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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    RX 570
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  1. You need to be a bit more specific about your requirements
  2. Especially CSGO will really struggle with a Dual core.
  3. Please not, one video was more than enough.
  4. W7 is definitely starting to feel old for me. W10 just peforms way better on modern hardware and while some parts of it are still a mess overall I like it better.
  5. 70% RAM usage of 6GB is not that uncommon for Windows 10 on near idle. W10 does grab a lot of RAM if it is available.
  6. Don't know about way better, but I am sure you can do better than an old surface laptop with a possible hardware defect. For the task described you could even get a brand new laptop that would be enough.
  7. Well if you really need MacOS you don't have an option anyways. Also I would pay money for not having to deal with a touchbar
  8. It is a free country you can waste money if you want. Point being that this "argument" doesn't make a MacBook a good laptop. Or a good value. It might still be a good option if you exclude price unless you want a working keyboard.
  9. I partially agree. Also comparing top specs is kind of pointless since pretty much nobody buys them anyways. But the base configuration is pretty overpriced.
  10. It does thermal throttle but so does pretty much every other laptop in that class. But unless you have some alien technology yours does thermal throttle too. That's a strawman. The point is not whether the laptop gets a couple of more points in the cinebench. My problem is that Macs are grossly overpriced overall for what they offer. Doesn't have anything to do with thermals or benchmark scores. Overall price to performance is just terrible
  11. If you want a good an reliable keyboard avoid the MacBook Air at all cost. Of the ones suggested I would go for the X1 Carbon though I would personally rather go for a T series ThinkPad
  12. He used to use the Razor Blade Stealth but I think he switched that to some LG model but I don't know whether he still uses that.