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  1. NeuesTestament

    Sony Now Internally Regulates Sexual Content in Video Games

    It is really cuestionable to speak about "Global standards" when it comes to regulating sexual content. As if there is no difference of what is acceptable between Saudi Arabia and France.
  2. NeuesTestament

    Which laptop should i buy?

    You could try finding the Lenovo Legion Y520 with the TI variant, it should be cheap enough right now. Only downside, it does have a 7th gen i5. The newer version, the Y530, is too expensive for you budget.
  3. NeuesTestament

    Which laptop should i buy?

    Definitely avoid the first one, with an MX130 you won't be able to do much gaming. The GTX 1050 should be able to do 1080p at low on most modern games, but it is still not a very great experience. I would try to go for at least a 1050TI, you might be able to find something within budget.
  4. NeuesTestament

    UKs Porn Pass law has just passed, will go into affect in July

    The push for banning VPNs will come eventually
  5. NeuesTestament

    UKs Porn Pass law has just passed, will go into affect in July

    The UK is basically doing satire instead of legislation right now.
  6. NeuesTestament

    Which laptop should i buy?

    I already told you that for the stuff you want and the budget you are willing to spend, you won't be able to find a laptop that fulfills everything unless you find an extremly good offer. So there isn't a whole lot we can do for you.
  7. NeuesTestament

    Which laptop should i buy?

    Getting decent battery life and a laptop that will be able to handle games in medium settings in FullHD for that budget will be quite tough. I know some options, but they are all above budget.
  8. NeuesTestament

    New device

    Is there any way you could increase your budget? Because spending a coulpe of 100$ more would actually go a long way as far as user experiences goes. I wouldn't buy the SurfaceGo, because the processor is extremly slow.
  9. NeuesTestament

    NAS sometimes cannot be found

    As far as I know, this is a known bug in the latest Version of Windows (1809) and it will hopefully be fixed in the near future.
  10. NeuesTestament

    First custom build: Should I do it myself?

    Honestly, it is not hard to build a PC at all. You can do it yourself, I am sure.
  11. NeuesTestament

    BREAKING: Notre Dame on Fire...

    Randomly generated conspiracy theories acutally sounds like a fun script
  12. NeuesTestament

    Laptop Battery, Replace or Not?

    More likely than not that battery is done. While it can be caused by other things, the battery being to old is the most likely cause Those wear levels indications are not very accurate in my experience.
  13. NeuesTestament

    Can I get Steam to work on XP at all?

    Why do you want to play it on an XP machine? Just for the nostalgia?
  14. NeuesTestament

    College Laptop (more info inside)

    It's overpriced though and you can't really upgrade it. So unless you are really into the design, I would not buy it.
  15. NeuesTestament

    Work laptop, need help.

    Are you okay with going used ?