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  1. I am forced now by the industry to go bluetooth (audiophile in me shudders)...I have bought 3 USB Type C adapters but they keep failing me even after a few weeks! I bought the Sennheiser Momentum Free. They are nice and all but my ears are sensitive to highs but there is a bit too much sibilance with these also the highs are bit too crispy and shiny. Can anyone else recommend a pair of headphones which has good thick bass and the highs are bit supressed? I would try to equalise these down but can't find an Android app which will do this for basically all types of media playback on the phone like jetaudio+, youtube etc. My budget is fairly flexible but looking around £100 or $150. I usually buy second hand off eBay which lets me jump into the next price bracket. Thanks for any help.
  2. Ok great thank you guys.
  3. Hey all, So we have a presentation room which holds about 40 or 50. I'm always being asked to record these presentations so we can share them with staff overseas. The problem I have is getting good quality audio, the speaker will use a handheld microphone or lapel mic which will come out of Bose FreeSpace 16W speakers. In the past I have used an iPhone or inbuilt laptop mic to record the audio but it always sounds bad. I was looking at connecting the laptop to a Jabra 710 or some other external to try and improve the audio or is it a pointless task and I need just invest in recording directly from the microphone feed (way expensive!). Please remember the sound I'm trying to record is coming through the ceiling speakers and not the natural persons voice. Thanks for any help. Ed
  4. Windows 10 Pro 1803 - Windows Spotlight option missing I've tried every single registry and hack and I can't work out how to get this to appear. My PC I've removed from all AD groups and pretty sure no GPOs are affecting my PC :-S