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  1. https://www.dell.com/community/Desktops-General-Read-Only/P2415Q-faint-horizontal-grey-lines/td-p/5135894 Seems like it's "normal" for these monitors.
  2. As @Shimejii said because V-sync is garbage. It's outdated. With those setting everything should be fine, mostly. However you should still do a test-run with V-sync globally OFF and ON. If there is 0 differences it's much better to run games with V-sync OFF. If there is a massive tearing you could just limit you max fps to your refresh rate.
  3. Well, V-sync is bad mainly because some games don't work well while using V-sync. Also the G-sync ON V-sync ON is mainly to get rid of tearing if you go past the refresh rate of your display.
  4. Sorry for the long wait! B450 has only one M.2 slot, fewer USB 3.1's on the back panel, one less PCIe 3.0 x 16. Those are the main differences.
  5. Nah, you just go to your BIOS with F12 or DELETE or whatever the board uses. In the BIOS you go to settings -> advanced -> integrated peripherals. There you should find SATA mode. If you didn't overclock your previous CPU you don't need to check the voltages. If you still cannot get into windows try clearing the CMOS, it should reset all BIOS settings. IF nothing helps you could try to revert back to older BIOS. Sorry for these super long wait times.
  6. Hello again "when you flash the BIOS it returns to default settings. It's also possible for the default settings to change values from the old BIOS . if you set anything yourself in the old BIOS put the settings back the way you had them. Check that your memory timings/voltages are right. Also check your SATA mode for the harddrives. Windows won't boot if its been switched fro AHCI to IDE or vice versa. " http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/305952-30-blue-screen-bios-update Also you could try to clear CMOS.
  7. No problem, hopefully you'll get it working!
  8. Well, spec-wise they are both similar. Personally maybe Corsair, depends do you like RGB etc. You should wait for more answers. My vote is on the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro, even tho it is a bit pricier.
  9. Yea i was reading another thread with MSI board so it stuck with me.
  10. Well, the ASRock Extreme4 also has a bit better power delivery. Also i personally prefer ASRock over the EVGA but you should wait what others have to say. 0 experience with EVGA boards. TL;DR : My choice would be ASRock Extreme4. EDIT: EVGA =/= MSI , need my coffee...
  11. Hmm, your best bet atm is to use the old CPU to access your computer and try to reinstall the BIOS with an USB drive. This is a common problem so you have nothing to worry yet. Also sorry for these long waiting periods since i can't always access my computer.
  12. Yes, the Taichi Ultimate Wi-Fi chip can take up to 1733Mbps.
  13. It's too light for me even with the weights...
  14. I personally like the Logitech G502 mouse, i got mine for 35€ can't say what it costs in $ tho. Can't say anything about the keyboard.
  15. Well they should have the same VRM atleast so you'll only be missing some additional features.
  16. Yes it should, but if for some reason it doesn't work right out of the box. You'll have to do a BIOS update.
  17. Yea, that's the one. Hopefully everything works!
  18. Well, you could reboot and go to your BIOS and check the version, and see if it did indeed install it. Hopefully it did.
  19. Looking good! I personally don't like the blue RGB lighting since it hurts my eyes.