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  1. I personally don't know why they are loved so much. I understand that you can fit more stuff on to the screen etc. etc. Just don't see the benefit in my personal use case.
  2. Well, yes they have the same pixel density. I mean if you sit close to the monitor you can see that the smaller Full HD is sharper but from afar the 34" is much better. EDIT: I did not take the ultrawide aspect into account 34" is sharper in that case with 109.68 PPI.
  3. oh, that's kinda stupid And yea it's kinda hard to see the difference if you can't physically see both.
  4. Well, the 34" ULTRAWIDE 1440p has pixel density of 109.68 PPI and the 34" 5K would have 172.78 PPI , as an 22" Full HD has pixel density of 100.13 PPI. AND 27" 4K has the pixel density of 163.18 PPI. Now i can agree with the fact that smoother experience is better, but you should consider the pixel density too. Personally i'd take the higher refresh rate over resolution. But do you really want a 34" 1440p that looks like Full HD at 27"? EDIT: Ofc if you sit far away from the monitor it's much better to have a big screen and sharp image vs high refresh rate.
  5. If the HDD is failing then it could make the game freeze. Check disk usage when the game freezes.
  6. Also what do you consider cheap? 100-200€/$?
  7. Well, there a few choices. 1. Check that your computer uses "Best performance" setting in the power settings. 2. Set a better fan curve manually so it ramps up the fan speed a little earlier to see if it is the temperature that causes the problem. 3. Reset all clocks on GPU, memory speed, boost clock etc. Not sure can an unstable GPU cause a reboot but still worth a try. 4. If possible try to test another GPU to make sure the problem is in the card. (if you can borrow from a friend etc.) 5. If you have another PCIe slot on your motherboard try that. (if not obstructed by your cooler etc.) IF only 4. helps then your GPU could be faulty. Just double check everything.
  8. Mholes


    1. That is not 4K, it's 1440p WQHD. 4K UHD is 2160p. ( 3840 x 2160 ) 2. Personally i'd use a displayport cable. (> v1.2)
  9. No idea, i would guess they make GPU's for the Asian market. What i can find with a fast google search, it seems that they are OKAY cards. For some reason they also make founders edition cards??? The VR ready is just a Pascal thing. Not a clue what MX is. If the thermals and performance are okay after 24 hours then you should be good. After that you could also check GPU-Z since it can detect if the card has a modified BIOS.
  10. Okay, then it can be the real deal. You'll see after you have ran it for 24 hours like @Shally mentioned.
  11. Is it this card? https://www.leadtek.com/eng/products/graphics_cards(1)/WinFast_GTX_1080_HURRICANE_OC_8G(756)/detail "Leadtek Research, Inc. is a Taiwanese company, founded in 1986, which focuses on research and development that is specialized in the design and manufacture of graphics cards." - Wikipedia.
  12. 650W should be plenty. You system uses around 451W MAX (With a little extra for good measure). If you overclocked your GPU it could just be unstable.
  13. Check your Nvidia Control Panel, if the preferred graphics processor is on auto-select try to change that to High-performance Nvidia processor. It might be using your intel integrated graphics.
  14. You can manage all your logical drives that exist on your network from fancy GUI. So if you have network drives and RAIDs you can easily manage them and see if there are any error events etc.
  15. Straight from AMD documents. So as @LukeSavenije said if you don't need it you can remove it.
  16. As @shmoochie pointed out pretty much any kind of thermal paste is good, as long as it comes from a name brand. Don't use toothpaste. Apply enough paste and check that your cooler is well seated and you should be good to go.
  17. Do you have another GPU to test the PCIe slot? EDIT: Also did you test the other PCIe slots?
  18. Is your Vcore really going up to 1,57+V???
  19. Yesh, i've had similar issues while updating BIOS but usually after few of these steps it has started to work. Reflashing the BIOS + ME could work, flashin to older BIOS could also work. Also to add to my previous post those new Z87 board just have the newest BIOS. Try to reinstall the newest BIOS AND after that try the version 1.7, after that if you cannot boot to windows/windows installer i'm out of ideas.
  20. Yes you can. And yea, Z97 has native support OR newer Z87 boards that have been made after Haswell-refresh release.
  21. The new one. And yes if you want to roll back you can overwrite it too. Also the support for the Haswell-refresh (4790K etc...) was added in BIOS version 1.7. So that is the oldest BIOS version that supports your CPU. And since it boots nicely to BIOS i'm not sure where the problem is exactly.
  22. Welp, i guess you just have to reinstall the BIOS and hope you can reinstall Windows after that.
  23. That could actually explain a lot. Take out all RAM sticks except one. And try to boot into windows.