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  1. 3 minutes ago, Baldeagle42 said:

     But do you really want a 34" 1440p that looks like Full HD at 27"

    Maybe I just misunderstood what you said, does a 34inch (1440p) look like a 27 inch full hd monitor? Or did you just get confused with what I said previously?

    Well, yes they have the same pixel density.

    I mean if you sit close to the monitor you can see that the smaller Full HD is sharper but from afar the 34" is much better.


    EDIT: I did not take the ultrawide aspect into account :D 34" is sharper in that case with 109.68 PPI.

  2. Just now, Baldeagle42 said:

    I more meant that I could go to the store and look at a 27 inch 4k monitor in order to compare it to the ultrawide 4k one, as I know for sure they won't have the latter. 

    But like I said, I seriously doubt I can do it to begin with. They are very strict here about testing products like monitors in the store, and it's a miracle the last time I went there I was actually allowed to test a mouse and play a game. With, a year later, was no longer a option :/. 

    oh, that's kinda stupid o.O


    And yea it's kinda hard to see the difference if you can't physically see both.

  3. 59 minutes ago, Baldeagle42 said:

    As the title says, I am torn between these. 


    I know the 34GK950G-B is "overpriced" and not even out yet, and I will wait to see how much it actually is going to cost before buying it.


    I have a rtx 2080 ti to power these panels, and I am pretty much at this point deciding between true 4k ultrawide 60hz or 1440p 120hz ultrawide.


    I would go to the store and test a 27 inch 4k monitor and a 34 inch 1440p 120hz ultrawide monitor, but that is not really a option in this country :/.


    I mostly game and watch videos, and I never truly cared about fps and mostly cared about graphics. I have heard however that the downgrade from 4k to 1440p is just straight up worth the increase in HZ, because it makes the game look so smooth it beats the downgrade in pixels. I don't know if this is true, however.

    Well, the 34" ULTRAWIDE 1440p has pixel density of 109.68 PPI and the 34" 5K would have 172.78 PPI , as an 22" Full HD has pixel density of 100.13 PPI. AND 27" 4K has the pixel density of 163.18 PPI.


    Now i can agree with the fact that smoother experience is better, but you should consider the pixel density too. Personally i'd take the higher refresh rate over resolution. But do you really want a 34" 1440p that looks like Full HD at 27"?


    EDIT: Ofc if you sit far away from the monitor it's much better to have a big screen and sharp image vs high refresh rate.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Yoolooooo122 said:

    for some reason when i play csgo, my gameplay ALWAYS freezes for 2 seconds~ . I checked my fps using CAM and whenever the game freezes, it doesn't have anything to do with my fps. Could it be my hdd? 

    If the HDD is failing then it could make the game freeze. Check disk usage when the game freezes.

  5. 5 hours ago, mnfikry said:

    Do you know what possibility problem that cause the pc to reboot while game?

    Well, there a few choices.

    1. Check that your computer uses "Best performance" setting in the power settings.

    2. Set a better fan curve manually so it ramps up the fan speed a little earlier to see if it is the temperature that causes the problem.

    3. Reset all clocks on GPU, memory speed, boost clock etc. Not sure can an unstable GPU cause a reboot but still worth a try.

    4. If possible try to test another GPU to make sure the problem is in the card. (if you can borrow from a friend etc.)

    5. If you have another PCIe slot on your motherboard try that. (if not obstructed by your cooler etc.)

    IF only 4. helps then your GPU could be faulty. Just double check everything.

  6. 7 minutes ago, SeQ3 said:



    hello everyone my question is what is the best cable to use for monitor 4k ?

    1. That is not 4K, it's 1440p WQHD. 4K UHD is 2160p. ( 3840 x 2160 )

    2. Personally i'd use a displayport cable. (> v1.2)

  7. 2 minutes ago, Galion said:

    I didn't even know that brand existed, are they any good? 

    Aluminum shroud, triple fans, steel back plates (black) it says it is VR ready

    And what the hell is MX (Micro X) ? 

    No idea, i would guess they make GPU's for the Asian market. What i can find with a fast google search, it seems that they are OKAY cards. For some reason they also make founders edition cards??? The VR ready is just a Pascal thing. Not a clue what MX is.


    If the thermals and performance are okay after 24 hours then you should be good. After that you could also check GPU-Z since it can detect if the card has a modified BIOS.

  8. 7 minutes ago, Galion said:

    I found this card at the "Second Chance PC Place" graphics bin. 

