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  1. Ive just been looking at the reviews for the 4a and its just a matte a71 with a much better camera thats cheaper ,as it releases on october 1st it will be supported for much longer than the s10 lite plus its £200 less making it the better choice in my opinion also the unlimited social media data is for texting my friends not looking at other peoples lives wishing i was them and as instagram uses lots of data it save alot of money
  2. Would you reccomend waiting for the pixel 4a or going for the XL
  3. Okay i take back what i said the pixel 4 looks amazing, my only problem is that its got no fingerprint sensor, is there anyway to use gestures instead of the bar at the bottom
  4. The problem with the pixel 4 is that it doesnt have the greatest camera compared to the samsung are there any other phones you would reccomend
  5. thats about the same degregation of my phone when i got it
  6. I have a few friends that have samsung phones and they havent had this issue but im starting to rethink going samsung, Im a bit scared about getting a pixel cause some have horrendous reviews but i know the pixel 3a is very good
  7. Ive done some research and the older phones did have that problem but they have since fixed it and their phones dont have that issue anymore, sorry for doubting you
  8. Im not saying its a bad phone its just i havent really seen it as an outstanding phone in reviews and phone round ups compared to the samsung a series
  9. I looked at the google pixel 4 and I dont like the look of it plus it has super large bezels and Ive never heard of samsung phones doing that, i was going to get the oneplus nord but i can only get a contract and the nord only has contracts on three and three is terrible where i live, any other phones?
  10. So i currently have an iPhone SE 1st gen which i have had for the past 3 years. When i go to school i leave on about 80% charge and on the 30 mins a day im on the bus using my phone I am usually down to 20-30%, my phone also gets very hot when i am talking to my friends on instagram. I want to switch to android as it is better for what i use my phone for and simply ios doesnt have apps that i want. I was looking at getting the samsung A71 as I found a contract on voxi which has 12GB of data unlimited social media data and unlimited texts and calls. Should i get it or wait till christmas or black friday. Thanks in advance!
  11. My friend is building a pc and got this psu. I looked on the tier list and couldn't find it. Does anyone know if this is a good unit as i haven't heard of it and it was quite budget. Thanks in advance!
  12. my gpu is at 70 degrees and my cpu is at 50 and no cores are peaking at 100
  13. thanks but team red doesnt have an encoder for streaming and recording so i dont cant go team red