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  1. No observable damage, when handling the mb I always try to insure that I work in static free environment. No debris in the opening. Yes the and yes. Never tried to use a wireless adapter.
  2. So after fixing my issue with new CPU cooler a new problem appeared. I can not connect with my internet. It was working perfectly fine before I remove the motherboard. Now that is back in place, windows is telling me that I am "Not connected" ran troubleshooting and it came up as "a network cable is not...". Even though it clearly plug in. So I have tried almost everything short of doing a clean wipe of my PC - unistalled and reinstalled drivers -soft and hard reset bios -turn it off and on -tried a different Ethernet cable -went to device manager to make sure the connection is not in power saving mode And a slew of other solution At this point I'm burn out, I'm planning to just get a new motherboard Currently I have gigabyte aorus ultra gaming motherboard. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated
  3. Could it be I'm just screwing it too tightly?
  4. It turns on, fans and rgb, for about 2 secs and shuts down it keeps doing this unless I turnoff personally. Remove all 4 sticks and try to run it with 1, changing which one each time.
  5. So recently I try to upgrade my CPU cooler from the stock one to a hyper 212x turbo and now my pc boots up for about 2 seconds and turns off. I did everything that has been recommended, remove ram, reinstall etc. I even took out the mb and try to run as barebone as possible, it didn't change anything. I eventually gave up and install the stock CPU cooler and it turns on normally. Just wondering what I can do at this point, returning is not an option since I had the cooler for over a year (been to lazy to try to install it) build https://pcpartpicker.com/list/BJ7dtg
  6. Hello guys first time posting ever, need help deciding whether it is worth upgrading my screen. I've recently got my hands on GTX 1080 Ti ROG-STRIX and an i7 8700k. Now the final step is to upgrade from my ASUS VG248QE to possibly a Dell S2417DG. Sadly due my computer desk being somewhat small I can only fit a 24 inch monitor. My question is should I, I mostly play esport games(LoL, overwatch, etc) however I occasionally play more casual games (bf, witcher). Is it worth the upgrade?