    I tested it, it works fine and runs all benchmarks almost as fast as my zotac 1080 mini. 

    But I've not seen seen this brand anywhere before. 

    Q Leadtek GTX 1080 Hurricane 8gb mx (white with grey accents) - $225

    Anyone know it's a fake? 

    I have 3 days return warranty 

    Should I return it? 

    Is it this card? https://www.leadtek.com/eng/products/graphics_cards(1)/WinFast_GTX_1080_HURRICANE_OC_8G(756)/detail


    "Leadtek Research, Inc. is a Taiwanese company, founded in 1986, which focuses on research and development that is specialized in the design and manufacture of graphics cards." - Wikipedia.

  9. 4 hours ago, mnfikry said:

    I build my pc with used Graphic Card. Any games i played, if the graphic card reach 70 celcius and above, the pc will crash and restart. Is the GPU overheating or not enough watt?

    (I am using MWE Bronze 650W from Cooler Master)


    650W should be plenty. You system uses around 451W MAX (With a little extra for good measure). If you overclocked your GPU it could just be unstable.

  10. 21 minutes ago, CamIndigo1 said:

    Ok, here is the issue:

    In any game I play, I lag extremely bad. Were talking freezing, stuttering, etc. For example in PUBG, my game will be fine just running around and looting, but if I get in a gun fight it starts to freeze and stutter. I will drop to around 5-7 fps and not be able to do anything. I have the most updated drivers, and have reinstalled games on both my SSD and HDD/switched from one to the other.

    PC Build- https://pcpartpicker.com/list/KRjtpG

    Here are screenshots of HWMonitor- https://imgur.com/gallery/hdXrQYj (had to stitch screenshots together to see everything, sorry if look weird)

    Not sure if those tell anything.

    Another thing I noticed in many games is that my CPU will be at 100% and my gpu will only be about 50-60%

    Had this PC for around 3 years, upgraded to 1070 around 6month ago, issue started around 1 month ago

    Also, in Hwmonitor it says that Intel Graphics is running along side my gpu at the same time? Could this be a problem?

    Thanks so much!

    Check your Nvidia Control Panel, if the preferred graphics processor is on auto-select try to change that to High-performance Nvidia processor. It might be using your intel integrated graphics.

  11. 1 hour ago, Roudy sahmarani said:

    Ok sorry for the questions but i want to know what is the use of raidxpert for what it is used how can i benefit from it?

    You can manage all your logical drives that exist on your network from fancy GUI. So if you have network drives and RAIDs you can easily manage them and see if there are any error events etc.

  12. 27 minutes ago, Roudy sahmarani said:

    I have an asus prime a320m-a and a ryzen r5 1600x the driver for the mobo contain raidxpert i have installed all the driver for the motherboard and from the amd website but what is the raidxpert used for and should i remove it?



    "The AMD RAIDXpert software offers local and remote management and

    monitoring of all logical drives on the AMD Chipset SATA Controller wherever

    they exist on the network."

    Straight from AMD documents. So as @LukeSavenije said if you don't need it you can remove it.

  13. 31 minutes ago, Txe said:

    I bought some of Thermaltakes TG-7 thermal grease is it any good?

    As @shmoochie pointed out pretty much any kind of thermal paste is good, as long as it comes from a name brand. Don't use toothpaste.

    Apply enough paste and check that your cooler is well seated and you should be good to go.

  14. Just now, Hip said:

    I have the Z87.


    Yesh, i've had similar issues while updating BIOS but usually after few of these steps it has started to work. Reflashing the BIOS + ME could work, flashin to older BIOS could also work. Also to add to my previous post those new Z87 board just have the newest BIOS. 

    Try to reinstall the newest BIOS AND after that try the version 1.7, after that if you cannot boot to windows/windows installer i'm out of ideas.

  15. 4 minutes ago, Hip said:

    So could I now install 1.7 even though it's older than my current version?


    If that foesn't work I'd try with another mainboard. If that doesn't work the cpu has a problem I guess.

    Yes you can. And yea, Z97 has native support OR newer Z87 boards that have been made after Haswell-refresh release.


  16. 12 hours ago, Hip said:

    You mean the old version of BIOS?

    Can I just overwrite the old one or how does it work?

    The new one. And yes if you want to roll back you can overwrite it too.

    Also the support for the Haswell-refresh (4790K etc...) was added in BIOS version 1.7.

    So that is the oldest BIOS version that supports your CPU. And since it boots nicely to BIOS i'm not sure where the problem is exactly.