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  1. Check to see if it's initialized.
  2. Cerberus X It's currently the smallest and comes with a handle. Though, if you're going to move around a lot, go ITX.
  3. Hardware. One stick of ram, CPU cooler, power supply. That's it. If there is an issue with a piece of hardware, or a cpu pin or a stick of ram, it can cause issues.
  4. My issue ended up being a hardware problem. I was using a GPU that had artifacts (bought second hand and didn't know) Once I did a minimum spec boot I found out the issue. Though, when I was troubleshooting, I was able to get into the install menu quite often. By the look of this thread, you may be having a different issue, so don't panic. If you can, minimum booting is always a good way to start troubleshooting though.
  5. I had a very similar problem about 2 months ago. Tried installing probably about 6 times. Sometimes it would get to the install menu, sometimes it would only get to the heartbeat screen (blinking light in top right). Is that what's happening here?
  6. 100% agree with this. If you are doing a build and want a good gpu but are worried about the 1080ti's age, consider this. The best 1080ti's are still selling for $550. A 2070 Super will run you ~$500 on the cheap side and can often be found with free games. Besides price, we are also shifting processing workloads in GPUs right now. RTX has been a buzzword for the last year or so because not very many game developers had actually designed their games with it in mind. Now, when there is a little more of a shift towards an RTX workload the 2070 Super will work better than the 1080ti because it's still focused on traditional GPU workloads. Of course, there are some "RTX" cards that actually don't have the necessary shader cores to perform ray tracing calculations well. I don't have an RTX card yet so I haven't looked into it as much. If you are still playing the same old game for months at a time (or thousands of hours like D2 or GMOD) then it may be worth it to just get a 1080ti. Just take your future titles into account and see what they're going to be offering for graphics.
  7. I'm going to assume you have but haven't written it here. But.. 1. Have you tried pulling the GPU and using the IG? If that works, it will be a problem centralized to the GPU. 2. Then plug the GPU into a different PCI Socket. If the issue stops, then your PCI slot is messed up. If the issue still persists, either the problem is with your GPU or a power issue with the PCI slots. 3. Update drivers, if it's still messed up look at trying it in another board to make sure the PCI power isn't the issue. (maybe at a friends house if you don't have another PC) If you're still having issues after steps 1-3, your 1070 is flaking out. I'd normally mention this sooner because artifacts are normally a result of damaged hardware, but I'm assuming you know this and are coming here to find hope that there may be another fix. Steps 1-3 are all the EASY ones. Your next steps would have to be figuring out if you think you can salvage it or if you want to risk damaging it to fix it. Those things would be fixes like flashing on another bios or baking the card (in that order). I hope you can figure it out.
  8. I would like to thank you for your help and giving me a definitive answer. I often don't come here to actually ask questions because of how this thread was turning out. I find it quite funny how you can come to the LTT forums and ask a pretty standard Yes/No question and have 10-12 responses with no clear answers or just off topic replies in general.
  9. Interesting. Care to elaborate? Because I'm pretty sure I can change all that stuff.
  10. You can use whatever display you want. I'd suggest using a cheap HDMI. There are tons for raspberry pi's that are 4-7" and you can use something like Dual Monitor Tools to make it easier for daily use.
  11. I was more thinking of using one of my other 3 screens and a rainmeter monitor. I can't really put a screen easily into the case because it's a Ghost S1.
  12. I've been planning out a custom build for a little while. Basically Halo themed because I've always been a big Halo nerd. I stumbled onto this product. It's a g1/4 plug that's been fitted with a thermal probe. I figured it would be a good way to monitor the system. But I've been looking around to see if it will work with the x299e-ITX/ac and I haven't been able to find an answer. It's not a necessity, but it would be nice. I found the motherboard manual online here. There seems to be some useful information on the layout of the board on pages 6-9. I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for though. This is my first full-system loop so I'm sorry if I'm a little inexperienced with this.