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  1. Yeah, I thought they'd at least test the performance since the verdict was literally based on how many hours the contestants had practiced in that game.
  2. I'm pretty sure this video was originally supposed to be between Jonathan Morrison and Taran, not iJustine. Linus mentioned that Taran would be going up against Jonathan in an editing showdown, and that iJustine would be one of the judges.
  3. I saw this on the lmg website a few days ago and I just assumed that it was just a floatplane exclusive thing that i didn't know about. Cool!
  4. This is kind of cool but it would be nice if the video were just in a 16:9 ratio for once Oh, and I'm also interested in what camera you used and just any interested stuff about the way it was filmed
  5. That's a really cool looking build, I would love to see more pictures
  6. I think it's funny that all of these people are saying that they've never used right shift, Linus probably just goes by the rules of touch typing where you hit the shift with the opposite pinky of the hand you're typing with
  7. If both LTT and Asus ROG decide to do it in 2020, you upload a video and link it in the gleam.io giveaway. And you should quote or mention someone to notify them so they can see your response:
  8. It happens once a year, if they decide to do it again you'll have to wait until next fall, and there are 3 winners
  9. You hardly even mentioned the 100 watt-hour battery
  10. I read this notification as "fucking up your life is THIS easy"
  11. Which video? It could've been Arctic, Thermal Grizzly, idk
  12. I think there is an option in Youtube to have multiple camera angles in one stream. You might also try restream.io
  13. Funny to see the bitrate on Linus' face go down because of what the TV is displaying at 11:49