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  1. Stop reposting m8, just wait for a response
  2. Linus Linus Tech Tips or Linus Linus Tips
  3. Pleeeeaaassseee help

    1. Jet_ski


      Did you download that through the Windows App Store? Don't waste your time with the app. Just go to Skype's website and download the desktop version; its different than the one you get from the App Market.

    2. itswillum


      @Jet_skiThis is the version from the skype website. Before, I was using the version from the store, which was working just fine until one day I got a blank screen. I uninstalled and downloaded this version instead. The web app doesn't work either, but I don't think it's down, since I've been having trouble loading a ton of other sites as well.

  4. My internet connection is stable if that's what you're wondering . Everything works except for Skype and wikipedia.
  5. A couple of days ago, I opened my computer to find that trying to go to any website on Google chrome would give me an Aw Snap error and say something about the website crashing. I tried uninstalling and restarting my computer, and then I gave the new Microsoft Edge a try. However, in both Chrome (I reinstalled it) and the new version of edge, sites such as wikipedia and the web app for Skype don't work. They both give me the Status_in_page error. I downloaded firefox and all websites work just fine in there, but the web app for skype doesn't support the firefox browser. And, before all of this, I was just using the desktop version of skype, which also stopped working. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling that which still didn't help. Finally, in discord, clicking on some specific channels causes the app to crash and restart. These channels seem to just be picked at random. please help
  6. Did you click on the green checkmark that lets you into the rest of the server? You also need to have a verified phone number on your account.
  7. only new interesting things for me so far are widgets and app library edit: oop douche time
  8. You guys can also pay $15 to get Dirt 4, F1 2019 and 2018, Dirt rally 1 and 2, Grid autosport, and several DLCs for those games.
  9. Snake Pass is free on HB today. It has pretty good reviews on steam and is a $20.00 value.
  10. lmao look what i found

    Screenshot (132).png

  11. 1 more post to go...

  12. I know that it's a chromebook, but in the volume menu you should see something like this: and then when you click on the button it should bring up a menu like this: