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  1. Have you formatted the disks between installs? The error you are getting can roughly be translated to "we booted the hardware, loaded the software needed to finish the boot, but couldn't find your system disk" There are lots of questions to ask, like is LVM being used, is the system root fs part of a raid before suggesting a way forward, but if you can interrupt (I assume) grub2 and post a pic of the edit window we can all see how the bootloader is trying to load the OS and it should answer a lot of that. The "worked in safe mode but not normal after an update" sounds like a dodgy initramfs or bootloader config error, but the unpredictability of the panic and the 19% stall on the parity check sounds more like hardware failure. Unplug and plug all the drives again, just for good measure. This is my issue with these "make complicated things easy" OS's, if you were doing it yourself you'd know all the answers and the diagnosis could begin straight away.
  2. Totally underrated argument, providing remote tech support to mobile engineers is SO much easier on a CLI, especially when 3rd party software devs often change GUI layouts/options with version bumps.
  3. If you just want the switch for extra ports then the layering doesn't really matter. Wanting multiple AP's for mostly static devices is easy, it gets more complicated when you want essentially multiple TX/RX nodes for the same WLAN, if you need that best to find a manufacturer that does it out of the box.
  4. When you use the paste it is quite a fluid substance, so constant adjusting of the faces it is supposed to be "bonding" (which is what it's doing, thermal bonding) isn't ideal. After a while the solvent that gives the compound it's fluidity dries out and any movement of the two faces breaks down the bond irrevocably. This isn't going to happen during a prolonged install though. From what you have described you are in the 50:50 area of maybe not getting proper thermal contact. If it was me, I'd be looking for poor cooling performance and replacing ASAP when I saw this, maybe straight away, maybe in about half the expected life of the bond. If you are confident you have a technique down that could guarantee a better bond next time round, do it now while you remember how, if not, just keep an eye on temps.
  5. Never in the house, they are the equivalent of travel chess IMHO, acceptable in the car, but not on short journeys, never in social situations (out for dinner lunch etc). Maybe I have it easy with curious kids that it takes very little provocation to get them asking questions/learning about their surroundings/other things, maybe because we have family LAN parties where we all play at the same time it's easier to regulate these things, I dunno.
  6. Going against your natural circadian rhythm, re: sleeping during the day, will require more sleep for the same rested effect. Anyone who does proper nights on a regular basis, like 22:00-06:00, will tell you they struggle to fit life in around work during these shifts, you just need more time to sleep.
  7. Can't recommend this enough, totally in love with all their products, hits the sweet spot between quality and cost. I can run my ryzen system with a 10% OC at full whack for hours (literally compiling on all threads) with temps under 70 degrees and barely making a sound. All I really want now is a Be quiet! GPU cooler for gaming.
  8. Create a custom fan curve, the defaults will thermal throttle the GPU before ramping over 60% IME, try not to let it go above 80 degrees at all.
  9. It's also driven a whole swathe of previous linux users to add ubuntuforums.org to their google search excluded sites list. To be fair it was an equivalent install back in the days when FC was released, it was just as easy/hard to use the RH text installer as the NT one.
  10. Phones with moving parts have ALWAYS been a complete sh*tshow. Do not want. I'm also reserving the right to say "I told you so" in 18 months when it starts falling apart.
  11. No, the pressures are changing. People are just removing themselves from the gene pool in many new and inventive ways, whether it's picking a non viable mate to making yourself non viable, you are essentially weeding out genes that are not conducive to a functioning and sustainable society. Personally I think we are entering a period of heavy pruning, no one really uses the term degenerate in it's true meaning anymore, and very little is taboo, people who are unable to see how their own behaviour isn't sustainable will die out. This will hold true for people who procreate in an unsustainable way, and those who choose not to at all. Obviously, all this is predicated on the infrastructure that supports the social contract that is western society staying intact, because if it doesn't evolutionary pressures will suddenly become very VERY acute.
  12. They need to be shut down properly too. I can imagine parking the head on the platter doesn't do wonders for long term data retention rates.
  13. It's good to rule it out, did you get a chance to test the memory leak theory?
  14. Can you make a custom curve, ramp it up slowly at first, then increasing, like a hockey stick on it's side?
  15. What does that mean in real terms, what does it look like?
  16. It does look to be a very drastic hysteresis, as if the fan is either on or off, no middle ground. Have you checked the fan curve in the bios?
  17. Check the fan curves, all the defaults I've seen will thermal throttle before putting the fans over 60%, and your description does sound like thermal throttling. What are your other components thermals like? Also check the GPU usage and power usage, it's roughly a 200w device so you should be fine with a single rail PSU. If all the physical things seem to be in order and it's still doing it, start throttling using in game settings etc, try to narrow down the cause as much as possible, and obviously try the latest stable and/or "beta" drivers.
  18. What did you try? You need to try something non-ubuntu based (ideally with a version 5 kernel), then work backwards from there.
  19. Linux DGAF if you use MBR or GPT previously, both partition table formats are supported by parted and fdisk, the disk should still show. It's more likely that the version 4 kernel doesn't have the drivers for your disk, or there is an oversight in the installer. Grab a minimal install disk for another distro, check your drive shows with a modern kernel, then either use that or poke Elementary tech support.
  20. Four that qualify 1: No space for internal CDROM, bolted external case to the chassis, drilled through and made permanent IDE external unit 2: No adaptor for 2.5in-3.5in IDE, solder 22 odd strands from a ribbon cable direct to a manky old IDE drive to test, worked for years. 3: Wrong video plug on the end of a hardwired monitor, cut plug and re-solder to the correct plug, worked for ages until I had to switch it back then... 4: Dodgy plug on monitor pulled to much power through GFX card blowing motherboard PCI power rail. Re-worked plug, and jumper burnt tracks, worked for a long time after. My most dodgy failure, vacuuming a live MB, dog comes and drops slobber covered ball into open case, motherboard died, dog survived.
  21. I understand why, but RH's GUI management tools are some of the better ones available IME, even their menu driven command line stuff was ahead of the competition at the time (dunno if they still have those tools). Either way, here's my 2c for CentOS.
  22. This sort of analysis is going to become more and more redundant, the evolutionary pressures that favoured certain traits in certain roles prevalent in primitive societies no longer exist in the western world, such selection no longer takes place. No it isn't, but those you do find will be pre-disposed to find the reward system of such activity more rewarding than the average. It's a shame, because gaming is the ultimate meritocracy, if you are working with a team no one really cares who you are, only that you can play as well as your peers. Bringing gender politics into gaming was and is a mistake, and a detriment to the gaming community as a whole.
  23. Well, it has to be a consideration, and we all know who they learned that type of behaviour from. The drop in development cost has to be a consideration too. Web browsers have become behemoths of code over the last 10 years, I'm not saying they were ever small, but chromium (the browser), firefox and the webkit (chromium based backends) are now among the most demanding packages to compile I have on my system, when you consider some of their competition in the "demanding code" area are fully fledged assemblers/compilers it leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth, and the question "when did http become so big, I used to download Voyager over a 56k modem?".
  24. Yeah, and lots of other people use the back end, which is basically chrome with all the google stuff pulled out. So starting with *webkit style browsers is a good first step re:google removal, but then putting trust in MS seems antithetical to the first step. But hey, depends what your goal is.