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  1. Was it this? https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/potential-beta/acpfaemcjpliaaibgfpngoeidadmkjmb
  2. Yea, for the 4K part check the list i posted. Those are minimum to run 4K video smoothly.
  3. For pre-rendered video that is actually true.
  4. As @JohnDongus said if you can't notice it while gaming or while doing anything else then you are good. IF you can clearly notice it then you should be worried. Because it is an feature in VA panels.
  5. Oh, then you really need something better . Ryzen 3 and RX580 should work fine even if they need transcoding/encoding for the video. Best bet is to get the best you can and 8-16Gb ram to be sure.
  6. Nope, 4x1920 and 4x1080 means 16 Full HD monitors -> 4x4 grid. And yes 1050Ti and i3 6100 should be able to playback 4K video. BUT take in mind that 1050Ti only has 3 output ports.
  7. Umm, 4 x Full HD is 4K. 2x2 grid, 2x1920 and 2x1080 = 3840x2160. For the GPU and CPU i don't have anything specific. From: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-minimum-system-requirements-to-play-or-stream-an-4K-video
  8. Those should be just fine. You won't notice the difference in everyday use or in gaming. Also the 16Gb should still be fine for gaming.
  9. That is pretty solid PSU, it sits in the tier 2 in PSU tier list.
  10. Your system won't fail. Your system can't even get near 600W as @Stefan Payne said a good 550W is enough. I can understand if the 850W is reaaaaaaaaally cheap and you are 100% gonna buy another GPU for SLI/NVLINK. But you don't really need 850W, or 750W.
  11. Did you change your power plan to performance in windows power setting?
  12. Did you change the resolution from the TV or from the Windows display settings/Nvidia control panel etc. ?
  13. Everyone has their favourites. I still use Avira Antivir, and for me it is the best. But nowadays you can basicly only have Windows Defender on and you'd be fine. Norton is kinda meh. never liked it. Common sense 2019 is the way to go.
  14. The DeepCool Captain 360EX RGB has better cooling. By a few degrees but still it's better.
  15. Yes. it supports -> Intel Socket LGA 2011/115X/1366/775 /// AMD FM1/FM2/TR4/AM4/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 (stock back-plate required)
  16. Phanteks PH-TC14PE? Don't know about the colours but there are some variants.
  17. On 1440p it get almost even with vega 64 and 1070Ti, but in some cases vega 64 wins. Checked few reviews and game comparisons. Ofc if you want the best performance/efficiency then it's still 1070Ti. Personally i would choose the Vega64 since with freesync you get a smoother gaming experience. PERSONAL opinion tho.
  18. Yea that sounds good. Hopefully you can see both of them somewhere!
  19. I was gonna say 1070Ti until you mentioned freesync. With freesync i'd say you are better of with the Vega 56 or 64. Vega 64 is a little slower than the 1070Ti when playing in Full HD. My opinion tho. Wait for other answers if you get any.
  20. RTX 2080Ti should be able to handle it to some degree but even it will have trouble staying above 60fps in games (i'd guess). Personally i would take the 1440p 120Hz just for the smooth experience, also since i have no idea of the performance with the 5K2K display so i'd take the safer route. BUT this is just a personal opinion.
  21. Yea, that display is a beast.
  22. Yea normal 2K in 32"+ displays is kinda waste unless you play from afar. 27" 1440p is still good. 4K will reign supreme if you are gonna get bigger non-ultrawide monitor. but yea Ultrawide 1440p is still very sharp. I just love when i calculate something and realize i used wrong numbers