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  1. Yes, you'll lose ~105Mbps. If that's too much for your taste the Taichi Ultimate is the best choice. (In my opinion) Otherwise i suggest the normal Z390 Taichi.
  2. If your Wi-Fi connection goes over the 433Mbps then it will limit the speed to the 433Mbps, so yes.
  3. Well, the chip takes up to 433Mbps in the Taichi so yes if you go under that you don't really need the Ultimate. If your connection can somehow reach near 1000Mbps then the Ultimate is the better one since you'd lose a significant portion of your connection speed. If you are having a hard time deciding and think that in the near future you might benefit from the better chip then get the Ultimate, if you can fit it in your budget ofc. OR if you ever need 10gigabit ethernet.
  4. A vote to Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut.
  5. Can't be sure but all i can say is that the PSU in in tier 6 in the new PSU Tier List 3.0. Same goes for the old list etc.
  6. Well unless you have a <=400W power supply there should be no problem. Since Nvidia recommends a 400W for GTX1060 and AMD recommends a 500W for the RX580. Those are RECOMMENDATION tho. So like @GoldenLag said pick the cheaper one.
  7. The board? By my understanding nope, 433Mbps is the maximum speed the Wi-Fi chip can handle.
  8. Well, as long as they are in slots that are the same color, there should be no problem Should have said this in the first post
  9. Yea, i hate gigabyte personally and don't understand some of their decision etc. Just populate them by the book 1 and 3 and check in BIOS or Windows that all the ram is detected, and in dual channel.
  10. 1 and 3. If you can't fit them for some reason (LIKE NOCTUA NH-D15) put them in 2 and 4. EDIT: As the manual says populate ddr3_1 and ddr3_3 OR ddr3_2 and ddr3_4
  11. You could use a USB drive or the MSI LiveUpdate software. https://www.msi.com/page/live-update-5-manual Some debate which one is better. I personally don't know which one is better.
  12. BIOS tab - AMI BIOS - And the Version 1.B. It's the newest one. ALSO it seems i accidentally put the wrong link in https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z87-G43#down-bios This one should go to the BIOS tab
  13. I'd still choose the Taichi, if the speeds would be near 1000Mbps the Ultimate would be the better choice. In the end it's your choice, if the ~100Mbps off your connection is too huge of a loss take the Ultimate.
  14. Well, do you really wanna pay 43$ for maybe max ~7% performance increase? You could use Ryzen Master to Overclock if you don't like the BIOS route like @TVwazhere mentioned.
  15. Well unless your connection is capable of over 433Mbps it won't really matter. it can help with latency and whatnot but for the price difference i wouldn't buy the Ultimate version. Your choice ofc.
  16. Taichi Ultimate has better Wi-Fi chip that supports Mu-MiMo and Bluetooth 5.0 and AQUANTIA 10G LAN. That's about it. https://www.asrock.com/mb/compare.asp?Models=Z390 Taichi Ultimate,Z390 Taichi EDIT : It also has Power and Reset button LEDs
  17. Game Debate says that this setup could run GTA V, Full HD, High, 11fps, but I doubt it
  18. Mholes

    Which gpu?

    Well if I had to choose between 980Ti and 1060 I would choose the 980Ti. If you can get a 1070Ti "cheaply" like @LukeSavenije mentioned I would choose that.
  19. Well, i would personally choose the 16:9, 144Hz, 1ms monitor. Fasters refresh rate should help a little if you are plying competitive. I'd also recommend checking some monitors from a store to see how they feel and look.
  20. I would personally get the AsRock Z390 Taichi (NOT ultimate), but it's your choice.
  21. Well, after some searching i found out it could be a problem with DirectX. You could try to reinstall DirectX to see if that makes any difference. Works for some people in some games.
  22. Not every time. For example Ryzen 7 2700x works straight out of the box with X470- and B450-motherboards. For the older AM4 motherboards you need to update BIOS for it to work.
  23. Well, I have an i5-4570k@4,6GHz and it needs 1,39V Vcore ;_; .