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  1. OK so i am planning to sell my gaming pc with some accessories and need to know about what is a good price for it, It has including a RX 570 asus rog strix 4gb, rgb keyboard rosewill, Corsair m65 pro, 2 monitors 60hz acer and hp, Blue snowball mic with arm and 16gb usb drive.
  2. I am using a R3 2200G, Intergrated graphics, with 16GB RAM and im using OBS. Sadly I don't have a separate GPU because I didn't have enough money.
  3. Ok, so I really didn't know were to post this topic since it involves streaming videogames. I need help!!! So I am trying to stream a game called Paladins, basically a rip off of Overwatch and every time I look at my stream, it keeps warning me of "Encoder Overload". Currently the game I have dropped every setting to medium and but 3D resolution and Anti-Aliasing is set to 8x or I think 16x which one of these should be the highest one. My official screen is a 1920x1080 although im streaming 1280x720. My bitrate is 1200. My encoder is Software (x264) and not Hardware (AMD) because I wont even let me even though I do have a AMD processor. Encoder preset is balanced. I only have open two small windows from twitch witch is stream to see if its ok and also a window for chat. My game is on windows mode. Any help please!! (attached a logfile) P.S. Did not know were to post this so im sorry if it didn't go here. 2019-02-17 10-03-28.txt
  4. So just a while ago i messed with some settings from the UEFI from the motherboard now my pc wont power up or my mouse and keyboard? PLEASE HELP!!!
  5. So i saw a keyboard on youtube not to long ago at school but i can't seem to find the keyboard. what i can remember is that it had a rgb lighting effect where it made a wave kinda like effect from w,a,s,d buttons. Anybody know what keyboard it is or maybe i can add that effect to the Corsair k55. The effect looks like a wave kinda like but the circles getting from w,a,s,d getting bigger. i hope i did explain myself enough
  6. Will i need any other tools? I just want to migrate to another HDD. I see people using a USB but what are they using it for?
  7. Can you guide me on this or maybe send me a link to a video on how to do this please? i don't want to mess up everything up. i might do it tommorow because im tired and because i wanna get up early to unrap my new GPU i put on my christmas wish list, the only thing i actually put on my list. They only gave us up to 4 items but i just choose for a GPU.
  8. I need help. I recently got a Kingston SSD because i wanted to use it for a faster booting for my computer. I also have 2 HDD which are both 500GB. What i need help on is that how do i transfer important windows files into my new hdd. basically migrating every bit of information from one hdd to another. winthout having me to delete my stuff. one of the hdd is from a crappy computer. One of my hdd is not in the case which is not from my build. Isnt just copy and paste from the folders menu and transfer every folder. would that help? i want to use my ssd to use for faster booting. transfering my files over to a new hdd and including win 10 if possible. im tired of my case being wide open i fell like everything is whack. i just want to know if this is really simple or nor.
  9. Buy some parts like these? -G.Skill - Ripjaws V Series 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory -Corsair - CX (2017) 450 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply
  10. ill buy a new PSU in a while then with my own money. most of the components were brought because i got christmas money.
  11. Which components here impact my build the most?
  12. Which components here impact my build the most?
  13. well everything is in now sitting under my tree. all i need is RAM and the CPU