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  1. Damian015

    PC Temp ok?

    What do you all think about these temps and settings?
  2. Damian015

    LG G3 Review and.... TWENTY-FIVE Phone Giveaway?!

    That screen do. Damn, looks soooooo sexy. Sexier than a porn actress butt. Now on to the giveaway lol
  3. I installed the Asus AI suite that come with my MB but dont know if I care about it enough to keep it. I track the fan speeds using Corsair Link and I dont care about OC at this moment. Should I bother keeping this thing around? Ive heard people say is trash and creates crashes. Plus the system actually runs better without it....any thoughts on this?
  4. Damian015

    Hows my pc running?

    I keep hearing that this might be a sensor issue (TMPIN3). I have seen it as high as 200c which cant be real otherwise this thing would be in flames. I should have attached this to the OP
  5. Damian015

    Hows my pc running?

    Similar but not the same. This is a month old monitor but it doesnt flicker. The power goes off and back one for a second (sound and video). The it comes back on and might not do it for the rest of the night or might just keep doing it every 10 minutes or every 30 minutes. Soooo sporadic. I did upgrade the drivers for the monitor but I have not change the cables yet. It has running an HDMI cable. Tonight Im going to switch to DVI but I have a feeling it might not be the problem.
  6. This is my first build in years. Just wanted to post some numbers and get a feedback from you guys. I noticed that my monitor keeps turning off and on sporadically during the day. Sometimes it does it every 5 min and some days it doesnt at all. Its becoming a little annoying. Just wondering if Im having a power issue. Who knows. Anyways still wanted to post this to see if anything pops at you. Thanks in advance HWMonitor.txt
  7. Damian015


    I freaking LOVE the speakers. Speakers facing the listener...brilliant!!! , why can everyone else follow suit? are they that stubborn? BTW good video review Linus.
  8. Damian015

    New Setup. Just started to get temp warnings

    So I did some more research online and it looks like HWmonitor has some issues reporting the correct temp on TMPIN3. Downloading openHWmonitor now
  9. Damian015

    New Setup. Just started to get temp warnings

    So I downloaded the software you guys recommended. No temp issues. Is funny cause I had created a tkt before posting here with ASUS and this was their response.
  10. Damian015

    New Setup. Just started to get temp warnings

    I figure it would be an issue with the stupid Asus tool....DAMN YOU ASUS Is there any updates that correct this? or is this a known issue with this tool? First time using it for me
  11. This is a new setup. I have a water cool system from Corsair installed (H100i). I boot up the pc today and started to get errors/warnings like this. I also included in the attch the asus monitoring tool and the corsair monitoring tool numbers. wth?
  12. Damian015

    How should I run it?

    Great, thanks for the help, Ill go ahead and do that and see how that works out. I feel like a total newb again. Feels nice and scary at the same time
  13. Damian015

    How should I run it?

    So what do you all recommend? Remove the Asus fan controlling software and let that rear fan run at full speed and just control the front fans and the 100i fans using the Corsair software?
  14. Damian015

    How should I run it?

    I just build my first computer in over 10 years (I used to but I was no longer doing it). I bought a case that comes with 2 120mm fans in the front and 1 80mm fan in the rear. I also purchased a Corsair 100i. I have the 2 fans from the 100i unit attached to the water pump controller and due to the cables from the front fans being soo far from the actual MOBO port and I connected them to the 100i as well. Right now Im controlling the case fans and water cooler system via the Corsair link software. Question 1: Is this alright? Question 2: I keep getting an issue with the rear fan. The Asus fan software keeps telling me there is an error with fan 1 fan but there is nothing connected there? I have the rear fan connected to fan 3 (back fan) and I noticed today it was not running, When it did run it was doing it at 500rpm. I just restarted the machine and is running again..weird Any suggestions? (See screenshots)