifi support (and can even see myself eventually populating 3 m.2 slots) even though these are not that important to me im still basically maxing out on this build so getting the extra features is just a nice to have, and since im not willing to go up to an eatx that's pretty much the ceiling
  4. antimatterdynamite

    deciding on a z390 mobo

    having a hard time deciding on a mobo for a new 9900k build i narrowed down my list to just 2 high end motherboards: asus maximus xi hero and gigabyte aorus master the asus one seems to have a much worse VRM design (in comparison) but other than that i think it has much better features (asus software, onboard connections, asus bios) im planning on overcloking to at least 5.0ghz on all cores , maybe 5.1ghz if i can (memory is a 3200mhz 14cl kit so i'm not as worried) so i don't want to get a board that won't handle it as well as it should if anyone has any opinions on what board is better , or if anyone knows of testing done to see just how good/bad each of the VRM solutions are i would be glad to get feedback
  5. antimatterdynamite

    should i get a lian li o11 air

    well if the dynamic comes with no filters i'd still want to get dust filters (just by considering the dust build up in my current case) , thank you for the standalone filter suggestion though i think will go with the air and just replace the front filter (which would increase the cost but i think it's worth it)
  6. antimatterdynamite

    should i get a lian li o11 air

    obviously i wont be getting a blower style 2080 ti
  7. antimatterdynamite

    should i get a lian li o11 air

    im planning on building a system with the new 9900k and 2080ti , i decided on a 360mm aio for the 9900k (and decided to keep the gpu on air) and went looking for a case which supports a top 360 rad and this case seemed perfect. i looked at A LOT of cases but this one was both small compared to others and seemed like it has the best airflow. (especially if i add in some more fans than stock...) my questions are : if anyone built in one, how easy is it to build in it? (since it's a pretty small case and the psu is weirdly positioned) is there any other direct competitor to this case from other manufacturers? (seems like there are a lot of cases that have similar specs but only support a 280 at the top) the main problem with the case are the restricting dust filters, is there a way i could replace them? (even with something that won't fit perfectly)
  8. antimatterdynamite

    Spending $26,000 on new computers..

    since you specifically mentioned PUBG and fortnite you should stick to the 1060, from benchmarks there is at least a 10% difference in performance between the graphic cards on those titles (since it's an unreal engine game which nvidia helped develop) and since you focus on mainstream games i'd say 4 cores is all you need - since that's still the majority of the market and those games optimize for that
  9. antimatterdynamite

    no compromise build with some limitations

    what case do you think would be appropriate then? i picked a recent case that has good thermals... and cheaping out on the psu? 850w +80 platinum is cheap? what should i get a 1000w one? also not really looking for advice on the storage i know going all ssd is expensive
  10. decided to start a complete system from scratch (mainly because i can afford it but also because id need to upgrade a lot of stuff anyway if i started on that path) here's a list : pcpartpicker first ill just say i can't buy from amazon - they stopped accepting my credit card after i bought some twitch bits (don't even go into this they did something really stupid but w/e) so i decided on shipping all these parts globally - preferably in as few shipments as possible from newegg , not a deal breaker to use another site but right now almost all the build is in stock there and some notes on the parts i chose: considered sli and didn't go for it - no game im interested in supports sli properly and at this point i don't even think the average performance gain would be positive (since ill be using x8/x8) 2080ti graphics cards are really hard to find for global shipping - this is the one part ill be buying locally and not from newegg (but the model in the parts list is the one im buying since it's actually in stock) also considered better ram but decided that rma'ing ram sticks globally if they are DOA or don't get close to advertised speeds would be a huge pain so decided to play it relatively safe on 3200mhz not planning on delidding , a 360 rad + the higher rpm fans should be able to keep the cpu cool enough especially since even at max speeds the gpu would still be louder if you're looking for a use case im all over the place - running vms, programming , streaming, and 4k gaming would appreciate any problems you might notice, or suggestions you have for other parts , if you think any of the points i made are wrong also would like to know