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    Intel i5 8400 2.8GHz
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    MSI B360M Pro VH
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    8GB DDR4
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB DDR5
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  1. NurseMedusa

    Best Budget Mouse and Keyboard Combo on Amazon

    I think there might be some pretty good deals for stuff on Amazon Prime Day on the 15th and 16th so Ill look more into it.
  2. NurseMedusa

    Best Budget Mouse and Keyboard Combo on Amazon

    It came out to $66.54 for me, but I can try to make a new amazon account and bring it down to 59.48 like you said. Have you tried out these products?
  3. NurseMedusa

    Best Budget Mouse and Keyboard Combo on Amazon

    do they come with a mouse?
  4. So currently I have 60 to spend on Amazon. I currently have the keyboard and mouse that came with my PC which are average and definitely not for gaming. I am looking for a MnK combo thats well under 60 with shipping and taxes included but I dont know where to look. I have found some good ones but they are all membrane based keys which I hate. Is there anything else that you guys recommend? (I don't really care if it has RGB or not, Wireless is fine just at least that it isn't bluetooth)
  5. NurseMedusa

    GPU Issue

    I was able to fix it myself with some tinkering, I was able to boot from the motherboard and reset my BIOS and it fixed the problem, now the problem that I have is that the SSD I bought is not being recognized by the BIOS, its an 120GB Inland 2.5" SSD, can you help with this?
  6. NurseMedusa

    GPU Issue

    So today I was planning to upgrade my slow HDD to an SSD, as I was looking around to where I can put my SSD for better cable management I found that my GPU was getting in the way of some cables so that I could have the SATA cable flush with the inside of my case, so I decided to reseat my GPU and fix my cables, once I plugged everything in, I was able to boot into BIOS but didn't find the SATA port for my SSD, so I exited the BIOS but as I did, my screen went blank and I thought it was the reboot and POST, I waited but it took longer to boot but I had no display afterwards. So I knew something was wrong, I checked my motherboard (MSI B250M PRO-VDH) and its EZ Debug LED had an LED on for VGA which meant that my system wasn't recognizing my GPU. I did my bit of troubleshooting i could but to no avail. I was only able to boot off my motherboard's HDMI port which did give me a signal. Can anyone help with this?
  7. NurseMedusa

    Play Store - 1 Harmfull App Removed

    Do you have any side-loaded apps? Like an APK or so.
  8. NurseMedusa

    Upgrade my OP 3T to Pixel 3a or wait?

    Pixel 3a is about 150 USD with a trade-in. I wouldn't worry much about it being plastic as its a strong plastic. I doubt it'll bend in your pocket like Apple did with their bendgate.
  9. NurseMedusa

    Best $200 Android Phone

    I hear the Nokia 6.1 is surprisingly well. Above average battery, SD card slot, headphone jack, Full HD screen and most importantly, Android One. So it'll run pretty smooth and get updates for up to 2 years. Its about 200-240 USD on Amazon. I recommend checking it out.
  10. NurseMedusa

    Android phone recommendations

    I hear the Pixel 3a is a good thing..? Although it only has 4gb of ram and no IP rating whatsoever. But there's a deal going on that if you trade-in your phone you can get it for at least 150 USD (Especially if you do an iPhone trade in). I am currently thinking about getting it since its a mid range phone with a lot of pros and some flaws.
  11. NurseMedusa

    Odd capacities on iPhones

    That's why they always use an asterisk when explaining battery life, It all comes down on how you use the phone, the battery health and charging habits. Just for publicity.
  12. NurseMedusa

    Trying to sell my XBOX 360

    I sold my Xbox 360 in like 2015, I got 100 USD for it which included about 4-6 games. But now I think that it is worth around 50-85 USD for an Xbox 360. But since you are including all the accessories and 2 controllers, then I think $100 is a respectable price imo.
  13. NurseMedusa

    Can more apps affect the battery that much?

    What phone are you currently using, if its Android then perhaps your battery is draining due to constant syncing of your information (i.e, email, contacts, calendar, messages, etc.)
  14. NurseMedusa

    Do you need the original phone charger to charge faster

    Phone manufacturers always recommend using the issued charger to prevent any malfunction or undesired issues. But if the charger you are using is good made, certified and all then I am most confident that it should work fine. Make sure it is the right AMPS and VOLTS as using a lower than recommended amps and volts would hurt your battery and obviously cause slower charging.
  15. I also have an SE but haven't came across this issue, are you using the original charger or some third party charger? I can do some testing on my side to see if it reacts the same