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  1. I'm starting a competitive gaming team and wanted to set up a small gaming center at my home with 3-4 playstation 4's. I currently have two of them connected on the network. One of them shows an open NAT Type the other shows a strict nat type. We can't party chat despite being in the same home and on the same network. It is becoming so unbearable that we have trouble even joining lobbies with other players. No matter what combo I try (both hardwired, or one hardwired/one wifi) I still cannot get both of them to have an open nat type. I can imagine the problem will get worse once I connect the other two PS4s to the network. My current ISP :comcast Xfinity (get about 750 mbps) Router Modem: Netgear AC1900 nighthawk docsis 3.0 modem router I've tried opening ports, enabling UPnP, pretty much anything that I've read on the internet. If anyone has any way that I can solve this issue and can walk me through it, I'd greatly appreciate it. Can't believe it's 2018, we've got a guy sending cars into space and NAT type issues are a thing. Seems like it plagues so many people on the internet these days.